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Death spells of magic – What makes them so dangerous

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Death spells and curses. Introduction

The other day a young woman came to me. She was desperate. She had a son who was a very promising student studying in one of the top universities in the country, he was studying to be a programmer until one day he suddenly got very sick. The way it happened and how little the doctors could do for him got her thinking if her son’s disease was caused by death spells and curses. He asked me, a very experienced magic practitioner, to examine her son and see if she was right. She was hoping I would be able to help her son.

Death spells of magicI knew we had very little time left so I asked her for her son’s picture right away and realized it was a death spell indeed. This death spell worked to make the young man die of his disease, with doctors being unable to treat him.

Later, when I started looking for the person behind this death spell (real sorcerers always do that when they need to help people like that), I realized that no one put this spell on him. I asked my client to check her son’s room to see if he had any books about magic. The same day she sent me some pictures showing multiple books about magic and most of them were about black magic.

This is when the pieces of the puzzle came together. It turned out the young man’s deadly disease was his own fault. He was the first to try to put one of the killing spells on one of his fellow students but messed it up and ended up sentencing himself to death. When this was clear, I only needed to remove that death curse from him. When the young man got better, I reached out to him and asked him to promise me to never try to cast any spells again, especially black magic spells. He promised it. Later his mother confirmed he had thrown the books away.

As you can see, this story about a powerful killing spell has a happy ending. But when I think about it, I cannot help wondering what would have happened if his mother had not suspected death spells and had not come to me. Would anyone have ever realized what killed the young man? Yes, he would have died if it were not for me.

Today, after studying various branches of magic for dozens of years, I know almost everything there is to know about magic. Some details about the real killing spell can be found in HERE,

while some information will be presented in this article. I will tell you why black magic is very dangerous when it is used to kill someone, as well as what you can do if spells of killing are your only chance to get justice.

How effective death spells work

effective death spellsThere are no death spells white magic can offer. All death rituals belong to black magic and are practiced only by black magic sorcerers. No matter how they are called, such spells work in one of the ways described below:

- They call up demons and the target ends up being tortured by them;

- They transfer the deadly disease from a random person to the target;

- They destroy the target’s energy protection;

- They make the target lose their mind, develop suicidal and self-destructive behavior;

- They get the target addicted to deadly risks and extreme sports with a possibility of fatal consequences;

- They cause car and other accidents involving the target;

- They attract murderers and crazy people into the life of the target;

- Other.

Remember that when casting a black death revenge spell, you create a substance which will never go away and will stay with you forever. If this substance (it is also referred to as a black program or possession) manages to take control of the target, it never lets go of the target until the target dies. When this happens, this substance follows the target to whatever dimension the target ended up moving to.

Even professional and highly experienced spellcasters are never really sure they will manage to cast a quick death spell successfully. So they are always ready to fight back in case the spell backfires. This happens when the spell fails to take control of the target and comes back to the person who created it. Created with the use of the spellcaster’s personal energy, it sticks to him or her until it is broken with long and complex rituals or until it is banished from our world.

In case you are wondering, such spells are usually broken with cemetery magic connecting the spellcaster with the world of the dead.

Hence the question: If powerful magic practitioners are afraid to cast a true death spell, why are regular people not? Hundreds of people spend hours browsing the Web every day trying to find information about how to death curse someone. My answer is both, simple and scary. Most people have no clue as to what consequences such black magic death spells may have if cast by inexperienced spellcasters. They just do not know that for each mistake they have to pay a very high price which is often their life! And this is the only way it is with black magic death spells.

I have enough skills and powers to remove any death spell, unless it has reached the last stage when the victim can no longer be saved. I am very careful when clients ask me for spells for killing someone. I agree to cast such spells only if the target is a terrible villain who cannot be stopped in any other way. But some clients ask me for such spells to get back at someone for some ridiculous reasons, such as jealousy, envy, bad pranks, etc. When they do, I decline their requests.

Even though I cast only safe spells which keep the clients intact, the clients are still affected if they get to work with me as the world’s best spell caster. Even if their enemy is the worst person on the planet, using a death spell stains your karma for the main law of our reality gets broken – only Higher Powers are entitled to punish people by death.

Ask a policeman who had to shoot a murderer, or a soldier who had to kill people if they regret doing what they did. I can assure you that they do, despite the fact that they were just executing orders. When you commit a murder, regardless of the cause, it is a crime that stains your karma.

A rare exception is when the best death spell is cast following the orders of Higher Powers which choose the executor as a weapon for their revenge. But since you cannot be one without being a professional magic practitioner, I think there is nothing to discuss here. I hope you understand now that even if you use a death spell with good intentions, you will hurt yourself even more than the target.

That young man I told you about at the beginning of this article had good intentions too. He wanted to punish a rapist whose victim committed a suicide after being raped and his guilt was proven. Nevertheless, the young man almost died because he used death magic spells without having proper knowledge.

A death spell that works – Answers to some of the most important questions

Death spellcasterQuestion:

“I don’t really believe that there is someone who does death spells work. If this was true, history could have been changed and, for example, Hitler or Kim Jong-un could have been killed. Why hasn’t anyone come up with this idea yet?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

I do not like conspiracy theories but I know for a fact that all special services in all countries employ hundreds of psychics, magic practitioners and bio energy experts. Every country leader is protected by them from death spells and curses. So it is quite difficult to do what you are suggesting. Even in ancient times rulers were aware of the danger coming from death spells to kill and hired shamans, sorcerers and priests for protection. One of such sorcerers was Merlin whom you probably know. Another one, the Count of Cagliostro, paid with his freedom first and then with his life for refusing to be a royal guardian sorcerer.


“Is a death spell ritual perfect way to commit a murder?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

If this is a crime – killing a person who does not deserve to die is a crime – so it cannot be perfect. If you are talking about the police, they will never suspect that black magic has been involved, yet you will still not get away with it. If you commit a crime, you will be punished for it. Sometimes such punishment can be very severe. I have seen many times how entire families are paying for such crimes committed by one of them, with every family member dying a premature and horrible death.


“What are the symptoms of a death spell?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

There are several changes which are commonly associated with real death spells. The first one is your appearance. People under the influence of such spells look unhealthy. Eventually they start feeling so too. They go to doctors but in most cases no one can come up with any diagnosis. Later, after this person passes away, his family and friends do not get surprised that this person’s life was shortened by a death spell.

Another common symptom is when you think about death too often and it stops being scary to you. This can be explained by the fact that the curse weakens your body’s defense mechanisms while encouraging you to end your life. Thirdly, your life line becomes shorter, but you will unlikely notice it, unless you are familiar with palm reading.

Lastly, you will have a lot of nightmares. In your nightmares you will die and be murdered in different ways.


“How can I avoid falling victim to a spell to cause death?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Do not do things which might encourage people to put a death spell on you. The best way to avoid death spells is to be a good person. You should be friendly and tolerant to all. Naturally, you also protect yourself with magic amulets and talismans.


“Are pregnant women and children protected from this kind of magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

A lot of people attempt to cast a death spell, so no one is protected from it, unless they work with a powerful magic practitioner and use a protection amulet. I understand that many people will consider it very unfair, but that is the way it is with our world – many things seem to be unfair and illogical. You asked me about children and pregnant women, so they are more vulnerable to black magic than anyone else. However, for this reason Higher Powers are always happy to protect them. So all measures taken to protect children or pregnant women against death spells will be very effective. At least, this has always been the case with me and I am sure it will stay this way.


“What do you do if you have been put a death spell on?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

This question is too important to answer it just here in this article, so I decided to make a video as well. You can watch it here at this page. I suggest that every person watches it at least for information purposes.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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