LOVE WITCHCRAFT Do you believe in witchcraft or sorcery? You want to, don’t you? Especially when you feel that your relationship is being eaten by everyday problems, that your eyes don’t blaze with passion as before, and you find yourself thinking, “what would happen if…” Let’s do some witchcraft. Let’s scatter the sparks of magic around the world, over your life, over his life. Are you grinning? You don’t believe, do you? Down with scepsis, take the fate by the throat and let’s go do witchcraft.


Perfume of love and desire. Boil half a cup of jojoba oil in a small pot on a slow flame. Stirring it clockwise, add 9 drops of the following essential oils: ambergris, cinnamon, labdanum, jasmine, ilang-ilang, lavender, musk, orange flowers, rose and violet. Cool it in glassware, keep in a dark place. Apply the mixture every evening as a perfume and the spark in your relationship will be reignited.

Magical bath. Mix one tablespoon of dried hips, lavender and bay leaf. Put the mix into a clean, linen bag decorated with a pink ribbon. Take a hot bath with the bag in the water or (which is even better) invite your lover to join you.

Magical touches. To boost your partner’s sexual energy, massage his arms slightly above the wrists. It will open his energy channel right at his heart chakra.

Fire of love. Nothing can get the spark into your love back as quickly as the magical candle. Fire has always been associated with romance. Before meeting your lover (preferably when the moon is waxing), take red candles and a bottle of rose oil. Cut your name and that of your lover on wax. Apply the oil to the candle (downward), focusing on your lover. Imagine meeting him, talking with him, petting him. Put the candle into the candlestick and light it. All the energy it has will be released out to the universe to help your love.

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