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Types of beauty curses

One of the commonly encountered effects of black magic which makes people order a ritual to remove a beauty curse is DISTORTION OF ENERGIES coming from the victim’s subtle bodies. It doesn’t change the way the victim looks or behaves, but it changes the way people see him. The victim finds himself in a nightmare where everybody hates him. Imagine an energy relation “man – energy stream – other people.” A kind of a decoder is installed with the help of black magic, distorting the energies the person emits.

Beauty curses victimThus, a man’s good looks are taken for ugliness, friendliness for bootlicking, modesty for arrogance, etc. He is always misjudged. Eventually, even those close to him turn away from him. Women who have always been fond of him find themselves hating, despising or disdaining him.

If a beauty curse has a NEGATIVE EFFECT ON THE VICTIM’S BODY IMAGE, it also needs to be removed. A beauty curse starts a program to make its victim look unattractive. Usually, it leads to obesity. The victim gains weight quickly. He just can’t help it. After a while, his looks scare people away.

All beauty curses also affect their victims’ nature, making them lazy, mean, shy, stupid, etc. Usually, obesity causes low self-esteem and shyness. Obese people try to cover it with aggression, reserve or assumed cheerfulness (which actually irritates people). Think about your fat friends. You don’t really like them, do you? And they surely don’t seem attractive to you, do they?

The effect of black magic on the victim’s body has different forms. Often, people order a ritual to remove a beauty curse when they realize they have a very strong body odor and they can’t help it. A beauty curse may change its victim’s facial expression. As a result, people misinterpret his emotions, and a nice, kind-hearted and totally harmless guy seems a mean, sly, arrogant and dangerous person to them.

How to remove a beauty curse in case the victim’s mental body has been damaged

The problem is the victim of a beauty curse can’t handle it on his own. No matter how nice he will try to be with other people, his coworkers, friends and even members of his family will hate him and take advantage of him. Or he may try to lose weight and cut out sugar and fat from his food, and spend all his time counting calories, going to the gym, and taking dangerous pills. Unfortunately, he won’t only fail to lose weight but will also get depression.

IMPACTING THE VICTIM’S MENTAL BODY, BLACK MAGIC causes full or partial insanity. The person assesses himself wrongly and misinterprets the behavior of other people. Believing he’s an ill-mannered and bad-looking fool, he tries to cover it but in fact makes it only worse. People think about you what you think about you. If you think you’re ugly, after a while the people around you will start thinking so as well.

Beauty curse ritual with curse

A beauty curse may make the victim misinterpret the emotions and thoughts of other people. If that’s the case, the victim anticipates dirty tricks, betrayal, mockery from others. This makes him treat people with hostility. Naturally, this evokes negative reaction (nobody likes to be treated as an enemy, insulted or pushed away, even if it’s done out of fear to be made fun of or humiliated). 

What happens when a beauty curse is removed

My rituals will allow me to remove a beauty curse from you and make people like you again. Besides, magic can make your whole life better:

- popular with the opposite sex, you won’t be single anymore;

- you will be in favor with your bosses and coworkers, which will help you make a great career and get promotions up the career ladder;

- your family will admire you, always want to please you and listen to your advice;

- your friends will be fond of you;

- strangers will always be friendly with you and try to be helpful.

Why put off a better life and wait for things to improve by themselves, if all that can be achieved by performing a couple of rituals? If you are cursed, the curse won’t disappear on its own. You need professional help. As a powerful and experienced spell caster, I can remove a beauty curse from you and help you get the life of your dream.

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