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Can you catch a death curse from another person?

Homepage Black magic Can you catch a death curse from another person?

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Recently, I was contacted by a woman who I, to my regret, diagnosed with “death curse.” Despite her poor condition – she had developed cancer and had no strength left to fight for her life – she assured me that she couldn’t possibly have a death curse spell. She claimed to have lived her life having no enemies and arguments, so there was not a single person in the whole world who could wish her death.

I diagnosed the woman again only to find out that she was suffering from a death hex. She had no choice but to believe me. Then, when we tried to find out who had cast this death curse on her, it turned out she got it from her husband while removing the witchcraft from him when he was sick. It was that woman’s husband who had been initially cast a death curse spell on. She was worried about him and wanted him to get better, so she took the death hex from him.

I’m proud to say that I’ve helped that woman by removing her death curse

Death curse ritualHer health started to improve, and about six months later she recovered. Since no one can feel secured against something like this, I’m going to tell you how not to catch a death curse spell and die instead of another person.

To begin with, I want to tell you what a death hex is. A death hex is an incredibly powerful ritual cast to get someone killed. This ritual can be cast in different ways. The most popular one comes from voodoo magic. Within a few days a voodoo death curse activates a program in the victim’s subtle bodies that is dooming him to death.

This program is amazingly smart. It adapts and always looks for a weak spot. That’s why people who have been cast such a death curse spell on, develop cancer (like my client), start taking drugs until they overdose, commit suicide (if that’s their weak spot), or enjoy risking their life by, let’s say, riding their motorcycle at a high speed. As a result of a death hex, people die in accidents or fall victims to armed robbers, serial killers, and murderers.

The list goes on and on, but I don’t want to take too much of your time. Instead, I can tell you that if you’ve been cast a death curse on and don’t seek professional help, you will die shortly. A powerful spell caster is the only person who can help you by removing your death curse spell, destroying it or casting it back on the one who’s cast it on you. That’s the only way for you to escape death caused by a death hex. If someone tells you that a prayer, fasting, pious life, meditation, astral travels, or joining some cult can help you, they’re wrong. What has been created by magic and witchcraft can only be destroyed by magic and witchcraft.

How can a death curse be removed from a man?

It usually happens when you are too much worried about someone who’s fallen ill as a result of a death curse spell. Worrying, you are involuntarily, subconsciously talking the negative energies from this cursed man. Along with those energies, you’re taking his death hex. By the way, death hexes don’t care who to attack. Living on the one you care about, it will be killing this person little by little. Having moved onto you, it will start killing you. Believe me, if the death curse has been cast by a powerful black spell caster, there’s no escape. At least until you find another spell caster to protect you.

Another way to catch a death curse spell is casting a death hex on your own

Hex casting requires special knowledge and skills, as well as years of studying and experience. Otherwise, you’re likely to become the victim of your own deadly witchcraft. You will activate the death program in your subtle bodies, which without your interference would have remained pending for 20 to 60 years!

Catch a death curseIf that’s what you’re dealing with right now, consult a spell caster. Medical professionals, including psychologists, are unable to identify black witchcraft. Only spell casters have the power to do that. Anyways, medicine can’t remove death hexes. Only powerful spell casters can. On rare occasions, when a death curse has taken full control of its victim, only several spell casters can save this man’s life by combining their efforts and knowledge in order to destroy the black witchcraft.

A third way to catch a death curse spell is to humiliate, offend or physically hurt someone who has been cursed. A sudden emotional outbreak may release the curse and it will attack you. The man will recover shortly, while you will develop a fatal disease that will start damaging not only your physical body and subtle bodies, but also your will and mind. As you know, black magic rituals take full control of their victims after they give up their fight for their happiness, health, and life. So never give up no matter what. If you really want to win this fight, you will. Sooner or later you will find a spell caster who will be able to help you.

The last way to catch a death hex is to become a victim of a family curse. It happens when a curse is cast on one of the members of your family. If the victim fails to remove it or find a spell caster who will remove it, he will die or commit suicide. However, after his death, the hex will remain. It will start looking for another victim and may as well choose you.

A family curse may be haunting your family if several family members died at a young age, for the same reason, in accidents, or killed themselves. However, you may overlook the curse, if for instance only one member of your family has died and you are its second victim. If that’s the case, the hex may keep ruining the life of your off-springs for decades to come.     

If you think you may have been cast a death curse on, let me diagnose you first. My magic diagnostics will tell if your conjecture is correct. If it is, it will also point out which methods to use to destroy the hex. You can order my magic services any time. Without diagnostics, it’s very difficult to select the right methods for fighting your hex. Anyway, I assure you that if you contact me now, before it’s too late, I’ll take care of your death hex and you’ll forget the whole thing like a bad dream.


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