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Why traditional methods of treating suicidal thoughts prove helpless

It is believed in psychiatry and psychology that suicidal thoughts are caused by severe depression. The man’s nerves are so shattered that he can’t handle even mild stress. As a result, he suffers so badly that eventually the only way out that he sees is death.

Remove a suicide curse with skullPsychiatrists admit professional treatment doesn’t always cure the patient. They advise such patients to have a suicide curse removed.

When people who have been cast a suicide curse on come to me, I diagnose them to determine if black magic is affecting their energy and nerves or trying to drive them to suicide. Rarely, suicidal thoughts are caused by an alien being or a mind parasite living in the subtle bodies of a man. I can remove them, too.

So if you or any of your family members find yourself thinking about committing a suicide, or have tried to commit a suicide already, contact me without delay! I will carry out magical diagnostics, choose the ritual which will work best for you, and remove a suicidal curse from you. I will make you feel much better immediately.

External incitement to suicide

People who want to have a suicide curse removed should know that black magic may put pressure on its victim in different ways. For example, it can affect the person from the outside:

- the whole world is against you. No matter what you do, it treats you with aggression, hostility and scorn;

- you become a victim of bullying, mockery and mean pranks;

- whatever you undertake, you find obstacles in your way preventing you from implementing your plans and ideas;

- you have no friends. Your family doesn’t want to talk to you and they don’t even call you or text you on your birthday;

- you’re surrounded by ill-wishers, such as traitors, envious people, liars and hangers-on;

- the suicide curse turns you into a loser, you become poor. It steals your confidence.

The last statement is applied to internal incitement to suicide and that’s what we’ll talk about now.

Internal incitement to suicide

Driving its victim to suicide, the curse affects not only his conscious mind, but also his physical and ethereal body.

- the curse makes its victim sick, disabled (blind, bedridden);

- it can steal the victim’s beauty and talents;

- it can make the person stupid;

Suicide curse victim- affecting the victim’s astral body, the curse can cause fear and the person won’t be able to live a normal life;

- the curse can distort its victim’s self-esteem, making him believe he’s an outcast and a loser;

- the curse can steal the man’s hope and make him believe his life has no value. If a spell caster doesn’t remove the curse in time, the man will commit a suicide because he’ll be confident he has nothing to lose;

- the curse steals its victim’s strength, because it’s easier to suggest an idea to a man when he’s exhausted physically, morally and spiritually.

What will happen after the suicide curse is removed

If you ask me to remove a suicide curse from you, I will change your life greatly and my influence will be positive. First of all, I will remove everything that takes your strength away. You’ll feel confident and will enjoy life again. Also, I will improve your life and make you the one in control of it.

Secondly, you’ll stop thinking about death. Even when you do, it will be neither scary nor pleasant to you. You will understand that you will die, but it won’t happen to you this very moment and it won’t be a suicide. You will know that you will die only after you fulfill yourself and implement all your plans and ideas.

Thirdly, I will make sure you’re no longer surrounded by ill-wishers, while intolerance, mockery and scorn won’t bother you anymore. Sure of your future success, I will protect you from envy. Envious people will stop thinking about you, as if you’ve been erased from their memory. I will give you back your beauty, good luck and health, while your family relationships will get back to normal. Also, I will inspire you with new ideas, plans and dreams.

That’s what you’ll get if you ask me to remove a suicide curse. Remember, once the curse is cast on you, you’re in serious danger. Don’t let yourself be led by something that wants to take away your long, happy and successful life.

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