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When black magic to kill backfires

When black magic to kill backfires
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From a reader’s letter:

“I don’t understand why you disapprove of working with poorly-skilled magic practitioners. What’s so bad about them? Okay, I ask one of such spellcasters to use some black magic to kill and he fails. What’s the big deal? Everyone’s alive! The only problem is that I may lose my money…”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Black magic to kill is like a rock fall

Black magic candles to killImagine a mountain covered by millions of rocks, big and small. There is a house at the bottom of the mountain with people living in it. They are confident they are safe despite the mountain. They are, until the rocks start to fall…

One day someone climbs on top of the mountain and throws one rock down. As it falls down, it pushes other rocks and they start falling down, too. As a result, there is a terrible rock fall washing away the house along with everyone inside.

You are the client who paid for black magic to kill. If your spellcaster is an experienced one practicing safe magic, he will suggest that you go as far from the mountain as possible not to get hit by the rocks. If you happen to work with an inexperienced spellcaster, you will stay where you are and get hurt by the rock fall. Due to the spellcaster’s actions, the rock fall may shift in space and wash away your house instead of the target’s one, even if it is located thousands of miles away.

This is how magic works. It is not limited by time or distance. Therefore, do not expect the ritual to pass you by. Money is not the only thing you will lose. When a death ritual is performed, its goal is to find a victim. If it fails to find one, it returns to you, the one who ordered the ritual in the first place. If that is the case, the rocks will find and hit you no matter what you do. If you used black magic to kill, you will end up being killed by it.

This is why I am against young and inexperienced spellcasters and warn all my readers against working with them.

From a reader’s letter:

“A person orders a death spell and it backfires. I believe it’s fair. However, the spell may also punish the children of this man and even his grandchildren. Its not their fault. Why does it happen? Are the souls of the children selected on purpose to make them suffer from a generational curse?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If it were true, no spellcaster would be able to remove generational curses. People suffer when Higher Powers want them to, and true spellcasters never go against Higher Powers’ will. I believe you know spellcasters can break generational curses freeing people from their influence. Thus, what you say is not quite right.

People’s suffering due to their ancestors’ mistakes (they either worked with a poorly-skilled magic practitioner or performed some rituals by themselves) results from some malfunctioning or faulty program. Like a computer infected by malware, they begin to malfunction and can never be happy because of it.

Any computer may be infected by a computer virus. However, when you come to a computer store, you do not go to some department offering “computers to be infected by malware”. Similarly, people are never born to suffer. If they do suffer, it means they do not have a professional spellcaster like myself around who could perform a cleansing ritual for them or offer them a protective charm.

Falling victim to black magic to kill or any other spell is a lottery

Black magic ritual to killSome people are lucky and some are not. However, for as long as there are magic experts like myself, ill luck is a temporary phenomenon which can be discontinued any time.

From a reader’s letter:

“What symptoms develop in people buying death rituals from low-qualified spellcasters? I’m afraid I might be one of them…”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Lack of professionalism applies not only to spellcasters but also to medical personnel offering online consultations and requiring no exams. I disapprove of both, because I strongly believe consultations have to involve personal contact (phone or Skype consultations work for me, too). Therefore, if you want me to diagnose you, please place a service order. Otherwise, I will not be able to help you.  

Since you already think something is wrong with you, check yourself for the following symptoms:

  • Have you been feeling confused and helpless lately? Does it seem to you that the world has changed?
  • Pay attention to your sleep – Are you afraid of the dark or silence? Do you wake up often in the middle of the night and for no reason? Do you sweat in your sleep? Do you wake up tired? Do you have nightmares?

  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have more gray hair than before? Do you look older? Do you look unhealthy?
  • Have you lost/gained weight lately? Do you have a weird body odor?
  • Are there any other energy or physical changes in you?

Remember that having any of those symptoms does not indicate it is magic-related. Schedule a personal consultation with me and let me diagnose you.

From a reader’s letter:

“I wanted to use black magic to kill but then I had a nightmare. I saw some face with pale silvery skin with black eyes with no pupils. It was starting right at me. Its lips weren’t moving but I could hear it say, ‘Don’t do it or you’ll regret.’ I’m still not sure if I should take that advice or it was just my subconscious mind playing with me.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To answer you, I need to know which spellcaster you were going to work with. If it was some poorly-skilled spellcaster, it was a prophetic dream. If you were going to work with me or another professional magic practitioner, then I need to check your karma for knots preventing you from solving your problems using magic.

Fortunately, people with such karma are rare. It is safe for the majority of the people to use magic, including black magic to kill. However, no karma will protect you if your ritual is performed improperly. Always work with professional spellcasters and avoid frauds. On my website you can find a lot of articles with detailed guidelines for finding a powerful spellcaster and avoiding danger.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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