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Powerful death spells and loss of vital energy

Powerful death spells and loss of vital energy

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In my articles I have reviewed different powerful death spells and their influence on people. So if you want, you can read about how powerful death spells incite people to suicide or lead to death in an accident, or cause various terminal diseases in victims.

Today I want to tell you about a very common effect of this kind of magic, that is vital energy loss. It is pretty tricky because this symptom is barely noticeable.

Our life is full of stress. Environmental pollution is a growing problem, plus food quality is worsening. These result in a “blindness” formula of those suffering because of black magic without knowing it. You have been feeling more tired and depressed lately but you think it is your lifestyle. Some people may consult their doctor but it is not common. They try to treat their fatigue with typical treatment measures – they try to eat, sleep and rest more. When it does not work, they come up with various excuses, such as “Well, I just work too much”, “I’m not that young anymore”, “It looks like I can’t do anything about it”. They convince themselves it is okay, thus dooming themselves to death.

Powerful death spells suck the energy out of people

Powerful death spellsAs a result, their energy is not replenished. Without energy, the body ages fast. The existing diseases progress rapidly transforming into terminal ones. Your blood vessels wear out and burst leading to heart attacks and strokes. Blood clots form resulting in thrombosis. Victims of black magic death spells die over a short period of time and no one can save them.

Stop! Every person can be saved! Just remember that no matter how much you work, it is not okay to be tired and depressed all the time. It means something is wrong with your subtle bodies.

If you are healthy, you can work eight hours a day maintaining high performance levels and then go to the gym and work out there until muscle exhaustion. Then, after a quick shower and a short break, you can go out and have a late dinner with a friend and return home after midnight. After several hours’ sleep, you wake up feeling well-rested and energized, ready to do everything over again. So IF YOU CANNOT BOAST OF FEELING THIS GREAT, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! It is unlikely that there are some powerful death spells on you, yet your subtle bodies are sick. Hexes, clogged chakras, energy bundles and other energy diseases make your life miserable and boring and steal your time. As a result, it takes you years to achieve things that can be achieved in weeks. On top of that, for all that you have to pay with your chronic fatigue and apathy.

You can live for dozens of years with such diseases. But if you have a death curse on you, you do not have much time left. So if you have had the above described symptoms for the past few months, contract me as soon as possible. IF YOU HAVE A DEATH CURSE ON YOU, YOU NEED URGENT HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! If it turns out you have some mild energy diseases, you still need my help because your diseases are likely to progress.

Powerful death spells to cause vital energy loss work in a similar manner – the spellcaster calls up an evil entity which sucks the life out of the target, sucks it dry. It drinks the vital energy like we drink our morning coffee. The entity sucks the life out in different ways:

  • - If you are a hot-tempered person, the entity makes you fly into a rage every day;
  • - If you are hypochondriac, the entity makes you feel fear;
  • - If you have some bad habits, it makes them worse;
  • - If you are not like any of those, the entity visits you in your dreams, devouring your energy to the bone.

Casting powerful death spellImagine what happens to a flower if no one waters it. The same thing happens to the target of black magic death spells. Stronger people can fight it for years – they perform spiritual practices, fast or become energy vampires stealing other people’s energy. However, they cannot fight it forever. Sooner or later, the death spell defeats them.

Naturally, we all will die one day. But unlike those passing away when their time comes – those who have gone through and experienced everything they were destined to and who have completed their work – those influenced by a death curse die much earlier and nothing can be done about it.

I have just read the last paragraph and I cannot help seeing I am overdramatizing it. It is not that bad. If you find a good spellcaster, any powerful death spells can be removed from you or your loved ones in just a couple of sessions. Do not forget to ask your spellcaster to cast a protection spell on you to make sure it does not happen to you again and that you make the most of your time on earth and, on top of that, get compensated by the Universe for the time and energy stolen from you.

For more detailed information about protection and healing spells, please contact me. I cannot tell you about it speaking in generalities because each case is different and requires a special approach and a unique set of magic tools and measures. But I can assure you that I can help everyone, as there are no powerful death spells that could not be broken.

Even if one spellcaster cannot break a death spell, it has been proven that the spell, no matter how powerful it is, can be broken by several experienced spellcasters working as a team.

SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT your life can be saved despite the fact that POWERFUL DEATH SPELLS ARE MORTALLY DANGEROUS. all you should do is find a professional magic practitioner to help you.

Death spells are dangerous not only to the targets but also to the spell casters. The danger you put yourself in by practicing death magic is inversely proportionate to your experience and your inner strength. The less you know about magic, the more you can harm yourself, and no tips can help you avoid it.

I, spellcaster Maxim, have written many articles about death magic, but this one is not the last. I am going to write more as this topic is too broad. Thus, I want to tell you how you can protect yourself against the energy-devouring vampire in the video below.

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