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The Evil Eye Removal

The Evil Eye Removal

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To remove the evil eye, you will need some sea bath salt (about 5 tablespoonfuls). Before dissolving it in the water, take it to your hand, focus, and say that with the help of the element of Water and salt you want to remove the evil eye.

Fill your bathtub with water. Before plunging, ask Water to help you re-record the programs recorded at the cellular level.

Remove the evil eye curse with skull80% of our body is water, so this ritual of water purification will remove the evil eye and negative energy.

Our body is an information carrier. The projection of our lumbar spine contains information about our past incarnations, thoracic spine – our present, cervical spine – our future. Our calves in a squeezed state – current past. Our connective tissue is an information carrier in general.

However, let’s get back to the bathtub. Try to relax and feel what’s going on in your body. You will have to remain in the water for about 20 minutes, so make sure it’s neither too hot nor too cold. 37-38 degrees Celsius should be pretty comfortable.

Focus on your feelings. Imagine going along your spine upward. Think about the way you remove all negative energy from your body and wish all your seven bodies health and balance, love and all the best.

A lot of bad thoughts will come to your mind, all at once, as if you’ve been thrown cold water over. Images, faces, words will flash across your consciousness… This is when you have to say, “I want everything to be the way I WANT IT, I WANT TO COPE WITH EVERYTHING!” Be emotional, say it with passion. 3-4 minutes later, you should calm down. You’ll experience peace you will get used to quickly. If it doesn’t work, contact me and I will help you remove the evil eye. Find out about my services on the main pages of my website.

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