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Death magic: a crime, making one’s karma heavier, or fair revenge?

Death magic: a crime, making one’s karma heavier, or fair revenge?
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Death magic can be scary

Death magic ritual with skullMost people associate it with some kind of punishment, hell and hellish creatures. Just speaking about it aggravates the condition of mentally instable or ill people. Ill-natured and mean people like talking about it because they believe it can be used to punish the enemies and put more successful people in their place.

However, we live in the Universe of Justice and Balance. Things do not appear here for no reason, and no processes can occur without the permission of Higher Powers. Death magic is not an exception. You can go to an arms store and buy a gun to rob a bank or commit some other crime…

Important: I am not encouraging anyone to commit any crimes! Things I say about arms and crimes should be interpreted as a warning that such things should not be done!

Let us continue. You buy a gun and go to your enemy’s house so he “got what he deserved”. It is a bad thing to do but it is fair. There is the law and you can follow it, or you can forgive your enemy. However, when you use a gun, you trigger a karmic history of relationships binding you and the man you shoot for many lives to come.

By injuring or killing someone, you become that man’s karmic debtor. By committing such a crime, you deprive the man of an opportunity to fulfill his karmic missions, destroy or cut off his fate. Also, you introduce fatal changes into the fates of his friends and family members who cannot fulfill their karmic missions without him, either.

Let me remind you once again that the world is far more complex than you think. All people are interconnected. Often we become someone’s enemy not because that person did something bad to us in his past life but because he asked us for it before another rebirth. Being each other’s enemies makes us undergo certain trials teaching us lessons and making us stronger. As you understand, the gun is not going to solve the problem.

With regard to death magic, it is even more complex

Death magic is a gun which trigger can be pulled by anyone. It is a tool to open the channels and portals enabling one to influence other people. The fairness and justice of such influence is monitored by Higher Powers.

Such magic can be light and dark, influencing one specific person or a whole family. It can punish or cure. It depends on how you use it and which karmic crimes have been committed against you by the object of magic (Note: committed not only in this life but also in the past ones).

I understand that many readers find it a little confusing, so I have prepared some real-life examples to explain to you under which conditions this kind of magic can be used:

1. Someone uses witchcraft or magic to steal your good luck or health preventing you to fulfill your missions. You can get back what has been stolen. However, Higher Powers believe a death curse should be used instead:

  • On the one hand, it gives you back what belongs to you;
  • On the other hand, it punishes the thief sending him to a new life, the life that is bound to be more difficult than the previous one.

2. Someone commits magical and karmic crimes against a group of people. If that is the case, you do not only revenge yourself by using death curses, but also become a tool in the hands of Higher Powers, the tool they use to punish the criminal.

3. Someone uses magic or other means to prevent you from fulfilling your missions in your past life. In your next life you meet and become enemies. One of you (you) choose to put a death curse on the other. If that is the case, Higher Powers will not interfere because:

  • Firstly, they give you an opportunity to revenge yourself;
  • Secondly, your victim is taught a lesson and understands what it is like to lose one’s life earlier than destined to.

4. Sometimes death magic works only to prevent the object from committing some more severe crimes in the future.

5. Others.

Death magic victimI, spellcaster Maxi, have already told you that practicing magic without proper training and without the supervision of a powerful spellcaster is incredibly dangerous. Death magic has never been an exception to this rule. Moreover, this rule applies to death magic more than to anything else.

Every death magic ritual is a dangerous weapon which can hurt not only its object but also the object’s family members

If you make a mistake while performing some death magic ritual, the ritual will hit back affecting you and your family. Therefore, do not use death magic unless you have been studying it for at least 10 years.

You will break this rule if you buy some book describing death rituals at some online auction or esoteric store, get the required accessories for one of the rituals, and perform it. Commit this crime and Higher Powers will treat you like a criminal who has violated the laws of the Universal Justice and Balance. If so, death magic will hit back at you to move you outside of the reality which laws you have broken. Oftentimes, death is the only way to bring back lost harmony and balance.

Under which conditions can death magic be used?


Do you know how you will benefit from using the services of an experienced spellcaster? No, the spellcaster will not tell you how to cast a death magic spell better. Having studied your case and your karmic history, he will tell you whether or not you are allowed to use such rituals, what consequences you can expect, and what price you will have to pay in your current and next lives.

If the spellcaster realizes you have been brought to him by Higher Powers, he will support your decision and reassure you that you are not in danger.

The spellcaster will perform the ritual for you properly and in a safe manner, provided he is a real spellcaster who has been studying magic for not less than 10 years (like me).

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