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How a death curse affects its victims

A death curse affects people differently. Cast on a person with a strong energy who might have become a spell caster himself (under certain conditions), the curse affects his health, causing ailments, attacks of pain, temporary mental instability. Unable to take full control of him, the curse will torture the man all his life, which may be rather long and happy.

Death curse affects peopleSome people don’t even know about the death curse they carry. It’s relatively safe for those who can discharge negative energy accumulated by the curse to be used later to kill its victim in one stroke. As for the people around them, they fall ill, get in accidents, and die. The energy of a death curse doesn’t just clear away. With each discharge of negative energy, the person casts a powerful curse on his friends and family. Continuous exposure may lead to death.

Black witchcraft becomes a death sentence for those who ruin their lives on purpose or do evil. To become a victim of a death curse, you don’t have to be a sadist, serial killer, horrible boss, or a hooligan. The curse will stick to your subtle bodies to eventually kill you, even if you envy someone or wish somebody ill.

People ruining their own lives are alcohol and drug addicts, people who like extreme sports, hot-tempered people who like brawling, obese people, people who don’t take care of their health, overwork or take their health for granted.

When to expect the results of a death curse

Once you cast a death curse on someone like that, this person will die in a couple of years or months. Remember, a death curse is not a gun. It doesn’t kill people instantly. It may take some time until the death curse has its effect.

You should also take into consideration the fact that a death curse cast on a person may activate his energy and subconscious protection. As a result, the cursed person comes to reason and gives up smoking or drinking, becomes careful and starts taking care of his health. Even though it can’t break the curse, it postpones the person’s death greatly.

Secondly, the power of the death curse depends on the spell caster who performed the ritual. The less powerful the spell caster is, the longer it will take the curse to kill its victim. Thus, the curse often causes insignificant energy problems, such as teeth and hair loss, or produces no effect at all.

How to order a death curse

If you want to bring someone to his grave, you will need more than just a death curse. You will need a combination of curses, such as a foolishness curse, an obesity curse, an alcohol addiction curse, and a curse causing one to hate one’s body. After that, the spell caster casts a death curse. That way, the victim barely has a chance to withstand the destructive influence and is doomed to death.

Remember, the worse the person who you want to curse and the more evil he does, the easier it will be for the spell caster to cast a death curse on him. Higher Powers and Guardian Angels don’t stay in contact with bad people because of all the bad things they do. That’s why they don’t help them when they’re in trouble.

A cursed person can avoid death if he seeks help from a professional spell caster immediately.

Here’s the deal: if you contact me to order a death curse, I will study the situation thoroughly to tell you what you can expect from the ritual. That’s when you will decide whether you want to order it or not.

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