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Why people order a relationship curse

People order a relationship curse not only as revenge (only 50% of them are motivated by revenge). Cast by a powerful spell caster, it is a perfect weapon which can ruin the life of your enemy, take away his mental stability, peace of mind and confidence. If used correctly, a relationship curse can help you not only avenge yourself but also improve your life. So, first of all, let’s find out when it can be used.

A relationship curse is used to:

Relationship curseFREE A PERSON FROM THE BONDS OF WEDLOCK – to free his heart from love. A relationship curse destroys understanding between spouses turning them into enemies. They won’t make peace with each other until the curse is removed.

PROTECT ONE’S MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP FROM INFIDELITY – cursing your spouse’s relationships with the opposite sex, you can be sure that no one will ever pay attention to your beloved. That’s why he or she will never cheat on you and will always be with you.

DESTROY UNDERSTANDING IN THE ENEMY CAMP – breaking up any team is as easy as breaking up any marriage. Regardless of how smart and influential your enemies are, they will fall out and hate and despise each other after you have a relationship curse cast on them. The power of the curse is so strong that it will make them forget about you and focus on fighting against each other.

A relationship curse can be cast not only on your friends who for some reason became your enemies. You can also have your business rivals or hostile coworkers cursed, as well as your neighbors who have been so annoying lately that they left you no choice but to start a quarrel and turn them into implacable enemies.

You can also have a relationship curse cast on the family of your future mother-in-law who disapproves of your marriage, or use it to punish your ex-husband or ex-wife. Make him or her understand what it’s like knowing that your marriage is falling apart despite all your efforts. Make him or her feel what you felt when you were broken up with because of another man or woman despite all your love, care and attention.

What happens when a relationship curse is cast on a person

Before ordering a relationship curse from me, find out how it works and who it can be cast on. Maybe, you should use another curse, the one which will work better for you.

Casting relationship curseA relationship curse can be cast on:

- two particular people, such as spouses, friends, lovers, colleagues, business partners, as well as parents and their child;

- a group of people, such as all the employees of a company, etc.;

- one person, so he never can establish a normal relationship with a particular group of people, such as his bosses, the opposite sex, customers, coworkers, students (if he’s a teacher), law enforcement, etc.

- one person so he can never establish normal relationships with anyone (the curse makes him an outcast who seems ugly and irritating to people);

- one person so the people of a particular social status, sex or age (or all people) hate him.

As you see, you can chose how you want a relationship curse to be cast on a person to achieve better results, instead of playing the lottery and not knowing what will happen afterwards.

What you should know before ordering a relationship curse

I’ve said it many times, but let me say it once again. When it comes to black magic, you should be very careful! It’s called black not only because it destroys the life of its victims. It’s a double-edged weapon and it also affects those who use it as revenge or punishment.

Never perform black magic rituals on your own and don’t ask spell casters with dubious reputation to help you. I receive pleas for help from the “victims” of such spell casters and spell casters themselves – dilettantes, presumptuous fools and ignoramuses – who tried to influence others but instead cursed themselves or their clients. I help them by cleaning their energy and removing curses from them. Unfortunately, magical kickback affects people’s energy protection, subtle bodies, mind and soul, and it’s irreversible. It means their life will never be the same.

The only way for you to curse someone safely is to ask me to cast the curse for you. As a professional spell caster, I practice only safe magic which protects my clients from any magical kickback or punishment which may be inflicted on them by Angelic, Ethereal or other Higher Powers.

I never try to talk my clients out of ordering a relationship curse from me. All people are free to choose what to do. So if you want to curse someone, I won’t blame you for it, support you or try to change your mind. I will do what you ask me to. It’s perfectly safe and you will get exactly what you want. Once you realize you want to have the curse removed, I will remove it just as quickly. Note: the curse cast by me can also be removed only by me.

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