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What if your obesity is caused by an obesity curse?

Homepage Black magic What if your obesity is caused by an obesity curse?

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Nobody is secured against an obesity curse

When someone casts an obesity curse on you, even if you are skinny naturally and have always kept your weight under control easily, you will start gaining weight fast and become obese shortly. Moreover, you won’t be able to lose weight no matter what you do: go to the gym five times a week or try various diets.

Obesity curse candlesThe good news is that there are very few spell casters who can cast an obesity spell on you that will be strong enough to turn you into one of those fat people who at some point become unable to stand up from their bed and walk! However, even if you gain 30-50 pounds, your life will still become a nightmare. Your excess weight will affect your health and work. Remember, excess pounds block energy channels, meaning it affects your talents and efficiency, while obesity may lead to genitals problems, diabetes, stroke and heart attack. 

To find out what causes your weight gain – lack of physical exercise, overeating or an obesity curse – answer the following questions. Each “correct,” “always,” and “yes” answer gives you 3 points. Try to be honest answering these questions, because your future and your future success in fighting your obesity depend on it. 

1. Are you gaining weight fast, as if you’ve stepped over some line that separates you from your past slenderness?

2. Did you try various diets but every time you ended up gaining more than you’d lost?

3. Do you feel hungry even after a substantial meal?

4. Do you think it’s not your stomach that makes you feel hungry, but some “worm” in your head?

5. Do you not enjoy healthy foods? Did your obesity spell make you enjoy white flour foods and foods that contain a lot of sugar?

6. Can you eat a whole cake?

7. Does your obesity curse make you feel happy when you’re full?

8. Do you want to lose weight but you can’t?

9. Do you wake up at night to have a snack?

10. Does looking at yourself in the mirror make you unhappy because you are embarrassed seeing all those excess pounds?

Casting obesity curse 11. Are all your family members you know of skinny?

12. Does your excess weight affect your personal life and career?

13. Are you sure that losing weight will make you happy?

14. Did you consult doctors but they haven’t identified what causes your obesity? Does it make you think it’s caused by an obesity spell?

15. Does the idea of using magic help scare you?

16. Do you have nightmares in which someone holds you hostage or threatens you?

17. Do you find yourself thinking that there’s something inside you that controls your body and mind?

18. Does your obesity curse give you an unpleasant body odor?

The more points you have, the better your chances are that your obesity is caused by an obesity spell! This means only one thing: until you have your obesity curse removed, you won’t be able to lose weight.

As a very powerful and experienced spell caster, I can help almost all people suffering from an obesity spell. To get treatment, you don’t have to meet me in person. I can diagnose your subtle bodies remotely and find out if someone’s actually cast an obesity curse on you and why. Then I’ll find out who did it to you and how to help you.

Once I start helping you, you’ll start losing weight and you won’t even need to change your lifestyle! You will not be hungry anymore and you will no longer enjoy overeating. On the contrary, now the feeling of being a little hungry will make you feel good. You’ll have more energy to have long walks, go to the gym or to the pool, and ride your bicycle! With my help, you will live better and healthier!

More importantly, when I remove your obesity spell, you will look great again, enjoying every minute of your new life!

However, the fact that someone cast an obesity curse on you means that this can happen to you again. To protect yourself from the obesity curse and ensure that you won’t seek help of a professional spell caster again in a couple of years, I urge you to order my magic protection services. I can create an invisible energy shield protecting you against witchcraft, or charge an amulet with magic, which will protect you against any obesity spell or any other kind of witchcraft, provided you always carry your amulet with you (for example, in your wallet). 

So if you’re overweight and can’t lose weight on your own, contact me immediately. I will carry out magic diagnostics right after your call. This means that you will start losing weight in just a couple of days, without having to exercise and diet, and your health and psyche will remain intact!

I want to remind you that I practice 100% safe magic. 

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