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How much is black magic that works?

How much is black magic that works?
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Speaking of black magic that works, the two most common questions about it are about how black magic works and how expensive black magic works are. My readers often point out that it is a pity that there is no price list on my website. It is time to answer both these questions and some other, too. To begin with, let us talk about the price of black magic work.  

One and the same ritual is offered at a different price to different clients. It is not some commercial or marketing trick. Do you know that different customers receive different price offers from online stores and services? Thus, some spellcasters claiming to practice black magic that works or offering to tell you how to work with black magic, use software assessing each customer’s paying capacity.   

Black magic ritual that worksSuch software analyses users by the following parameters:

  • Country of residence;
  • Age;
  • The price of the device used to visit the website and the operating system version;
  • Others.

As a result, if you are interested in black magic works and are found to be a solvent buyer, the price for finding out how black magic works will be high, and vice versa, if you are not rich, the price will be much lower.

I have never used such software and I am not going to. When a client asks me for my black magic work, I focus not on how much money the client has but on the following parameters:

  • Ritual complexity;
  • How much time it is going to take to perform it;
  • How to work with black magic to make it safe;
  • Timeline as requested by the customer;
  • The energy needed to perform the ritual successfully.

To explain to you how the price for black magic that works is determined, I will describe how one gets prepared for it and how the ritual itself is performed. If I were an amateur, I would perform all my rituals the same day without thinking about the consequences or the fact that the customer may suffer as a result of a magical kickback.

Luckily, I am a professional and highly responsible spellcaster, and this is how I work:

1. I get an order and study the case. You outline what results you expect and I determine what kind of magic can be used according to the specifics of your karma. As you may know, there are a lot of people who cannot use neither black nor white magic at all. If that is the case, my job is to figure out which branch of magic can be used, which I do immediately.

For your information, I know perfectly well how black magic works and can perform its rituals of any degree of complexity (ranging on a scale of 1 to 10).

2. Before any black magic work is done, I study the customer as a person. I need to know if he deserves to be punished, how strong his energy is, if he is protected by a charm, Higher Powers, or otherwise.

A man’s susceptibility to magic is assessed on a scale of 1 to 10, too. Some people are highly vulnerable and can be influence with the easiest rituals (1), while others use some kind of magic protection (10) meaning even I, a spellcaster who has been studying how to work with black magic for many years, will have to spend weeks or even months to break through to the customer’s energies and change them.

3. The price of black magic that works also depends on the timeline (how soon the customer expects to get the results). Some customers are willing to wait because they know that black magiс works not right away (degree of complexity: 1), while the majority prefer to see fast results (degree of complexity: 10).

4. This is when I begin to prepare for the ritual. Black magic work cannot be performed without special accessories, such as herbs, incense, biological items, rare artifacts, candles, which sometimes need to be self-made or brought from other continents.  The more complex the ritual, the more expensive the accessories. Besides, most magic accessories cannot be used more than once and need to be utilized immediately after use. Those who know how black magic works know about it, too.

5. Speaking of black magic that works, energy accumulation is also a part of the preparation process. I can perform simple rituals one by one (one ritual per day) but there are complex rituals which cannot be performed successfully unless I have been preparing for it for weeks, doing various energy exercises and meditating. While preparing for such a ritual, I need to postpone all other works and, consequently, lose money. Thus, if I need a month to prepare for some black magic works, I expect the customer to compensate me for the losses.

6. Then the ritual is performed (1 – simple ritual which needs to be performed once and 10 – a complex ritual which needs to be performed multiple times over a long period of time).

7. This is not all. Even if I have done everything it takes to perform the ritual successfully (and I know how to work with black magic), I still can expect a magical kickback or that the customer will work with another spellcaster in an attempt to protect himself from such kickback. The kickback hits not only me, the spellcaster, but also the customer, and my goal is to take the fall for the customer ensuring their safety.

Black magic skull that worksStill, I can never know for sure what it is going to be like and if it will hit at all. It is different each time. Hence various prices (1 – no kickback and 10 – I have to fight with the customer’s new spellcaster).

This has been a short description of what it takes to make black magic work and hopefully a full description of why I do not have a price list for my services. The price of my rituals depends of the customer and the expected results. However, I never raise my prices artificially. Moreover, knowing how black magic works, I always try to choose the optimal way to ensure the ritual is affordable for my client.

In addition, I offer my clients a number of options for the customer to choose from describing the results each one brings.

Now let us discuss how to work with black magic, shall we?

As you know, I cannot reveal all the secrets of my profession and can only outline the effects of black magic that works. Thus, black magic can:

Influence your energies:

  • When your lower chakras are influenced, you become insecure and develop fears, depression and apathy;
  • When your middle chakras are influenced, you stop seeing things as they are and cannot find your place in the world;
  • When your upper chakras are influenced, you make wrong choices and mistakes or make plans which cannot be implemented or which will lead to a disaster.

Influence other people’s energies:

  • Black magic works in a way that it prevents its objects from filling up their energy reserves from the outside;
  • The objects stop enjoying their job or the city they live in, and as a result, they want to quit their job or move to another city.
  • They start fighting with their family members, friends, coworkers, employees, etc.
  • Knowing how black magic works, the spellcaster can ensure that even strangers do not like the object.

With black magic work, you can lock people inside an energy cocoon to:

  • Cut them off the energy of good luck;
  • Cut them off the energy of money;
  • Ensure that other people find everything they say mean and offensive;
  • Ensure that they find everything other people say mean and offensive.

With black magic that works, you can put some energy entity inside a person that will do what is listed above, or place it next to the person so it would influence the people around them.

Do you understand now how to work with black magic? This is all I can tell you about how black magic works, so any questions you have left shall remain questions.

Now, just as I promised, I will answer some questions on how black magic works.

“If the price you ask for your black magic work is too high for me, can I ask you for a discount?”

Sure. However, when it comes to black magic that works, a lower price means worse results.

“Does it mean the cheaper your black magic works, the worse it is?”

Not necessarily. Often simple rituals are the most effective. It depends on the goal you are pursuing. Sometimes, even if you know how to work with black magic in general, there is only one ritual you can perform. If it is expensive but cannot be replaced, the customer either agrees to pay or gives it up at all.

“Can I not only tell you which black magic work I need, but also specify how much I can spend on it?”

You can. I will try to offer you the optimal ritual. However, I cannot guarantee you that it is going to be affordable. Read this article again and you will find out why.

“Can I be your apprentice? I want you to teach me how black magic works and how to perform magic rituals. I can pay you for it.”

Such matters are to be discussed in person.

“Can I expect more articles from you about how to work with black magic?”

I update my website regularly, so yes.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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