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Ordering a spell for revenge, when that’s your only option to punish your offender

Homepage Black magic Ordering a spell for revenge, when that’s your only option to punish your offender

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A spell for revenge is one of the few rituals that can be cast with the help of both white and black magic. It’s very important because any action taken in order to spoil anyone’s life triggers magic kickback and karmic punishment. Only a revenge spell that is cast in compliance with the laws of white magic is safe and constitutes no danger to the one ordering it. Also remember that some revenge spell casters practice voodoo magic, and this kind of magic is black magic, so their revenge spells are always fraught with serious consequences.

I’m sure that having read the abstract below, you missed the key word that is “ordering.” So, any spell for revenge, including purportedly safe ones, must never be cast on your own. There’s nothing more dangerous than trying to have your revenge on someone using magic, even if this person deserves it, unless you have the required knowledge, well-developed energy, and some very expensive and rare magic artifacts. This will allow you to cast your revenge spell exactly on the one who you want to punish. If you perform your ritual carelessly and make even one mistake, the spell and all the troubles it brings will fall upon you instead of your enemy, and you never know what the outcome will be.

Casting a revenge spell should only be an experienced spell caster

Revenge spell ritualUnexperienced and unqualified revenge spell casters can become insane, develop cancer or lose all their money and property. Some fall out with their family and friends and remain lonely forever. Any misuse of a spell for revenge may lead to a false accusation followed by your imprisonment.

So if you want to cast a white revenge spell, always use help of professional revenge spell casters. Firstly, only a professional can choose a ritual that will be safe for you. Secondly, only a professional can protect you from the negative consequences (if any will ensue). Also, and it’s very important, spells cast by amateurs are very easy to remove. Some people can remove them with the power of their will, some meditation, or a prayer. However, the energy of this spell doesn’t disperse but goes back to the one who generated it in the first place, that is you. That’s another thing that makes casting a spell for revenge so dangerous.

The revenge program implemented by very powerful spell casters, including me, gets into the subtle bodies of its victim, and neither a priest, shaman or sorcerer can get it out. However, the effect of a revenge spell rarely lasts all life. By changing their outlook, not doing evil and trying to be a good person, victims reduce the effect of the revenge spell cast on them, until one day it disappears at all. That’s why many spell casters believe that a revenge spell may sometimes be a good thing, too.

That’s why Higher Powers are often ready to help those who want to cast a spell for revenge. Revenge spell casters casting black revenge spells usually engage forces that exist in those parts of the universe that people call hell. But that’s not the only thing that distinguishes these two kinds of revenge. A white revenge spell can be cast only on someone who deserves it, provided it’s the only way to punish this person. A spell for revenge smashes those who feel safe in their evil doing, taking away their energies that they need to live a normal life, their fates and everything that may give them happiness, dooming them to diseases, poverty, failures and loneliness. 

Do you remember the legend of Agaspher who was condemned to wander the world till the end of time but anyone he came across treated him as an enemy? That’s what happens to people cast a revenge spell on. Other people treat them with hostility and scorn, and they have absolutely no chance to set up good relations with anyone. 

Casting revenge spells

Revenge spell on an enemy

This is what revenge spell casters and their black revenge spells do to their victims. Casting a black revenge spell, revenge spell casters make a decision whether someone deserves to be punished or not, and exact their punishment, even if Higher Powers don’t approve of such kind of revenge. 

The outcome is more than obvious. Yes, by casting a spell for revenge on your enemy, you can actually make that person suffer. But you will suffer too, for your disobedience and violation of the Universal Law.

If you made a mistake and ordered a black revenge spell that turned your life into a nightmare, contact me as soon as possible. To put an end to your suffering and troubles, you need to treat your energies. Such treatment begins with you forgiving the person who you have cast a revenge spell on with the help of one of the revenge spell casters. This means that before your treatment, the black spell needs to be removed from the victim.

It turns out that you can order a spell for revenge only if that's the only way for you to punish your offender. A spell for revenge is a perfect weapon. Using it, you can eliminate your competitors, break the lives of those who are more successful and talented that you. The severity of punishment depends on the amount of the evil done. And remember, black revenge spells cast by revenge spell casters are a weapon that may hurt both sides: the one who orders and pays for the spell and the one who the spell is cast on. 

Contact me now and order a revenge spell from me. However, I’m not going to fulfill any your request blindly. First, I need to study your life and find out if the person who you want to have your revenge on actually deserves to be punished with the help of white magic. If it turns out that he doesn’t, but you still want to punish him using black magic, I will consider this option, provided you’re ready to face the consequences described above. 

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