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Is it easy to use killing spells that work?

Homepage Practical magic Is it easy to use killing spells that work?
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Let us agree that everything I say about killing spells that work in this article will not be discussed in the comments or on forums. From time or time, I get messages from the people who try to argue with me and prove me wrong.

In this article I will tell you everything you should know about killing spells

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Killing spell with skull that workHaving made this statement, I reserve the right not to reply to the questions I get with your messages communicated in any of the above listed formats, and ignore the people asking them. The topic of killing spells that work is more serious than you think as this is one of the most dangerous and complex areas of magic.

A lot of people consider killing spells that work to be a very helpful tool because such spells leave no evidence. When you come to a doctor, the doctor is unlikely to tell you something like, “Medicine can’t help you. Your disease progresses rapidly but you can stop it if you go to a spellcaster”. Luckily, there are some doctors who are brave enough to say that to their patients. They know magic and refer their patients to me when they think some killing spells that work may be involved.

Speaking of why such spells leave no evidence, when they are cast by amateurish spellcasters, the spells fail. Moreover, they backfire. As a result, the spellcasters develop multiple diseases and mental disorders or end up being killed in an accident or killing themselves. Their rituals backfire almost immediately so no traces can be found. When a death ritual is performed by a professional magic practitioner, no evidence is left due to their skills and expertise.

In modern world, people do not talk about magic. No police officer starts his investigation with the question, “Do you think it’s a regular murder or a murder committed with the use of magic?” The number of people killed by magic annually is comparable to the average casualties of a small war. Nevertheless, people prefer not to bring up magic and to believe it is not real.

Killing spells that work are very strong spells and a dangerous tool for revenge

Using such rituals is like hiring a psychopath hitman. The moment he agrees to work for you, he does not care whom to kill. If he fails to kill the target, he will come back to you to commit a murder. Experienced spellcasters know about it and always try to talk their clients out of using such spells.

They try to explain to their clients that even though every person has a right to justice and revenge, revenge cannot last forever. Sooner or later Higher Powers will let you know it is enough and the target has learned his or her lessons. In this case, the spellcaster removes all the spells put on the target and the target’s life gets easier. My readers know that there are a lot of different spells to get revenge, including:

- A spell to kill the target’s sex drive;

- A spell to prevent the target from starting a family;

- A spell to make the target stupid or insane;

- A money spell;

- A disease spell;

- A hallucination and fear-causing spell;

- A spell to turn the target into a social outcast.

- Other.

Witch cast killing spells that worksEvery true spellcaster knows a lot of such spells. With these spells, anyone’s life can be ruined within a few days. When you use such spells, you avoid a huge mistake. When you use killing spells that work and someone actually gets killed, you cannot undo it. You get a huge karmic debt which you start paying back as early as in this life. Paying it off completely will take you several lives filled with grief, pain and suffering.

However, sometimes the spellcaster knows death spells are the only way to get revenge. If that is the case, he agrees to fulfill the client’s request. Well, do not think it happens fast. Such rituals are never fast. Before casting any of the killing spells that work, the spellcaster takes all necessary measures to protect himself and his family. Then he makes sure the client and the client’s family are protected as well. After that, the spellcaster starts preparing for the ritual. Usually it takes 2 to 4 months to complete it.

People do not die for no reason. To make a death spell work, the spellcaster needs to identify the target’s weak spot and exploit it. If the target is absent-minded, the spellcaster can try to set up an accident. If the target is rude and arrogant, the spellcaster can lead him to those who deal with rudeness and arrogance using a gun. If the target is a smoker, the spellcaster will cast a spell to make the target develop lung cancer.

The last sentence is written for those who want their enemy to die suffering. Well, despite my huge experience, I cannot guarantee it. Every person has a destiny and it is written there in what ways the person can pass away. Death magic only chooses one and implements it. If there is no suffering foreseen, the spellcaster cannot make the target go through it.

I know some black magic sorcerers who agree to do it, but I do not know why they do it. It makes the spellcaster’s karma so heavy that he may be deprived of the right for further reincarnations. Do you think the spellcaster knows about it if he agrees to fulfill the client’s request without even trying to change the client’s mind? Does he know what will happen to him afterwards? Is he a spellcaster at all?

Also, it is possible that your spellcaster actually knows how to cast killing spells that work, however he also knows how to make you, his client, pay for it. Such approach is not uncommon.

Killing spells are not very difficult to cast

The difficult part is avoiding their consequences. There are several spellcasters in the world skilled enough to avoid the consequences of such spells and cast such spells in a safe manner. All other spellcasters take the client’s money, perform the ritual, and shift the blame onto the client making the client deal with the consequences.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you how to protect yourself against killing spells that work. There are two ways. You can protect yourself either with powerful protection amulets or with powerful protection rituals. I manufacture such amulets and I can perform such rituals. If you are afraid your life can be in danger, please contact me.

To find out whether or not some killing spells that work are influencing your life, focus on your feelings, be brave and do not make up things. If you think you have such a spell on you, contact me immediately to have it removed. Watch the video below and find out what the most common symptoms of killing spells are.

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