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A voodoo death curse through various forms of insanity

A voodoo death curse through various forms of insanity

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The voodoo death curse can influence the target in many ways. I suggest that today we talk about one specific type of influence – mental disorders developed by the targets sentenced to death by voodoo magic.

Before describing such mental disorders, let me tell you what kind of people fall victim to voodoo death curses. Well, such spells generally influence people with a well-developed mental (sixth) chakra who failed to accomplish their karmic missions. Do not think mediocre minds are immune to this kind of magic. They are not. We will just talk about them later. In the meantime, let us talk about those destined to always learn, gain knowledge and wisdom, and improve their logical reasoning. When such people give up learning, the voodoo death curse strikes them really badly.

Voodoo death curseBeing smart is not about the books you have read or the kilobytes of information you have memorized. It is about being able to use your knowledge to your advantage, to draw the right conclusions, and to have your own opinions. Besides, it is about your inner purity and self-control. Smart people do not judge others because they understand why people do what they do. They can read other people’s minds and identify and understand their weaknesses.

When you stop developing your mental body, you expose yourself to the voodoo death curse. You develop some mental disorders which ultimately kill you. Such mental disorders vary. For instance, you become obsessed with food or smoking (you smoke more than two packs of cigarettes a day), you get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some people start driving recklessly or acting recklessly in general. Thus, they can throw themselves in front of a car or have a sudden desire for suicide they cannot resist.

Why does the voodoo death curse strike those refusing to increase their intelligence? There can be two answers here. One is found in the Bible which says a clean house left by the owner is sure to find new residents. In this case, these are going to be evil entities and spirits called by voodoo spells. When you stop trying to improve your intelligence and learning new things, you leave your brain unattended allowing the spirits to seize it.

The second option is karmic punishment. Like any other karmic punishment, it can be fatal. But remember that Higher Powers do not put people through the ordeals they cannot stand. So if you yield to magic, you are being weak. You have everything you need to pass the test but you give up.

This subject is very complex and I promise to write more articles about it. In the meantime, let us focus on what has been said and what will be said in this article.

Do not think you are immune to insanity if you are not destined to devote your life to science. Even if you live by the energies of your three lower chakras – physical exercise, food and sex – you are still at risk of mental disorders. Even though you do not use your mind chakra, you still have it. Therefore certain spirits and forces can connect to them to control you – your thoughts, wishes, dreams, etc.

If that is the case, you think you want something because you want it, but in fact you are programmed for self-destruction. You can hardly protect yourself with prayers and meditation. The only way to protect yourself is to use magic amulets and work with professional magic practitioners.  

If you have a voodoo death curse on you and need professional help, you can work not only with magic practitioners specializing in voodoo magic but with magic practitioners specializing in any branch of magic. When such a fight starts, the winner is the one with more powers and skills, rather than the one specializing in a “more powerful” branch of magic.

Voodoo death ritualUnfortunately, it is rather difficult to figure out that it is a voodoo death spell that is ruining your life. The spell alters your consciousness and you no longer can evaluate your actions. You lose touch with reality. It is like people recovering after a stroke. They can seem normal but not understand what is good and what is bad for them due to some lost or impaired functions.

As a rule, my clients are not the victims of death magic but their relatives. So I often remind my readers to keep an eye not only on their health but also on that of their loved ones. It is quite easy to detect insanity caused by magic. The victims change their habits, become more fussy, nervous, and easy to scare. Most importantly, they do various dangerous things and never listen to the arguments made in order to change their mind. People possessed by death curses do not keep quiet, yet they do not try to make counterarguments. They just start to yell at you and fly into a rage. This is the main sign of the death curse.

Such people can be treated remotely without their consent. It does not affect the quality of the treatment. Without treatment, such people die.

There is one more group of people susceptible to this kind of magic. It includes those who have developed their intelligence without ever trying to overcome their vices. I am sure you know smart or even brilliant people who are arrogant, selfish and look down on everyone who is not as smart as they are. The energy generated by such people tends to turn into channels which can be used by destructive programs and entities to enter their consciousness.

Arrogant people are easy to control and manipulate. The entity reminds the victim of their importance encouraging them to prove it. As a result, such people may stop following basic safety rules because they think they are too smart for it or they may consider themselves demi-gods who are allowed to do things other people are prohibited from doing.

I know a psychic who once informed a man of a voodoo death curse put on him, warning him that he would die within two years unless he finds a professional magic practitioner to break the curse. The man laughed at her. In about half a year the man had a vacation in some exotic country. One day he drank some raw water even though he had been warned against it repeatedly. He considered himself a demi-god (because he was controlled by the death curse) and thought he knew better what to do. He never made it home. He died of acute enteric infection.

Had he taken that advice and talked to a spellcaster, he would still be alive.

So if you have any concerns regarding your health or that of your loved ones, remember that you cannot protect yourself against this kind of magic. Besides, remember that it is equally dangerous to be a victim of this spell and to try to cast this spell. For more information about it, please watch the video below:

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