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When do spells black magic are more effective than white magic rituals and spells

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All discussions of spells black magic lead to the discussion of their potential danger to the spell caster or his client. I’ve posted dozens of articles in which I, a very powerful and experienced spell caster, honestly tell my readers about when a black spell can do you harm and when it cannot. I offer you to look through them. This will help you understand that I guarantee my clients’ perfect safety, no matter how complicated or scary a spell black magic you ask me to cast is. 

Spells black magicIf you have another spell caster in mind or are going to cast a spell black magic on your own, I assure you that you will get into a lot of trouble. Why
? I’ve said plenty about it in my other articles posted on this website. So let’s make a deal: all further information is considered true only if you hire me to cast a black spell for you and I can guarantee that the spell black magic I cast is perfectly safe for you.

Okay, now I can answer the question which you’ve seen as the title of this article: when do spells black magic are more effective than white magic rituals and spells? Actually, it happens pretty often. 


When a black spell is used to remove curses from your subtle bodies

White magic rituals work in the same way. They help you choose the right way to follow to become a better person. If that’s the case, you change your energies little by little, until they become so pure that the curse can no longer use them as food and leaves your subtle bodies.

When a spell black magic is used, you don’t have to spend years to achieve what you want. The spell caster helps you do that in a matter of just one day. However, that’s when you promise Higher Power to become a better person. If you fail to keep your promise, your body will be full of energies which have already let the curse live in your subtle bodies. That’s why another curse may attack you again (or the same curse). Moreover, next time it may be way more dangerous or even fatal (given it has been removed from your subtle bodies with the help of spells black magic).


What does white magic say? Any illness can be cured by changing one’s lifestyle, habits and way of thinking. But heavy smokers and obese people know that it’s incredibly difficult to fight their bad habits. Some of them have been fighting them all their life but haven’t succeeded yet. Getting rid of bad thoughts is even more difficult. That’s why white magic rituals usually prove ineffective when it comes to curing terminal diseases.

As for a black spell, it can cure any illness almost immediately. Special spells black magic cast afterwards will ensure that the disease is gone forever. However, you still give your word that your will maintain your body healthy. That’s the only way for you to stay healthy. 

Casting black magic ritualHelping others

White magic can help your family members or friends get rid of a curse or overcome an illness. However, white spell casters say in the Bible – one of the most important books – that the people standing in the way of the one heading towards the light are the people close to him. 

A spell black magic can be cast on any person close to you. Moreover, a black spell can be cast on a person regardless of his will, belief (or disbelief) in magic and his awareness of the fact that you are going to change his life with the help of a spell black magic. 

We could talk here about freedom of choice which spells black magic deprive people of. But let’s ask parents whose children have HIV, are addicted to drugs or hang out with the wrong crowd if they will refuse to use a black spell to save the life of their sons and daughters, or they are too concerned about the morality and ethics of their actions?

Attitude to money

White magic rituals can attract money, a lot of money. However, usually it gives people as much money as they need at the moment. No
more, no less. As for money spells black magic, its limitless. If you want a million dollars to keep it locked up in a safe, you’ll get it. Want a billion? No problem! 

That’s not the only thing that distinguishes white from black magic money rituals. If you start bragging of the money you’ve got with the help of white magic or spend it on something bad, you’ll lose everything. If you are rich thanks to a spell black magic, it doesn’t matter what you do and what you spend your fortune on. Black magic rituals work anyway. Such lack of restraint is fraught with the threat of temptation which not every person can resist. On the other hand, maybe it’s not that bad to take risks and find out who you really are?

Building a relationship with the help of spells black magic

A white magic spell caster says, “I can help you become a better person and your beloved will fall in love with you.” Moreover, he will specify that your beloved will be with you for as long as you love him.

A black magic spell caster says this, “I can tie your fates together, making your beloved your slave. My black spell will ensure that you will always be together, unless the ritual is canceled.”

Do you think it results in lack of restraint too? Not at all. Forcing a person who you don’t love to love you, you hurt his feelings deeply. As a result, you have to deal with daily quarrels which turn your life into an inferno. Without love, a spell black magic won’t work. While the person under the influence of black magic will love you, it won’t make you happy, unless you will love him too.

Any spell caster has to tell you that.

My conclusion is spells black magic are better than white magic spells when one is looking for quick results. They are like a credit card you use to make purchases. Since in most cases you will be required to pay (it also applies to white magic rituals) by becoming more patient, friendlier, wiser and stronger, use of black magic rituals seems more reasonable. 

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