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Curses and white witchcraft

Curses and white witchcraft
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Why I refuse to cast white witchcraft love spells – RANKING

The other day I, spellcaster Maxim, tried to make a ranking of the reasons why I have to refuse to help people by casting while witchcraft love spells. This ranking is not a trade secret so I am happy to share this information with you.

I do not cast white witchcraft spells for clients under 18 years old

Witchcraft spells candles

I am confident magic destroys the fate if used at a young age. The Higher Powers severely punish young people attempting to practice magic on their own along with everyone trying to help them. 

6. I do not cast white witchcraft love spells for people with mental disorders. Unfortunately, magic aggravates their condition. If you suffer from mental disorders, you need to restore your mental body before contacting a spellcaster.

5. I do not cast white witchcraft spells if I see my client does not love the one he or she wants to me to cast a love spell on. To make a person fall in love with the one who does not love him or her, black magic rituals are needed and I prefer to avoid black magic.

4. I will refuse to cast a white witchcraft love spell for you if you do not let me examine you first. I do not use magic without examining my clients and I do not make exceptions.

3. I refuse to cast white witchcraft spells for people who tried to cast love spells on their own and failed. Before casting a white witchcraft love spell, I need to eliminate the consequences of their failed love spell and then I need to restore the subtle bodies of the object of the love spell.

2. I refuse to cast a white witchcraft love spell if I see that it will make my client unhappy. You should remember that, maybe, your inability to win the heart of a man or woman you love is how the Higher Powers protect you from future disappointment and suffering.

1. I do not cast white witchcraft spells for those bearing a personal or family curse  This brings us to such important subject in magic as curses.

White witchcraft spells and your curse

It is impossible to cast white witchcraft love spells for cursed people successfully because they are under the control of hellish entities torturing them and making the curse ruin their lives. When a hellish entity attacks a man, the man gives it part of his consciousness enabling the entity to control him. Its goal is to make you suffer and generate negative energies. There are many ways how an entity can make a person suffer.

If you have a low self-esteem, the entity will make you gain weight for you to feel even more uncomfortable with yourself. If you love money, it will do everything it can to make you poor. If you are worried that something bad might happen to your family, the entity will make them sick making your worst fears come true. And the list goes on…

Witchcraft spell ritual

Let us assume you, without having your curse broken (meaning you are still under the evil entity’s control) have a love spell cast on another person. By casting my white witchcraft spells, I create a strong and solid channel through which two people can exchange their energies which allows them to love each other. If I do so without removing the curse, the entity occupying your subtle bodies gets control of the object of your love spell. Controlled by the evil entity, this person starts to suffer, too. 

Nothing goes unnoticed in our reality. If a spellcaster creates a strong and pure love between two people, he is rewarded for it, not by the people but by the Higher Powers. But if a spellcaster, by trying to make a person happy, makes another one suffer, the Higher Powers punish the spellcaster immediately. They make the spellcaster experience the same hardships the innocent victim does, and deprive him of his magic powers to ensure that he will never do harm to other people again.

I do not want to be deprived of my unique and well-deserved magic powers. I have been studying and practicing magic for many years to obtain and develop them. It does not mean, however, that I, spellcaster Maxim, do not help people bearing a curse.

How to cast white witchcraft love spells if you are cursed

You cannot know for sure you are not cursed. This means that before any white witchcraft love spell is cast, it is important to have you examined magically. If it turns out you are cursed, you need to find a spellcaster who is able to break the curse.

Your curse can be removed in three ways:

  • The curse is removed and sent back to where it came from, to its world or the one who cast it on you;
  • By influencing your chakras – the energies generated by your subtle bodies become inedible to the hellish entity and it leaves you alone;
  • By eliminating what caused you curse – by changing your attitude towards people, by making you give back what you took from others, and so on.

Then a repeated examination is needed to find out if the curse has been removed. After that any of my white witchcraft love spells can be cast.

I can examine you and remove any curse from you, if you have any. To find out what else I can do personally for you, please visit my “CONTACTS” section and contact me.

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