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Out of 90 people suffering from impotence, 11 are the victims of an impotence curse. Usually, impotence curses are cast by enemies or ex-girlfriends as revenge. The younger the man who has problems with his potency is, the likelier it is that his impotence is caused by an impotence curse.

Who else can wish you to be impotent and cast an impotence curse on you?

Find out below:

Impotence curse ritual with skullYour ex (ex-wife, ex-lover, ex-girlfriend, or just a woman you had a one night stand with). A humiliated woman is a dangerous woman. Today, an impotence curse is offered by numerous spell casters and witches, which means any woman can easily find the one who will cast an impotence curse for her. That’s why the curse is used by women as revenge so often. Besides, an impotence curse makes the offender unable to make love per se, so it’s a pretty good revenge.

A woman who is in love with you. Half the men who need to have an impotence curse removed are actually the victims of an incorrectly cast love spell. That’s the way magic works. Any misuse results in punishment. As a rule, punishment is inflicted on both, the person misusing magic and the object of magic. As a result, the woman who tried to cast a love spell on you is punished with a bunch of problems and diseases, while you become impotent.

However, if your impotence is caused by a curse or black witchcraft, contact me and I will help you recover and your potency will return to normal. Moreover, under certain conditions, I will be able to make you feel like an 18-20 year old man. Often, removing an impotence curse results in full body rejuvenation.

Note, if you want to order a ritual to remove an impotence curse from your lover cursed by his wife, or from your husband cursed by his enemies, I can remove an impotence curse remotely. Nobody will ever find out about the ritual performed. The man will recover, while his enemies will be punished with the impotence curse they cast.

Let me continue.

Impotence curse victimAn impotence curse can be cast on you by your wife. Why? She may have lost interest in sex and decided to turn you into a “eunuch.” Secondly, she may have a lover she loves so much that she doesn’t want to cheat on him with you. Thirdly, she may have found out about your lover and decided to use magic to put an end to your infidelity. Note, if you can have sex with nobody but your wife, you’re cursed. That’s why your wife is the only person who arouses you.

Don’t forget about your enemies. Many of my clients ask me to remove an impotence curse from them cast by their business rivals. Impotence curses cause a decline in testosterone levels. It makes men less initiative, determined, and aggressive. That’s why impotence curses are often used to eliminate a competitor and make a person fail in career or business.

Also, you may cast an impotence curse on yourself

It happens when a man, in a fit of passion, promises a woman to never cheat on her and says that if he does, he’ll become impotent. Fortunately, very few self-curses lead to complete erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, self-cursing should be taken into account while removing an impotence curse professionally.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter for me who cast an impotence curse on you. As a very powerful spell caster, I can give you the name of the person who cursed you, as well as his motives, once I start working with you. Besides, practicing safe magic, I can remove an impotence curse from you in a way so the woman who used black magic against you out of love or jealousy won’t be hurt. I believe no person should be punished for loving someone too much.

If you choose me as your spell caster, I guarantee that no one, under any circumstances, will find out about your problem, as well as the magic help you received. In addition, one of my services is casting a protection spell which will ensure that you will always be the one in control of your fate, energies, wishes and thoughts.

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