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How to put one of the very strong black magic spells on a man – some of the best recipes available today

Homepage Black magic How to put one of the very strong black magic spells on a man – some of the best recipes available today

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To begin with, let us talk about the risks associated with the strongest black magic spells

Strongest black magic spells with skullI, spellcaster Maxim, ought to warn you that I bear responsibility only for the love spells as well as the strongest black magic spells described in this article and at this website. I am not and I am not going to be responsible for any other recipes you can find on the Internet or in books of magic. The majority of the world’s most popular love spells are written by amateurish magic practitioners or fools, meaning you put yourself in serious danger when you try to cast such spells.

Specifically, such spells endanger your health, physical and mental, happiness and fate. Let us consider associated risks by reviewing possible negative changes in your karma. To begin with, let me list the most common negative effects of strong black magic spells observed in men. Note that these effects are sure to backfire. Such effects include:

Personality changes: apathy, dullness, detachment;

Fate changes (generally negative) due to the fact that the love spell tends to disturb the life program;

Outer changes: aging, loss of beauty; unhealthy look;

Weight changes (usually uncontrollable weight gain);

Hair loss, loss of teeth, skin problems;

Many of the strongest black magic spells affect the man’s potency or cause perverted behaviors;

Black magic love spells make the man mean, irritable, selfish, and indifferent;

A very common negative effect is suspicion and strong jealousy leading to fights and arguments;

Decreased intelligence and mental sharpness, loss of interest in one’s job;

Cut ties with family members, friends, etc.

Dangerous effects: mind parasites, possession, worsening vices;

Worst-case scenario effects: insanity, suicidal thoughts, death in an accident.

As a result, people are suffering. They are not happy. Even though your loved one is drawn to you and the people around you think it is love, your improperly cast strong black magic spells will make neither you nor the man happy. The purpose of true magic is to make people happy. There are only two ways to become happy: you can cast the strongest black magic spells for yourself but the spells should be proven and reliable; or you can have a professional magic practitioner cast them for you.

Professional spellcasters are responsible before you, your loved one and Higher Powers, so they will never let anything bad happen to you. When the ritual is performed by a skilled magic practitioner, no one will ever suspect the involvement of a love spell when they see you, your loved one, and how much you love each other. No one will find any negative effects not because they are disguised but because there will not be any.

It is very important because negative effects entwine into your karma. The suffering you put a person through becomes a part of your destiny. Think of any item from the list above and imagine having to go through it yourself. It is not that great, is it? Therefore I ask you to be very careful with magic spells.

Putting strong black magic spells using home cooked dishes

Strong black magic spellcasterThe following spell is one of the strongest black spells designed for women who cook well. Even if you are not that good at cooking, do not worry, put on an apron, and go to the kitchen as this is where we will do magic and cast one of the very strong black magic spells.

Any dish will do as long as it is cooked by you. Since we are talking about black magic, it should be meat if you live in the continent and fish if you live on an island or by the sea. If you want these strongest black magic spells to succeed, make sure to use locally produced meat or fish slaughtered or caught on the day of your ritual.

Carve your meat or fish only by yourself!

Do not throw away any edible parts. Make something your loved one would like. To make your spell work, put a photograph of your loved one in front of you on the table before you start cooking. Make a big circle around it using some blood from the meat or fish. While carving, put the meat or fish into a bowl or a frying pan and place the organs inside the circle, saying,

While placing the heart: Love for me will enter you through the heart;

While placing the liver: Love for me will enter you through the liver;

And so on.

When you finish carving, collect all the organs of the fish or the animal, chop them, and add to the rest of the meat. Cook the dish according to the recipe. Clean up the kitchen without touching the blood circle. Put away the photograph and spread a clean tablecloth over the table. Invite the man to dinner and let him eat the dish. Note that the whole ritual – including slaughtering, carving, cooking, dinner – should take place in one day. Otherwise, your strong black magic spells will not work.

After dinner, take away the dishes, remove the tablecloth, sprinkle some water over the table, and wipe the blood circle with the tablecloth. Put the tablecloth into a bag together with all the leftovers. Bring the bag outside and throw it away, preferably into a garbage container with a lid. Do it before midnight.

Now wait. The black magic spell will take effect soon and the man will get in touch with you.

Putting a strong love spell on a man using a new bedding set

The following love spell is one of the strongest black magic spells designed for sensual women. This spell is used if you want to bind a man through sex. Before you start this ritual, visit your doctor and make sure you have no genital diseases. The problem is black magic can turn a minor sickness into a serious disease becoming a major cause of your suffering. Besides, your disease can spread to the man you love through your energies affecting your karma. Do not start using magic unless your doctor has confirmed you are healthy.

To cast these strong black magic spells, buy the most expensive and beautiful bedding set you can afford. Bring it home and do not open it for three days. On the fourth day, at 7 p.m., take out one of the items and spread it on the bed. Put a picture of your loved one on the bedside table so your loved one could see you on the bed. Take your clothes off, lie down on the bed, and masturbate until you orgasm. When you are done, fold the item and put it back carefully.

Repeat the ritual the next day at 7 p.m. using a different item from your new bedding set. Keep doing it until all the items have been used in your strongest black magic spells. Remember that strong black magic spells should not be cast on Sunday so take a break if it falls on Sunday. Besides, another contributing factor ensuring the success of any of the strongest black magic spells is the waxing moon. The ritual should be performed only when the moon is waxing, so wait for the required lunar phase, if needed. Otherwise, instead of sexual attraction, you will get sexual repulsion.

Now invite the man over. Throw your embarrassment and misperceptions of decency away, because you are about to perform the most important part of the ritual – seducing your loved one and having sex with him. Have a glass of wine, if you want. It will help you relax and destroy the energy bubble around the man to make it easier for the spell to get inside.

Have sex on the new bedding set, the one you charged while preparing for your strong black magic spells. To enhance the effectiveness of your spell, get the man to stay overnight. In the morning, the man will be yours and your sexual relationship will last for as long as you keep the bedding set.

However, the strongest black magic spells can be used not only to create love but also to destroy it. In the video below I will tell you how to cast a spell to make your loved one break up with his lover.

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