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Spell caster Maxim reveals the secrets of the curse spell

Spell caster Maxim reveals the secrets of the curse spell
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

From a letter:

In my situation I can expect justice only from magic. I want to use a curse spell if neither the police nor the law helps me. 

Do you cast curse spells? 

How can I order a spell curse from you?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

Secrets of the curse and spells skullsThere is no “Curses and Spells” section on my website but this does not mean I cannot cast a curse spell. I will accept your order only if you tell me what made you want to use a curse spell. When the decision to use a spell curse is made in the heat of passion, people may regret using it. On top of that, this spell is very difficult to break.

From a letter:

I know for sure I have a curse spell on me

What’s been happening to me and how I’ve been feeling lately indicates a curse which you describe in your articles. Could you remove the curses and spells from me? Besides, could you send them back to the one who cast them on me initially?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I always help people who need my help. But before removing your spell, I need to make sure you have one on you. I am not saying you are mistaken. However, in my experience, people are often mistaken about such things.

Many people are hypochondriac. An article about some aliens makes them think they are under their influence, while a documentary about energy vampires makes them suspicious that someone is stealing their energy. This is true for spell curses. Often people try to relate their physical illnesses with witchcraft and justify their laziness and failures by energy stagnation.

If you have any curses and spells on you, I will remove them. If not, I will tell you how you can fix your problems.

Speaking of sending your curse spell back to the one who cast it, this happens automatically based on cause-and-effect relations.

From a letter:

It seems to me someone’s cast a curse spell on me over the phone

My phone rang the other day, I picked it up and heard someone saying something really fast in a foreign language. The voice was unpleasant and scary. I was listening to it as if mesmerized. I couldn’t hang up. I had nightmares that night. I saw myself in a place which looked like an erupting volcano or global fire. The next morning I was feeling so bad that I had to call in an ambulance. I spent three months in the hospital and I spent a lot of money paying my medical bills but I haven’t recovered yet.

I want to know if the curse spell could actually have been cast on me over the phone. If I am cursed, can this spell curse be removed?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

A curse can be cast in many ways. If you have ever been interested in curses and spells, you know that a curse can be cast through an object, food, look, touch or a drawing. Today we can add the Internet, computer programs, videos, recordings and phone calls.

It does not matter for me how a curse spell is cast. My goal is to eliminate the consequences but not the causes of a curse. No matter how you were cursed, your curse is an information program bringing ill luck, losses and illnesses into your life, or an energy entity trying to seize control of your mind.

Secrets of the curse and spells

From a letter:

As far as I know, a spell curse cast on a person influences the spellcaster just as much. If you curse someone, you also curse yourself and experience the same hardships as the cursed person. Is there a way to avoid it? What is it?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

This usually happens to those trying to cast curses and spells on their own. This will not happen to you if you let me cast a curse or spell for you. If I am confident you have a moral right to punish the one who cast a curse spell on you, I will not only perform the right ritual but also create a magic shield to protect you from negative energies.

Contact me for details. The point is I do not want any of the secrets of the spell curse to become available to those who are not specializing in black magic. It is not just about keeping secrets. I do not want anyone to hurt himself or herself by trying to cast a curse spell taking advantage of this information leakage. Black magic should be used only by professional spellcasters, while amateurs are welcome to perform rituals from white, neutral of everyday magic.

From a letter:

I hear a curse can be cast safely on the one who committed a crime against you which can’t be forgiven, such as the one who killed someone you loved, ruined your career, raped you, etc. If you confirm it’s true, I will immediately curse the woman who used witchcraft to have the man I loved leave me and marry her instead of me.

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

Use a curse only if it is your only choice. I suggest you do not hurry to use curses and spells but do as follows:

1. Make the man you love and his new girlfriend break up.

2. Make them hate each other.

3. Cleanse the man and influence his subtle bodies to make him fall in love with you again.

4. Get him back and make him marry you.

This is when you may consider using a curse spell. Think about how your rival will feel seeing your happiness. Her envy will be worse than any curse, will it not?

From a letter:

I read on your website that you could cast a spell curse safely, protecting your client from any negative consequences. I like it. I found a few people on a forum whom you helped solve some delicate issues and they confirm you keep your word. So I believe you. I’m going to order your services as soon as you respond.

However, I’d like to also know if curses and spells influence our karma 

If they do, how do they do it?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

To answer your question, a karmic fortune-telling session is needed to find out:

  • If the curse will influence your karma;
  • How it will influence your karma;
  • What will happen;
  • How long this influence will last for;
  • What needs to be done to cleanse your karma.

This is how you can get the answer to your question. Everything else is just idle talk and a waste of time. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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