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Evil Eye Protection Ritual. How Not to Put an Evil Eye Curse on Oneself

Homepage Black magic Evil Eye Protection Ritual. How Not to Put an Evil Eye Curse on Oneself

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In our everyday life, we sometimes have to deal with evil eye curses, when negative energy breaks through our biofield, dampens our spirits, takes away our strength and energy, and makes us feel bad. In this case, I always recommend using evil eye curse protection talismans and amulets.

But what if you put an evil eye curse upon yourself?

Book of protection against evil eye black magic ritual

You curse yourself when you talk to your friends and family about your career prospects and after a while realize you’ve missed the opportunity; or you mention how well you’ve been feeling lately and in a couple of days catch a cold or flu.  

People find themselves in situations like this very often. Self-curses can be avoided by observing the following safety tips.

The easiest way is to, as school teachers teach us, think before you speak. Thoughts presented as words have certain power. Learn how to control your emotions. Before bragging about something to a friend, think about if you really need it. What if you will stir up envy, thus making the evil eye curse effect even stronger?

Stay positive in your everyday life. Don’t be upset even when something bad happens to you. I can assure you that people maintaining a good attitude attract light energies, while being angry, depressed or in despair, you weaken your biofield and make it vulnerable.

I want to offer you a simple evil eye curse protection ritual

Apart from being optimistic as described above, you will have to do the following:

 - Find a place where nobody will bother you for 2-3 hours. This time will be enough for you to hold the ritual.

 - Take a pen and a sheet of paper, one light-colored or red candle, and an ashtray.

 - A regular candle and a sheet of paper can be used for evil eye curse protection.

 - You will also have to make a protection circle using, for example, a chalk stick or salt.

 - Protection circle for evil eye curse removal

 - Put all the objects inside the circle in advance and don’t take anything out until the ritual is over.

 - So, you’ve prepared everything and are inside the protection circle. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, try to relax.

 - Light the candle and keep your eyes on it for a while. Try not to think of anything.

 - Imagine the warmth and light of the candle spread across your body.

 - This is how you will start feeling the impulses of your intuition and your inner self.  

Evil Eye protection ritual victim

 - Take the pen and the paper. List everything that bothers you, that you don’t like in your life, that makes you worry and hurts you. Pour your heart out.

 - Take your time but don’t think too much about what you are writing. Be natural and let your writing heal the wounds you have as a result of all your troubles.

 - When you’re done, light the paper with the candle flame. Let it burn in your hands. When it’s about to burn down, throw the ashes into the ashtray.

 - While the paper is burning, say,

“It’s not a sheet of paper that I’m burning down,

It’s the evil that I’m driving away from me.

It’s my essence that I’m cleaning.

As the fire burns the paper, turning it into dust and ashes,

So washes it my fate, protecting me from enemies and dark.”

These words will help you clean your energy and express your intentions, making them a real part of your life.

Make sure the paper burns down.

Don’t leave the protection circle right after the spell is casted, stay inside it for a few minutes and then rub it out. The candle can also be used in bioenergy and aura cleaning rituals, as well as to protect yourself from a self-curse in future.

The ashes can be scattered in the wind. By the way, wind is a natural force, too. While scattering the ashes, ask the wind to carry evil and your enemies away from you.

So, you can hold this simple but proven and effective evil eye curse protection ritual once in a white.

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