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Types of hexes

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Many people believe a hex is something that makes their life harder that it could be. In their opinion, a hexed person is an unlucky or depressed person. However, a hex causes not only fatigue, depression or low self-esteem. With a hex, you can influence a specific aspect of a person’s life ensuring that it has only unfortunate events.

Today I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you about some of the main types of this energy disease. This will help you understand how diverse hexes are and that hexes may be what causes all your problems, losses and failures.


Remove hex ritualThis energy disease makes people unable to get rich despite their hard work and talents. No matter how great their ideas and plans are, people with money hexes on them are unable to implement them and get profit out of them.


Health hexes cause physical health problems. These can be both developed diseases and genetic disorders. People with a health hex on them have poor health. Their disease is very severe and cannot be cured or they suffer from several different minor illnesses at the same time. For example, today you break a leg, tomorrow you get burned, three days later you are diagnosed with pneumonia, and a few days after that you feel joint pain.

Health hexes influence not only our health. They prevent people from living a full life making them spend most of their time in hospitals.


This is another way to turn someone’s life into hell. What parent can live a normal life when the children are sick? When they have problems at school or break laws? Children’s hexes are a perfectly evil way to get revenge. In addition, it is often used to fight with competitors. By hexing someone’s children, you can make this person forget about everything else and focus on the children which also applies to, for example, entrepreneurs and artists.

If should be noted that infertility and children’s hexes are two different kinds of magic influence and they should not be mixed.


People with relationship hexes on them are unable to have romantic relationships, love and be loved, and get married. Relationships hexes leave people lonely no matter how many social media accounts and online friends they have and how hard they try to fix their love life.

If you have a relationship hex on you and walk into a bar full of single ladies desperately looking for a boyfriend, you will go home alone. Moreover, I guarantee you that none of those ladies will even look at you.


This type of magic is very complex which is why I advise you to work only with professional spellcasters like I am in case you want to use an appearance hex. Appearance hexes are cast to make people ugly. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • By causing obesity and hair loss;
  • By making the hexed person’s body odor unpleasant;
  • By spoiling the hexed person’s skin, teeth and nails;
  • By causing premature aging.

Anyway, the hexed person will lose self-confidence which will destroy his personal life and career, simultaneously affecting other aspects of his life.


Skull hexes removedConsciousness hexes have been turning people into fools since time immemorial. Ancient Egyptians used to say that when God wanted to punish a person, he deprived this person of his wit. Fools are unfortunate people. They are their own enemies, and having yourself as your enemy is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. When smart people make a mistake, they do everything they can to avoid it in the future, while fools keep making the same mistakes over and over again.


When a chakra hex is cast on your upper chakras, you go insane. Your insanity can take different forms, from traditional schizophrenia to paranoia and suicidal behavior. More importantly, modern medicine has no cure for these mental disorders.

A chakra hex cast on your lower chakras causes fatigue, weakness and distorted perception of reality. It is like a mutation turning you into a zombie which can be cured only with magic.


Talent hexes are put on people whose success is directly connected with their talents and abilities. If you put a talent hex on someone like this, this person will lose access to those areas of his consciousness which have been ensuring his success. A singer loses his voice, a surgeon develops essential tremor, a seller start looking suspicious to customers or loses the power of persuasion.

Talent hexes are widely cast on people who are professionals in their fields. When a talent hex is cast on such people, they feel like they are trapped under a dome or locked up in a room with no windows.

The danger of hexes lies not only in the fact that it is ruining your life. This energy disease may also spread to your karma. That way, you will not be able to get rid of it ever. Also, your hex may spread to your children and relatives ruining their lives too, and then be passed on to their off-springs.

If you think you may be hexed, seek professional help as soon as possible. Unlike physical health problems, subtle body diseases can be cured. I strongly advise you to have all your hexes removed because this will allow you to get what you would have gotten if you had not been hexed, including happiness, good health, talents and money. On top of that, you will get a compensation for the inconvenience caused to you by your hexes. 

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