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How to curse someone to death with or without magic

How to curse someone to death with or without magic
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“It’s my fourth letter to you. It’s the fourth time I ask you to write an article about how to curse someone to death. I really need this curse. I promise I won’t use magic again.”

Well, it is the fourth time I say it: I will never post such an article on my website. Although I am very good at black magic, I will not reveal its secrets to you or anyone else, describing any black magic love spells.

Curse of someone to death with candleI am not against black magic. It has a right to exist at least because it is often the only way to inflict a well-deserved punishment on some people.  However, teaching non-spellcasters how to cast a curse of death is as severe a crime as trying to curse someone to death, especially someone who does not deserve it.

So no matter how many letters you send, my answer will still be no.

Its weird. Im quite good at love magic. However, as soon as I start reading about how to curse a person to death – JUST READING BUT NOT PERFORMING ANY RITUALS – I get a terrible headache. Can I be cursed? Do you think that’s why I can’t do black magic?”

On the contrary. You are not cursed. It is your guardian angel or some forces preventing you from making a big mistake. You will make a mistake if you learn how to curse someone to death and perform the death ritual. Also, it may be your karma. Your positive karma, obviously. It keeps you from making the wrong choices. If your karma is strong, you should always listen to it. Pain, discomfort, fears, panic, insecurity or sudden fatigue could be a sign that you are about to make a mistake.

“The other day they fired one of my coworkers. To be honest, she was quite a difficult person. The boss asked me to clean up her drawer to prepare it for the new employee. When I opened it, I found some odd things, such as twigs tied up with a black thread, pieces of photographs, and some books on how to curse a person to death and how to curse someone to death. I threw them all away. Then it dawned on me that I should’ve taken some measures to protect myself. Am I right?”

You are lucky. The woman you are talking about did not know how to curse a person to death, or your energies are too strong for you to get hurt. Generally, any item used in a curse of death has very dangerous powers and cause people a lot of damage and pain. It is enough to just touch it to get hurt and to inflict suffering upon oneself.

I cannot guarantee that touching those things left after an attempt to curse someone to death did not affect you. Contact me and allow me to make sure you are okay. If anything is wrong, I will take care of it.

As for what you should do, even if that woman did not know how to curse someone to death, she has changed the energies in your office. Now there can be some portals leading to darker worlds, or clots of negative energy. Perhaps, there are some dark entities living in there, too. To ensure that you and your coworkers are safe, get a protection charm.

I will give you more details about it after you place an order. Your charm will eliminate all the negative consequences of the curse of death protecting those the curse was cast on. Given the fact that you have found all those things in that woman’s drawer, I am pretty sure the curse was cast on one of your coworkers.

“My ex-girlfriend is sick. We broke up about half a year ago and it was pretty ugly. She’s a stranger to me now. I was surprised when a friend of hers called me and asked me to visit her in the hospital. She said she wanted to talk to me. I couldn’t say no, although I was afraid she’d be asking me to come back.

However, what she said surprised me even more. She admitted that shortly after the breakup she found a witch who claimed she knew how to curse a person to death.

She asked the witch if she could curse someone to death if needed, and the witch said yes

Casting curse of someone to death

That someone was me. Since I’m fine and my ex is sick, it looks like there’s been a kickback. It’s what’s causing her disease. To recover, she needs to apologize to me and be forgiven. 

I couldn’t make myself forgive her. It’s not because I hate her for doing what she did, but because I’m scared. I thought that my forgiveness would bring the curse of death back on me and I don’t want to be sick. Besides, why would she want to curse someone to death at all, especially me? I didn’t deserve it!”

Do not be scared. Anyone who knows how to curse someone to death also knows that such forgiveness will not bring the curse of death back on you. Besides, it will further protect you. As for your supposition that your ex-girlfriend is a victim of a magical kickback, I believe you are right. She developed her disease due to her attempt to curse someone to death.

Well, your forgiveness will not cure her. However, it does not mean you should not forgive her. Reach out to her and offer her to use my help. I know not only how to curse a person to death but also how to eliminate the negative consequences of a death curse, including those caused by a kickback.

I cast a curse of death on my brother

I learned how to curse someone to death from a book I bought. My brother is alive. The curse affected not his health but his business. However, I’d say he didn’t avoid death – he died as a successful entrepreneur and as a rich man.

We used to fight a lot in the past. Strangely, we got closer after he lost his business. We’re friends now, just like we were when we were kids. I remembered that my brother was my family. It made me regret casting that curse on death on him.

Now I’m confused. On the one hand, that book about how to curse a person to death doesn’t say how to make things the way they were. On the other hand, after I tried to curse someone to death, won’t I put the curse on myself if I remove it?

I guess you will. Therefore, all curses need to be removed only by professional spellcasters. As for your bother’s life, it is too early for you to stop worrying about it. They do not say in those books about how to curse someone to death that curses may have delayed action. First it destroys a man’s business and then it may destroy his personal life. Such losses weaken his energies and the man becomes defenseless against the curse. Ultimately, the curse kills him.

“If I curse a person to death, how will he die?”

When describing how to curse a person to death, they rarely mention that deaths vary – people may die of a disease, in an accident, be murdered or kill themselves. I know a man who died because he had drunk some non-sterilized water. The water was safe to the locals but caused a severe enteric infection in that man. Unfortunately, the man never recovered from it.

When you consider trying to curse someone to death, remember that this person may be killed by anything, such as snow falling from the roof. I know a woman who stumbled and fell, hitting her head to death. Another common death is in a car accident which occurs because the driver chokes on something he is eating.

When you curse someone to death, it is very difficult to say what exactly will kill this person

But one thing I know for sure is that danger will be coming from the most unexpected sources, things other people do not even notice.

“I’ve been wondering how to curse a person to death, specifically if there’s a way to put a death curse on a relative. Some say such curses can’t be put on one’s family members. Is it true?”

Let me paraphrase your question to better answer it. When you buy a gun, can you shoot only at the burglar who broke into your house or any person you want? A curse of death is a weapon that you can use against anyone you want, provided the curse is cast by a professional magic practitioner like myself.

Before trying to curse someone to death, think about other magical means to get what you want. If someone hates you, you can make this person your friend. If you envy someone, magic can help you make this person share his success with you or help you achieve even greater success.

If it is about an inheritance, you do not have to kill this person. With magic, you can make him give all his money or property promised to you while alive.

Anyway, think everything through. A curse of death will not only kill its object but also affect your life in the long run changing your fate (maybe your future fates, too).

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