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How to protect oneself against and how to cast a real black magic curse

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Many people believe that a black magic curse can be cast on any person and each professional spell caster can do that. In fact, it’s not true. If it was, each person could order a black curse spell from a spell caster and eliminate any career or business rival or just someone he doesn’t like.

Real black magic ritualIn fact, speaking of black magic real, we should always remember that “like attracts like.” Any magic influence can’t exist by itself. To exist and, more importantly, influence someone, it needs food. That’s what happens:

- A person is cast a black magic curse on;

- The curse sticks to his subtle bodies;

- That’s where it finds negative energies, such as envy, anger, intolerance, jealousy, and starts devouring them;

- Feeding on those negative energies, the curse influence its victim.

That’s the way real black magic works

However, regardless of its power, a black curse spell rarely achieves its goal in just one day. Moreover, black magic real has a lot of curses which are designed to exist and influence their victims for years. That’s why such a curse needs food every day, making its victim feel envy and jealousy. Gradually, the real black magic curse becomes more powerful and requires more food. That’s when it spreads to all the family members of the victim, turning into a family curse. And that’s when it moves from thoughts to actions. Under the influence of a black magic curse, the person is overwhelmed with emotions. He may end up having a stroke or a heart attack, or committing a murder.

Once you understand how a black curse spell works in general, you will understand magic

There are some nuances though. One of them is the fact that black magic real often proves ineffective.

Any curse involves two people, the cursed and the curser

To cast a real black magic curse, the latter has to perform a ritual

To ensure the effectiveness of the ritual, the curser needs to give it part of his energy. To do that, the one who casts a black magic curse needs to have a very strong energy. Otherwise, his efforts will bring no results.

Turns out a black curse spell cast by a non-professional will turn ineffective, unless he has a very well developed inner energy which is enough to activate any black magic real ritual.

As you understand, practicing real black magic having no relevant training, knowledge and skill, is dangerous. It is more so if your energy is not strong enough. Every time you try to cast a black magic curse, you enter the other world and become visible to its inhabitants, who treat humans exactly like we treat fruit trees, animals or sources of water. For them, we are food.

Once you enter the other world (which both white and black magic real work with), one or more creatures will attack you. Without knowing it, you will finish your ritual. After a while, you will decide that you’ve failed to cast your black curse spell. The point is you will realize that nothing’s changed. In fact, yes, nothing’s changed for the person who tried to cast a black magic curse on. But for you, it has. Now you have several astral parasites clung to you to feed on your energies for as long as you are edible (meaning you still generate negative energies) or until they kill you by sucking out your energies to the last drop.  That’s why your attempt to cast a black magic curse on your own is likely to end badly for you, not for your enemy.

Adherents of many cults take advantage of this real black magic law

Witch cast a real black magic curseWithholding the truth, they tell people that if they try to cast a black curse spell on their own, they will be punished by God. If fact, it’s not God who punishes those people, it’s the people themselves. Speaking of the punishment, it’s very severe. I would compare it with an attempt to jump off the roof of a multistory building or to cross a six-lane street with one’s eyes closed.

Still, you can cross the road if you wait for the right traffic light, or instead of jumping you can take an elevator. Black magic real is your traffic light or your elevator, given it’s professional real black magic and the spell caster is a professional, too.

Casting a black magic curse, the spell caster makes terms to those living in the other world right from the start. First of all, he indicates the target by performing certain magic rituals and saying something like this, “You are allowed to attack only this person and punish him with… When the task is fulfilled, you must go back to your world.”  Secondly, the spell caster names the price for their help that is a certain amount of his energy. The dark forces are only interested in people’s energies. Thirdly, the spell caster is in full control of the dark forces. Moreover, spell casters like me, while practicing safe magic, ensure that the client who ordered a black curse spell remains invisible to the dark forces of black magic real, that’s why they constitute no danger to him.

As a result, any person who needs real black magic can pay the spell caster with his money and let the spell caster do the whole work for him.

Let’s get back to the popular delusion that is a black magic curse can be cast on any person

Actually, it’s that easy to cast a curse on a person. A black curse spell may prove ineffective because:

1. The spell caster lacks experience, knowledge and skill.

2. Black magic real proves ineffective if its target has no negative thoughts or feelings. The curse needs something to feed on. If it finds nothing, it goes back to its caster. It’s called kickback.

3. When a person wears powerful magic talismans which act as a strong protection energy shield and protect him against curses.

4. When a person has a magic cocoon created around him by a professional spell caster. It’s called “personal magic protection.” Such a cocoon can protect a particular person or his whole family. Sometimes, my clients order a ritual to ensure magic protection of a staff, house, or car. Whatever it is the cocoon protects, no curse will be able to do it any harm.

5. A curse will fail to fulfill its task if the target finds out about it and seeks professional help. A spell caster will remove the curse from him and cast it back on you.

Now let’s talk about some complaints I receive from my clients who I removed various curses from. Most of them look as follows, “You removed a black magic curse from me, created a magic protection cocoon, and promised me that no evil forces would harm me again. It’s been less than a year but I am cursed again! Did you lie to me?”

No, I did not. According to the real black magiс law, the negative energy you generate allows curses to cling to your subtle bodies and parasite. Negative feelings and emotions destroy your magic protection cocoon, eating it away like acid. To keep the magic cocoon created by a spell caster, you need to control your emotions and never mean ill. Or come back to your spell caster once every 3 to 4 weeks to restore the cocoon. That’s how you can ensure that no black curse spell will harm you again.


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