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There are many types of sex curse, which makes it one of the most difficult to remove. It will take me over an hour to list all of them, so I’m going to tell you only about most popular types of this curse, which are cast separately on men and women.

What sex curses can be cast on men

Sex curse victimOne of the most popular sex curses cast on men is an impotency curse. When cast on a man, it steals his erection and it can’t be treated with hypnosis, surgery, or drugs. The curse affects its victim either by reprogramming his mind which stops associating sex and erection, or by reducing production of androgenic hormones. Even professional sex curse removal can’t guarantee success. The victim will be suffering its consequences (sexual dysfunction) for many years ahead or all his life.

Often, the sex curse takes the form of a childlessness curse and the man can’t father children. He can’t be a biological father. Traditional treatment brings no results. Healthy lifestyle, meditation or religion can’t help him either. The only way for him to become a father is to have a sex curse removed.

Sometimes, the sex curse has a contrary effect. I’m sure you’ve heard about such disease as satyriasis. A sick man is obsessed with sex and his state depends on the frequency of sexual intercourses during the day. While the first two sex curses are cast as revenge or to prevent the man from having a lover (baby, new family), this curse is cast to spoil the man’s life. No man can be a successful businessman, artist, manager or doctor if he’s focused on sex only.

Sex curses can also be one-sided. For example, a man can have great sex with his wife, while all his attempts to have sex with another woman will end in a fiasco. It won’t always be caused by erectile dysfunction. Pain or panic attacks may prevent him from cheating on his wife as well.

What sex curses can be cast on women

Sex curses which are cast on women are similar to those cast on men. A man can prevent his wife from cheating on him by making her feel pain, dryness, disgust (that will make her sick), have hysterics, or panic attacks every time she wants to have sex with any man but her husband.

A black magic sex curse cast on a woman may also cause infertility. A cursed woman’s infertility is usually the result of various diseases which can’t be treated. Sometimes, cursed women can get pregnant but are unable to carry the baby.

Remove sex curse ritual with candleA sex curse may lead to frigidity. To find out if the cause of your frigidity is magic and only sex curse removal can help you, read the paragraph below.

“Your frigidity started all of a sudden. In the past, you enjoyed sex. You’ve had no stress, disease or surgery lately which might have caused it. The doctors can’t help you.”

Speaking about male victims of the sex curse, they can ask themselves the same question, namely “Did my impotency appear all of a sudden? Did it develop fast? Can find an explanation to it?”

When a sex curse should be removed from its victim

For some reason, people think that only middle-aged people (people of childbearing age) may need to have a sex curse removed. In fact, when magic is concerned, age doesn’t matter. A sex curse can be cast on teenagers, too. So, if your teenage child has no interest for sex (which is untypical of teenagers), he or she may need to have a sex curse removed.

By the way, pathological shyness and phobias related to the opposite sex, courting, kisses and sex are usually caused by a sex curse, too (there’s a 90% chance). If anything like this is happening to you or any of your family members, contact me immediately.

Speaking about when a sex curse should be removed from people, I want to add that for healthy grown-up people losing sexual potency and interest in sex is not normal, and such people need help. I completely agree with you that treating any sexual dysfunction should be started with visiting a doctor. If the doctor can’t help you, contact me. I can do what medicine can’t. I can boost your potency, remove your frigidity, and make your sex amazing.

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