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Strong black magic and your karma

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You can hardly find a priest who wouldn’t claim that use of strong black magic doesn’t affect one’s karma. They call it sins for which each person will be punished in hell. The point is priests of different confessions assert that God or Higher Powers will surely punish anyone who tries to change his life with the help of powerful black magic. According to them, Higher Powers are some merciless avengers waiting impatiently for their new victims. 

Strong black magicIn fact, Higher Powers are mere observers who don’t really care as to whether you use effective black magic or not. Besides, they punish people for using fast black magic very rarely. They just don’t have to. People punish themselves. As for Higher Powers, they just keep an eye on such people, their mind and soul. If Higher Powers believe a person has learned a lesson and he won’t make the same mistake in the future, they relieve him of his punishment and the person lives a normal life. 

If a person fails to learn a lesson from the misuse of strong black magic, he suffers his punishment for a long time, sometimes forever, or it may continue post mortem and after rebirth. Still
, are we talking about ones karma? Or its about our personal choices? I’ve been practicing magic for many years and I have the knowledge to answer this questions. That’s what I’m going to do now. 

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So, each person has freedom of choice. It is given to us at birth. Our choices include which life to live, how much to earn, what to do for a living, what hobbies to have, whom to marry and which countries to visit. However, people forget about it and try to be happy with what they have. You have freedom of choice as to whether you should contact a spell caster. Using or not using powerful black magic is solely your choice.

A powerful spell caster knows effective black magic to a nicety, which is why he knows how to prevent it from affecting his clients’ karma. A powerful spell caster knows how to ensure that he will be punished for using fast black magic instead of his client. Punishment is not the right word to describe it though. I’d call it payment for the mistakes made. Do
you know when you usually make mistakes? When you try to practice strong black magic on your own or ask people to perform powerful black magic rituals who don’t have enough knowledge or experience for that. 

Let me tell you right away: I practice effective black magic professionally and know all its sacral secrets. All people who have used my services are aware of that. If you haven’t worked with me yet, you need to know that my fast black magic is safe. I will explain to you why I can guarantee my clients’ perfect safety below. 

Let’s get back you your karma. To better understand the subject, you should know that white magic works only with the subtle bodies of its adherents or those who use services of black spell casters. Thus, a woman who wants to find love visits a white spell caster and finds out that he can’t materialize a man for her out of thin air. However, he can help her become:

- Smarter;

- Prettier;

- Friendlier;

- Sexier;

- More intuitive (to scan her partner’s thoughts, wishes and dreams).

Also, a powerful spell caster can intensify a woman’s energies which make men fall in love with her. As for the rest, the woman will have to do it on her own. She will have to show her beloved what a good person she is, give him care and attention to make him fall in love with her. What I mean is that white magic gives people tools to make their dreams come true. However, fulfillment of each dream is the duty of each individual person. 

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Black magic carmaStrong black magic is nothing like that. With the help of powerful black magic, a spell caster sets up additional information-energy programs in his client’s subtle bodies, which force the people around fall in love with him, trust him, help him in different ways, including financially, etc. Effective black magic makes a person a puppeteer, white the people around him become his puppets.  

Occasionally, fast black magic uses help of a being or a group of beings which live in one of the parallel worlds which surround our reality. Priests call these worlds hell, but in fact just a few of them can be called so. All creatures called up with the help of strong black magic have one thing in common. They all help a person in exchange for his energies. Speaking of death, illness or ill luck rituals which belong to powerful black magic, the creatures take away the energies of their victim. They make him suffer and devour his energies without harming the spell caster or his client. 

When effective black magic is used to become rich and healthy or to find love, payment is also required. When you hire me as your spell caster, I pay those creatures with my own energies, while you pay me with your money. When you try to perform fast black magic rituals on your own, as a rule you don’t know that the creatures will make you pay afterwards.

The creatures from the other world do what you ask them to. They give you health, power, love, money. In exchange, they take away exactly the same – your money, love, power, and health. Due to lack of relevant experience, you can’t give it back. As a result, the creatures devour your energies for as long as they want. After a while, they kill you and start attacking your family members, including your children. As a result, ignorant people claim that their family is cursed because of strong black magic. 

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If fact, most of it is true. However, it has nothing to do with karma. If you contact me, I will perform special powerful black magic rituals and you will get your normal life back. No karmic punishment will endanger you in this life or after rebirth. 

That’s why I say that effective black magic has nothing to do with your karma, given you are a professional spell caster or you use services of such. It’s about your personal skills and safety. Imagine a person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. You can say both:

- His karma made him a cripple when his car got in a road accident!

- The man is a cripple because he’s been reckless and foolish!

Higher Powers tend not to interfere in the life of those who practice fast black magic or uses services of professional spell casters practicing fast black magic. 

It’s not that simple though. Even though Higher Powers don’t punish people directly, they still watch their each step. That’s why when strong black magic is used against someone who doesn’t deserve it, Higher Powers may protect him by giving his Guardian Angel certain powers or creating a protection cocoon around the person. 

Do Higher Powers punish the one using powerful black magic against the one they protect? The incredible grace and wisdom the laws of our reality are built with is astounding. According to those laws, each person punishes himself. As you know, if an effective black magic spell fails to work, it returns to its caster, making him the victim of his own sorcery. That’s how people punish themselves. Moreover, they choose the form of their punishment (the power of the curse and its type: death, illness, poverty, loneliness curse). Higher
Powers stand aside. Moreover, if the person suffering his punishment reconsiders his values and priorities, and apologizes sincerely to the person he wanted to harm, Higher Powers will forgive him, or send him to a spell caster who will cleanse him of his sins.

I urge you not to believe spell casters who claim they can influence any person, regardless of what Higher Powers think about it. It means they don’t understand the basic laws of the universe or are going to direct the kickback at you, making you suffer and pay for their mistakes and incompetence.

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A spell caster as experienced as I am gives promises only after magic diagnostics has been carried out. That’s what makes all my fast black magic rituals safe and that’s why I can guarantee my clients’ perfect safety. 

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