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How to find out if you have been cast a sexiness curse on

First of all, a sexiness curse is rarely a karmic disease. Usually it’s cast on people of conscious age or sexually mature people. It is almost never cast on children. Often, lack of sex appeal is a side-effect of another black magic curse, such as a frigidity, impotency, stupidity curse, or a masculinity or femininity curse.

Witch removing sexiness curseBut don’t jump to conclusions, trying to figure out which curse has been cast on you. Let me do that after you contact me and ask me for esoteric help. For the time being, let’s find out if you need to order a ritual to remove a sexiness curse at all, or all your problems are merely caused by your peculiar attitude to life, dreams which are too daring, or the fact that you demand too much of your partners.

1. Always popular with the opposite sex and with a lot of sex partners, you lose your sex appeal suddenly, as if instantly.

2. You don’t care why it happened. You believe it’s not your fault and that’s what matters to you.

3. You need to have a sexiness curse removed if you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, but none of them wants to be lovers with you.

4. People treat you as some sexless creature and it shocks you.

5. People think you’re gay or frigid.

6. You tried to change your behavior but it didn’t change people’s attitude towards you.

7. Sex with you disappoints your partners; your sex partners have no erection (men) or can’t have an orgasm (women);

8. If you’re married, your spouse loses interest in you.

9. People think you’re older or younger than you are.

10. You feel discomfort in your three lower chakras – cold, tingling, movements (as if you have some energy parasite).

If you have any of the above symptoms, you need to have a sexiness curse removed, so contact me immediately. Remember, sexiness curses are very dangerous. Developing, it leads to hormonal imbalance and you may end up being impotent or frigid. It may also cause insanity and then incurable hormonal system and reproductive system diseases. As a result, this may reduce your life by dozens of years.

How a black sexiness curse impacts its victim’s sex appeal

My clients who have already ordered a ritual to remove a sexiness curse know that sexiness curses have different effect on the victim’s physical and subtle bodies. Below are some of the problems which I, an experienced and powerful spell caster, helped them to handle:

Sexiness curse removal with skullPhysical changes – sexiness curses usually prefer the simplest way to steal the victim’s sex appeal. Remember, any black magic energy disease is like a living creature which shows signs of intellect and needs food. Its food is the negative emotions of its victims. So making a person ugly, sick, bold, fat or old is the best way for that.

Behavioral changes – the curse impacts the victim’s mind and way of thinking. As a result, the victim’s behavior gets so weird that nobody even thinks of having sex with this person. Damage caused to the victim’s mind may also result in fear to have sex with men (if the victim is a female) or perversion (men become perverts).

Energy changes – lower chakras responsible for sexiness start malfunctioning and send low energy signals or generate low quality energy. As a result, members of the opposite sex don’t notice them or take them as unpleasant and repulsive.

Hormonal changes – black magic sexiness curses may cause hormonal changes and need to be removed.

Karmic changes – a sexiness curse prevents its victim from finding sex partners (for instance, a man is put in jail; a woman becomes bedridden as a result of a tragic accident).

Signal pole changes – men lose their masculinity and may even become gay, while a woman may start acting like a man. Some people may find it sexy, but these people will never become their sex partners.

How to remove a sexiness curse

If you want to get rid of your energy-karmic disease, prepare yourself that I will have to scan your subtle bodies properly, as well as study your energy history to find out why and when you were cast a black magic curse on. This will allow me to remove a sexiness curse from you efficiently, punish all those (by sending the curse back) who tried to ruin your life, and make sure you will never become a victim of black magic again.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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