COMPLICATED BUT VERY POWERFUL LOVE SPELL As a rule, love spells found on the Internet are easy to cast and have little effect. On the one hand, it’s better this way, because beginning spell casters usually fail to cast very powerful love spells. Besides, the consequences of professional love spells are more dangerous than those of simple love spells. On the other hand, people stop believing in magic after they fail to achieve the desired using simple love spells. That’s why I want to describe a difficult but very effective love spell. Its kickback is very dangerous so be careful while casting it.

Like all professional rituals, this love spell requires concentration and preparation. First of all, the house where the love spell will be cast should be cleaned up. While casting this love spell, you will have to call up the spirits which don’t like messy places. Secondly, all the mirrors in the house but one should be covered and all electrical appliances (including the fridge) should be unplugged. Nothing in the house should have reflecting surface so no energy interference is created. Thirdly, prepare a black cloth to blindfold yourself, two thick candles and a cup of holy water.

After midnight, sit down in front of the mirror, light the candle to the right and to the left of yourself, blindfold yourself (making sure the cloth doesn’t cover your face) and plunge your palms into the water. Say the spell,

“My eyes don’t see, only my heart is beating expecting the guests. The spirits of light and dark, the spirits of fire and water, the spirits of death and life, come! Listen to what I say. I long to be with this person. As long as he has the same feelings to me, I won’t bother you!”

Repeat the spell thrice and then, without unfolding the cloth, put both candles out and go to bed. Never perform the ritual again. It’s very dangerous. If something goes wrong and the love spell fails to work, contact me and I will be happy to help you!

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