A WHITE SPELL TO CURE BAD HABITS A white spell to cure bad habits is put using some red wine (preferably Cahors wine). The healer and the patient should sit down facing each other. The healer pours half a glass of wine to his patient and to himself, then he and the patient exchange their glasses. Then he mixed up the wine in both glasses, saying, “You bring Jesus’s blood, You clean your soul. Your soul is as clean until your death-hour As Jesus’s blood is.” After that, they should drink the wine together. Besides, while drinking his wine, the healer should look at his patient and think, “You scarify your soul to Gods and will be clean, clean, clean like the innocent lamb.” Then keep quiet for 2-3 minutes. This is when the patient’s blood becomes clean and transformation occurs. Then the healer says the words to cure the patient’s bad habit, such as, “You know what? You will never smoke in your life, ever. It’s over. Go wherever you want.” Sergius of Radonezh used this spell to cure people’s bad habits in medieval Russia.

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