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A death curse spell and your future life

A death curse spell and your future life
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

A reader’s question:

“Is it true a death curse spell put on a person not only makes death come sooner but also changes the spellcaster’s life?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Death skull curse spellYes, it is true. The less experience you have in spellcasting, the more dramatic the changes will be. In most cases, inexperienced spellcasters put the death curse spell not on the target but on themselves, a phenomenon known as “magic retribution”. There are plenty of articles about it on my website, so you can find all information you need.

As for the life changes, they are inevitable, too. Our actions, especially such actions as death rituals, influence our karma, which later needs to be fixed. Thus, when you commit a crime using a kitchen knife or a handgun, you are punished by the law; when you commit a crime using magic, you are punished by Higher Powers. To be honest, I cannot tell you for sure which criminal is going to suffer more, the murderer sentenced to 20 years in prison, or the one with severe karma damage due to the death spell.

A reader’s question:

“If retribution is inevitable, why are there so many Internet ads offering to ‘cast the death curse spell professionally’? Aren’t those people worried about their future?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There are four categories of spellcasters:

  • Those who have never studied magic and are ready to cast a death curse spell without worrying about the consequences – they discontinue practicing magic shortly after they face retribution;

  • Those who care about themselves but do not care about their clients. They cast a death curse spell expecting the customer to suffer the consequences;

  • Frauds who trick customers out of their money and disappear;
  • Those who believe they can avoid the consequences but in fact they cannot. As a result, both the spellcaster and the client have to suffer the consequences of their death spells.

There is a small group of spellcasters, to which I belong, showing a responsible attitude to their work.

I, and spellcasters like me, cast a death curse spell ensuring it is both effective and safe

Casting death curse spellOur spells do not influence the customer’s karma. Our customers are relieved of the responsibility to Higher Powers for what has been done to the target by the death spell.

I cannot tell you how it is accomplished because this information is sacral and must not be disclosed. However, I have told you multiple times I practice only safe magic which can be proved by the fact that none of my customers has ever suffered the consequences of my death curse spell. Note that such spells and curses are cast only after a personal consultation.

A reader’s question:

“I’ve been put a death spell on and nearly died. I managed to escape death thanks to one of my wife’s cousins who is a Buddhists and has been to Tibet many times. He identified the spell and helped me. However, since then  I’ve been feeling really exhausted. It’s like a part of my energy has been stolen. I feel empty inside. It’s like my physical shell is all that’s left of me.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Judging by your symptoms, the entity called for by the death curse spell is still around feeding on your energy. Your wife’s cousin managed to free you partially, which is why you are alive. However, you are still in danger and need professional help.

You need a cleansing and protection ritual and, perhaps, a powerful protection charm. It will break the connection between you and the aggressive entity, fix and strengthen your energies. Also, it will make sure nothing like this happens to you in the future.

A reader’s question:

“About a year ago my sister almost died. I love her more than anyone in the world, so when she was feeling really bad I prayed for her and asked God to let me take over some of her diseases. My sister got better, but I got sick. I began treatment but it wasn’t helping. I started googling my symptoms to figure out what was happening to me when I suddenly found your website. In one of your articles I read about the symptoms of a death curse and realized that’s what happened to my sister. When I asked God to let me take over some of her diseases, the curse passed onto me. What should I do now? If I have the curse removed, will it attack my sister again?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No, it will not. If you let me remove your death curse spell, it will attack not your sister but the one who put it on her in the first place. If you want, I will make sure it also attacks the spellcaster’s customer. These are the laws of magic, and no spellcaster casting death curses on other people can violate them.

Do not be afraid of the consequences and let me help you. In addition, I suggest that you buy two charms from me, one for you and one for your sister to protect you not only from the death curse spell but also from black magic and negative energies in general.

A reader’s question:

“I live in the urban area and go to the country on weekends. I have a small house by the river. One day I noticed that the front door was open. I thought Id been burgled. I called the police. While I was waiting for the police to arrive, I decided to go inside to just look around. I realized nothingd been stolen. Then I noticed a piece of rotting meat on the table. The smell was so disgusting that I took it outside. I thought the police officers could examine it there as well.

Two weeks later I got in a car accident. I suffered a serious back injury and multiple leg injuries. I feel better now. However, something weird has been happening to me. Sometimes I think I’m going crazy. According to my psychologist, it’s stress-related. That’s what I thought too, until I saw a documentary about black magic and realized that when I took that meat in my hands, a death curse spell entered my body.

I know a guy who worked with you and you helped him a lot. I hope you can help me too. My life’s been a nightmare and I want it to stop or I’ll go crazy.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I decided to include this letter into this article not to remind you once again that I help all people who need my help. With this story, I want to show my readers how important it is to be careful with all strange objects you may find at your house, in your mailbox, on your  office table or on your doorstep, because such objects are often used to cast a death curse spell. By touching these things, you activate the spell.

To find out how to handle such objects, read the appropriate articles posted on my website. They contain plenty on tips on magic safety and guidelines on how to protect oneself against magic and avoid magic infection.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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