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Spells for bad luck as one of the best ways to get revenge

Spells for bad luck as one of the best ways to get revenge
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

It is difficult to imagine a more perfect crime than casting spells for bad luck.

However, the word crime is used figuratively here, because in most cases such spells work only if the target deserves to be punished. It is a double-edged weapon that injures the one who is the first to use it. Thus, it is almost impossible to hurt an innocent person with this spell.

Casting spell for bad luckBelow are the reasons why this spell is almost perfect for revenge:

EFFECT ON YOUR KARMA. Spells for bad luck are a great way to get even with people. Unlike death, insanity or disease spells, these spells are moderately harmful. They are not fatal and they do not change the target’s life dramatically.

When spells for bad luck are cast, bad luck targets the most important aspects of the target’s life

Such spells work according to the following simple formula: the more you want something and the more effort you put into it, the less you get. All the energy you put into achieving your goal is used to make your luck even worse.

The spell turns into a sort of vampire that does not suck you dry but takes only what you give. However, you do not know what is going on and try harder and harder, while the results are only getting worse.

As for your karma, it gets slightly heavier. For your information, when you use a death and infertility spell, the karmic debts are almost impossible for pay off. So, as you understand, karma is not affected by just revenge.

HIGHER POWERS’ ATTITUDE. They rarely interfere with spells for bad luck if the target deserves it. It does not matter what the target has done. It matters how much pain he or she has caused. The more pain, the more unlucky the target.

Higher Powers do not punish people for no reason. Before sentencing someone to any form of punishment, they review both persons carefully, the one who wants to use the spell and the target. If revenge is not justified and is taken out of jealousy or envy or just to eliminate the target from one’s way, the spell will fail or backfire hitting not the target but the spellcaster or the client punishing them for being jealous, envious, or mean.

However, it is difficult to punish someone who once did something bad but then regretted it, because remorse comes through pain. Pain purifies people allowing them to pay off their karmic debts. As a result, there is nothing Higher Powers can punish this person for.

DIAGNOSTICS. Such spells are difficult to diagnose. But do not worry. It is not a problem for a spellcaster like me. The reason is as follows. When people hit a rough patch, they rarely understand what is actually going on. When you fail over and over again, you try to explain it by something real, something unrelated to magic. People may remain unlucky for years blaming themselves or their fate for it, but not magic.

Therefore, if you want to get even with someone without committing a serious karmic crime and having to deal with the spell’s blowback, use spells for bad luck. They are exactly what you need. Order them and your enemy’s life will start falling apart.

By the way, revenge can be both targeted and selective. Thus, bad luck may apply only to business or gambling, one’s love life or job. If your enemy is a store owner, he will start concluding only unprofitable deals; if your enemy owns a restaurant, it may suffer from cockroach infestations or rats; if your enemy is a beautiful woman, she will find herself totally uninteresting to the opposite sex, and so on.

Before you choose your kind of revenge, I suggest that you consult with a professional spellcaster who will help you. He will tell you what needs to be done to make your revenge sweet. Even if you work with a powerful spellcaster, do not forget about your safety.

The spellcaster is in charge of your well-being for as long as you work together. You are left on your own when your order is fulfilled. Let us assume the one who you took revenge on finds a spellcaster. He removes your spell and sends it back to you (spellcasters can do that). The spell starts torturing you. To prevent it from happening, get a protection amulet before you use any revenge spells. You can buy one at my website where I offer a wide range of amulets designed for various purposes. If you cannot find the one you need, place an order for a custom amulet to protect you against magic retribution and I will make it and adjust it to fit your energies.

Now let me answer some questions.

- Can spells for bad luck be ordered by any person?

Candle spells for bad luck- Yes, but not everyone will get the spellcaster’s consent for the provision of such services. If the one you want to punish is innocent, the spellcaster will need to perform some extra rituals, which will result in a higher total price. If you are okay with it, go ahead.

- Do you refund your clients when you fail to cast a spell successfully?

- I always cast spells successfully.

- What do I do if I change my mind after the spell is cast?

- Contact me and I will remove the spell sending its energy out to where it belongs. Otherwise, it will stick to you ruining your life for years to come.

- Can a bad luck spell be cast on family members?

- It can but with caution. When a spell is put on a family member, it may spread to all family members due to their similar energies. Therefore, make sure your spellcaster fulfilling this request is skilled and highly professional.

- You refused to cast a spell for me without telling why. Can you tell me now?

- It is stated on my website that I reserve the right to refuse service to my clients unilaterally.

- I want to cast one of the spells for bad luck at home. Are there any tips on how to prepare for it?

- Yes, there are some tips. To find out what they are, watch the video below.

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