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Casting revenge spells – How to cast revenge spells

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Always take your time when it comes to casting revenge spells

Casting revenge spells can be compared to a sharp knife, a mirror showing you the fate of the person you put the spell on instead of your fate, or walking on a wire over Hell’s flames. To make it clear to you, I, spellcaster Maxim, want to compare revenge magic to a ball thrown straight up that always goes down.

Casting revenge spellsWhen you cast a simple spell, you throw a small ball that hits you in the head or shoulders causing some minor pain. It is unpleasant but does not seem to be life-threatening. However, let me remind you that every year thousands of people die from things that seem pretty harmless. Thus, hundreds of people choke on teaspoons, pens, or their own saliva and die! Thousands of people are found dead in their bathrooms all across the world, a place that seems pretty safe to many…

Even the simplest of revenge spells are more dangerous than the objects listed above, killing thousands of people every year. Well, they do not kill the people they are put on. They kill the people who perform the deadly rituals.

When you review information about how to cast a spell on someone for revenge and select some complex rituals, you are throwing not a small baseball but a cannon ball that will tear through you when it falls on you, destroying your body, mind, and fate, unless you are an experienced magic practitioner who has been initiated into magic and know how to deal with it.

Now let me answer one very important question: What is the easiest way to take advantage of a revenge spell? How to spell revenge?

OPTION 1: Use the easiest spell available;

OPTION 2: Use a stronger spell but study magic for a few months before performing the ritual.

Here is the right answer:


Yes, the best option would be letting an expert do the job while keeping a safe distance.

How to cast a spell on someone for revenge

Black magic revenge spells are very dangerous. Casting such spells is like jumping from high-rise building to high-rise building. It is like you enter the underworld every time you cast a revenge spell where your revenge magic is born, and you never know if you will come back and if you will be alone if you do.

When you cast a revenge spell, you make it clear you want to side with evil. We all have the freedom of choice, so no one will try to stop you from committing this spiritual and energy suicide. Since that is what you want, you will be supported. Black forcers are always there for you if you want to ruin your life. They will let you cast your revenge spell using your own black energy. When the ritual is completed, your energy will be restored. In addition, they will put some additional black energy clots into your subtle bodies which make it impossible to live a normal life.

Below is a comparison list of the things you get due to light energy (left) and the things you get due to dark energy (right):

Talent – Mediocrity.

Ability to make plans and achieve success – Making plans and failing.

Ability to attract faithful partners – Cheating partners.

Resistance to stress and insults – Worrying too much about what others say and think about you.

Clear mind – Paranoia, hallucinations.

Full protection against black forces – Torture by black forces.

Excellent health and slow aging – Poor health, diseases and disorders affecting your organs.

Joy and happiness – Feeling that you are living in a fog, in the dark.

Note that no one is making you learn how to cast a spell on someone for revenge and then perform the ritual. It is your decision and your choice.

Advanced revenge magic techniques

Cast a spell on someone for revengeProfessional magic practitioners have the abilities ordinary people do not have. However, they train for years to develop these abilities. For example, I, spellcaster Maxim, studied and practiced magic for more than twenty years before I decided to cast my first revenge curses. However, I was not worried about myself. If I worried about myself, I would never have become a professional magic practitioner. I was worried about my clients who might get hurt if I made any mistake while performing my revenge ritual.

Safety is my number one priority. I do not cast any revenge spells unless I know it is risk-free for the client. I am committed to constantly improving my revenge spell casting skills to not have to turn down clients ever.

I empathize with others’ pain, so I never judge people for wanting revenge. I understand that horrible things can happen in life and unfortunately sometimes getting revenge is the only way to get over it and move on. However, as understanding and supporting as I am, I still reserve the right to refuse service to clients. I do not cast revenge spells if my clients want it on the spur of the moment or are driven by uncontrollable jealousy. I do not work with mean people who simply enjoy hurting others.

At the same time, I can offer you one of my revenge spells for cheaters if you are looking for one because you were betrayed by the person you trusted more than anyone else, or if you want to make the world a better place. But again, if your desire for revenge is fueled by your ego, meanness, envy or hatred towards someone who is better than you, I am the wrong guy for you. I do not want to throw my karma under the bus by punishing someone who does not deserve it. When revenge is justified and reasonable, it does not affect your fate. It does though if you seek revenge because you cannot stand seeing someone else’s happiness and success.

Unjustified revenge entails almost immediate punishment. It is like with the Criminal Code… it is not illegal to use violence against a murderer with a gun or a pedophile about to do something horrible. However, to be found innocent, you have to prove you used reasonable force. If you torture, maim or murder someone, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If that is the case, you will not be able to escape punishment because your prosecutors will be Higher Powers.  

For more information check out this article about casting revenge spells

How to spell revenge in a safe manner

When a magic practitioner accepts your revenge order, he starts with examining the issue. Well, that is what I do. You can hide your true motives all you want and demonize your enemy in order to convince the magic practitioner to help you, but remember that experienced spellcasters have a set of tools enabling them to see the truth.

Figuratively speaking, the spellcaster works with a balance with your hurt feelings on one scale and the actual guilt of your enemy on the other. If your feelings are heavier than your enemy’s guilt***, casting revenge spells is out of the question. Professional spellcasters know that revenge spells can be cast only if the spell will not backfire. If your desire for revenge is justified, the spellcaster will cast a revenge spell with the full support of Higher Powers.

Some magic practitioners agree to cast revenge spells for all for a small fee. Their motives are horrible. They know that the ritual will land you in a vortex of dark energy. They lure you into their trap as a battery to feed their black magic with your energy for years. After their “help” your charkas turn into portals allowing black energies from the underworld to flow into our world. Such black magic sorcerers use this energy to do more evil.

Spellcasters like I am never do that to their clients. We do not do evil and do not make our clients suffer. My colleagues and I provide our revenge magic services only when revenge is justified. There are no exceptions to this rule. To find out if your desire for revenge is justified or not, contact me, spellcaster Maxim, and tell me why you need my help.

*** - This usually happens if the person is influenced by black forces making him or her worry too much and take things personally.

Revenge spells for cheaters

Spellcaster and revenge cursesTo be entitled for revenge, you do not have to be a victim of some maniac or monster who belongs in jail or a mental asylum. There are plenty of frauds who manage to escape punishment for they live in a foreign country or who use Internet scams.

Every day thousands of people fall for scams and the scammers are confident they can get away with it. Justice cannot reach them as they are too far away. Thus, most scammers are found guilty but can walk free as long as they do not enter the country where their victims live. Luckily, it cannot protect them from your justified revenge you take with the help of Higher Powers.

If you are one of such victims, feel free to contact me and ask me for my revenge curses. I and many other powerful spellcasters are always there for people like you. Moreover, I have been wanting to settle personal scores with some of them. The thing is some people have been impersonating me on the Internet lately. They think they can get away with it but they cannot. They learn about it shortly after I find out about them and they close their fraudulent websites and disappear for good.

If they stole my money, I would have made them give it back, like it did for many people who fell victim to various scammers. Revenge spells for cheaters are always highly effective and none of the spells I have cast so far ever failed. There is one rule that is always in effect in situations like that: the more justified your revenge, the more support you get from Higher Powers and the Universe.

However, spells for revenge should be cast only by professional magic practitioners who are trained to handle the side effects, kickbacks, and a magic war, if needed. A war is started as soon as your enemy, the target of the revenge spell, comes to another sorcerer for protection or buys a protection amulet that sends your revenge spell back to you.

Questions about revenge curses


“What should I do if I’ve already cast a revenge spell. When I was performing the ritual, I had no idea about its side effects.”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

You should take a series of steps, actually. To begin with, buy an amulet to protect yourself against black magic kickbacks. Secondly, have your subtle bodies and energy layers around you examined by a professional spellcaster. If he detects a curse in there that came back to you after failing to stick to the target, the spellcaster will break it. Thirdly, buy a special ritual to protect yourself against black magic side effects.


“I read in one how to spell revenge recipe that cats can protect against magic side effects. What cat breed would you recommend?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Whoever wrote that is a fool who knows nothing about magic. Cats can clean the owner’s energy if the latter is entitled to have their karma healed. This is all cats can do. Cats are used in magic as an indicator of negative energy levels. If your cat is calm during and after the ritual, you did everything right. If your cat is nervous, hissing, growling or puffing up its fur, it means the black energy of the ritual is flowing not outwards but towards you. You know what consequences it has.

The worst sign is when your cat escapes. It means the cat cannot tolerate the energy inside your house anymore.


“Should I write some special letter to ask you to put a revenge spell on someone?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

No, you should not. Just contact me in any way convenient to you, but remember that I can read people’s minds and see the true motives, so please be honest. To find out why you should never lie to professional magic practitioners, watch the below video. My loyal readers know that I add a video to almost all my articles.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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