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How to cast a revenge spell on ex and how it can be removed

How to cast a revenge spell on ex and how it can be removed
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From a letter:

I would appreciate it if you could teach me how to cast real revenge spells

My boyfriend left me when I was pregnant. When the baby was born, he refused to see him and pay child support. I want to get revenge on my ex-boyfriend and I hope you will help me.

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Real revenge spellThe only way I can help you is to cast a revenge spell on ex as a professional spellcaster. However, before you get your revenge, I would advise you to consider making this man fall in love with you and love your child. In my opinion, this is a much better option. Firstly, you will not spoil your karma. Secondly, this will solve all your problems. If you do not want this man’s love, I can use a spell that will make him want to take care of the child and provide financial help.

Unfortunately, I cannot teach you how to cast real revenge spells. You are not a spellcaster. If you try to practice magic, you will most likely cast your spells of revenge on yourself. Moreover, you have a child and magic retribution might affect children, too.

From a letter:

My ex-girlfriend’s put a revenge spell on ex on me

I knew it when I realized my problems weren’t accidental. I was examined by a witch and she said I had two real revenge spells on me cast by another witch. The witch recommended you as a spellcaster who could break my revenge spells. Here I am writing you. However, I have one question. Could you remove my spells of revenge from me and use them against my ex-girlfriend? Could you put one spell on her and the other on the guy she’s dating right now?

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

When you remove a revenge spell on ex, it always goes back to the one who initially cast it. This is why no additional rituals are needed. However, one condition has to be met: the punishment inflicted on you with magic has to be more severe than you deserve.

If you deserve the suffering caused by your real revenge spells, it will be very difficult to remove the spells. Yet, it is not impossible. A number of rituals will be needed and the process will take a few weeks. For example, if you broke up with your girlfriend when she was pregnant, stole her money or defamed her which affected her work or personal relationships, you deserve the spells of revenge put on you. If you want to remove them, you need to have your ex-girlfriend forgive you.

If she forgives you, your revenge spell on ex will not harm her

It will be broken and disappear.

If you do not deserve your real revenge spells and the girl used them because she is mean, hysterical and vindictive, your spells of revenge will go back to her making her suffer even more than you did. However, if she regrets using those spells sincerely and tries to become a better and more forgiving person, the spells of revenge will not be put back on her.

From a letter:

Real revenge skull spellI’m 34 and I haven’t had a serious relationship yet. I’m a handsome man with a good job, I live in my own apartment and drive a nice car. I have no erection problems. No matter what I do, I can’t find a woman who would want to start a relationship with me. Most of my affairs end after the second or third date. Many women lose interest in me even earlier, on the first date.

I’ve been thinking what’s wrong with me a lot. To be honest, I blamed my karma – I’ve been learning Buddhism for a few years. I found out the truth the other day. My mom said many years ago she used a revenge spell on ex. The man’s fine. She thinks her real revenge spells backfired at me ruining my personal life.

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Contact me and I will see what I can do to remove your spells of revenge

As for your mother’s assumption, she is right. Primary scanning of your subtle bodies has revealed that they are damaged by magic retribution which ensued after your mother put her revenge spell on ex. She did not put it properly which is often happens when people try to cast real revenge spells on their own.

This is why I have been trying really hard to persuade my readers to never cast spells of revenge on their own. An improperly cast spell of revenge may affect not only you but also your children and parents. More importantly, you will notice its symptoms in many years. This time is enough for spells of revenge to consolidate their grip on the subtle bodies of their victims and become very strong which makes it almost impossible to break them. If that is the case, your only chance to help your family and yourself is to contact me.

From a letter:

My problem is rather unusual. I’ve been dating a man for almost three years now but I’ve always thought something is off with him. By the way, I’m slightly familiar with magic. I’m not a practitioner, I just enjoy reading books about magic and looking for signs of magic in my life.

When I met this man, it seemed to me he was under some negative influence. I wanted to find out what it was and agreed to date with him without knowing I’d fall in love with him. Now I love this man and want to help him remove that revenge spell on ex put on him by his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

Can I order such a ritual as a third party or it can be ordered only by my boyfriend?

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

You can order any ritual if you want to help another person and your intentions are pure. So go ahead. Note that the closer you are to this man when the rituals to remove his spells of revenge are performed, the better.

Also, such rituals bring better results for:

  • Wives and husbands of the people asking me for help;
  • Children if you still have your maternal or paternal bond with them;
  • Everyone living with you;
  • Your coworkers.

If you want to order a ritual to help someone and you do not care about this person, you do not work or live together and barely talk to each other, this person’s real revenge spells will be difficult to remove. Yet, it is not impossible and will probably require a number of rituals.

From a letter:

Can I remove a revenge spell on ex from myself by doing yoga?

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

You can. However, there is not much sense in it. One needs to learn yoga for 3 to 15 years to be able to cleanse one’s subtle bodies with it. If you let me help you, it will take me two or three sessions to do that. This is why I do not see why you should waste so many years of your life if you can get help almost immediately. The right thing to do is to cleanse your subtle bodies first and then begin to learn yoga to later become immune to magic. 

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