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Gambling lucky charms to win every game you play

Gambling lucky charms to win every game you play

Gambling lucky charms to win every game you play - Spell Caster Maxim

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What are gambling lucky charms?

In this article I, spellcaster Maxim, will not tell you how to make a gambling charm. Making gambling charms without being a professional magic practitioner is a waste of time because such charms are ineffective. Instead of good luck charms, you can make a charm to help you, for example, stay calm and optimistic, yet this charm will not help you win. Do you not believe me? Then make a lucky charm, go to a casino, gamble, and let me know how it was. You did not do well, did you? So now it is time for you to read my article where I, being a very experienced spellcaster, tell my readers about authentic gambling lucky charms to maximize your chances of winning.

My casino lucky charms (also known as good luck gambling charms) are very effective. The longer you own them, the more powerful they get. Their power depends on several factors:

- Charm price – more effective charms are usually more expensive;

- Your faith in your gambling amulet or talisman;

- Value-added services – spells cast to remove the obstacles keeping you from winning (such obstacles can be removed from your fate, energies, karma);

- How long you have been using it – the longer the better;

- How careful you are while gambling.

You should not go all in as soon as you start playing and expect to win right away. Casino charms work in a different way. They become a part of your subconscious mind, improving your intuition, numerical abilities, logical thinking, and your sixth sense. As a result, you will feel completely different while gambling. First of all, you will stay calm. Secondly, you will not rely completely on good luck but will feel whether you are going to win or lose. Thirdly, before the round that can bring you a fortune, the charm will make you feel excited but you will be able to keep your excitement under control. When you feel it, maximize your bet and believe in success.

Such skills cannot be obtained in one day. It takes months or sometimes years to acquire them. However, eventually you will become a great player winning 80-90% of all games you play.

Remember that modern casino games are played not only by very logical people with good numerical abilities. These are games played by people using powerful charms. For example, you can find yourself playing against someone who owns a talisman that is stronger than yours. This will often be the case when you just start gambling using your charm because at the very beginning casino charms are quite weak. They need time to get stronger. Thus, the magical capabilities of your casino charm item will be blocked. No, your charm will not be broken. It will be just disabled by the stronger charm while you are playing and will need some time to recover afterwards.

For this reason professional gamblers buy and use several charms at the same time, such as lucky casino charms and a charm to protect themselves from all kinds of magical influences the other players or professional spellcasters accompanying players can expose them to.

A casino lucky charm

Do you think this is not fair? But it is what it is. When big money is at stake, many people can go to great lengths to win. Do you not do the same when you buy a good luck casino charm? A gambling good luck charm improves your chances of winning by dozens of times and you should not be blamed for it.

It is not easy to use a charm for gambling. Other players study casino math, learn how to read body language, count cards, etc. As for you, you learn how to interact with a magical item to make it a part of your subconscious mind to control your energies and energy centers.

You should always be very careful while working with the most powerful charm – start low and go slow. At first, just take it in your hands and hold it for a while trying to warm it up. After a while you will realize that your gambling lucky charm is responding by radiating warmth and vibrating a little. It means it has accepted you as its master and is willing to collaborate with you.

Then get to the second stage to prepare your gambling charms and tell your real charms about your dreams. You do not have to speak out loud. Your charm can hear your thoughts. Imagine how you win a lot of money and put it in a bank account or buy something. Try to be as happy as if it is actually happening to you. You need to let your charm know what makes you happy, and the charm will make it happen. 

In about a month, you are good to go and place your bets using your gambling luck charms. Start will smaller bets as the charms can make mistakes because need to learn how to gamble. When you lose, which will often be the case at first, do not get mad or angry at your talisman. Just tell it that you are upset and hope it will not happen again.

When you win, do not hold your emotions back.  While celebrating another winning round, touch your lucky charm casino gambling. On the one hand, you will charge it with your energy. On the other hand, you will let it know what it should do for you to keep sharing your energies of joy with it.

Stage three of your casino good luck charm preparation is considered completed when you win 8 out of 10 rounds on average. However, remember about the human factor. People run casinos to make money from players. There are hundreds of ways to control the roulette wheel and dice, and they adjust the RTP in slot machines.

If that is the case, your real charm is helpless. However, if you establish good contact with it, it will let you know which tables to avoid. Also, it will help you find a casino where they do not try to fool players. Those who have lost big money before know how important it is for a player to have a casino lucky charm like this.

Good luck gambling charms

Casino lucky charms for poker players are designed and charged in a different way. They have to impact not only their master but also the other players. When it comes to impacting other players, the range of influences can vary:

- The other players will bet more having worse cards;

- They will be more emotional allowing you to read their emotions;

- They will shed cards despite having a good hand.

No matter what they do, it will prove to benefit you in the long run. At the same time, you will be able to win only you stay perfectly calm and can read all the signals given to you by your gambling charm. Like I said before, acquiring this skill can take you a while. Yet the result is worth your efforts and you will never regret anything.

Gambling lucky charms can be used in brick-and-mortar and online casinos, provided you are playing against real people and not software. If it is software, it will never let you win despite your charms gambling. Your charm can only impact each of the players through their PСs or laptops and the effects will be almost identical to the ones described above.

Besides, your charm will make you a better player by strengthening the qualities that make a person a good player.

Speaking of playing against software, do not expect to win playing:

- Online roulette;

- Online dice;

- Online slot machines.

One-time winnings are possible but you are sure to lose in the long run. When you do, do not blame your good luck gambling charm for it. It is too easy to break your bond and it is too difficult to restore it. Try to keep this bond as strong as possible. Unlike lottery charms, your gambling charms will help you win over and over again. Yes, lottery charm users can win only once. I will tell you about it later in this article.

Now you are about to find out something truly amazing:

Very powerful magical charms which have been living together with their masters for a long time can impact the energies of the master, those of other players, and the reality itself. They can ensure you get the winning spread, the ball on the roulette wheel lands in the slot you need, or the ball with the right number is blown by the ball blower in bingo, ensuring that you win!

Amazing, is it not? Just remember that not all magical charms are strong enough for it. The strongest ones are charms purchased from powerful magic practitioners who both, manufacture and charge their charms.

Gambling charms vs slot machines

If you use casino good luck charms or a casino charm bracelet while playing on a slot machine, which is still referred to as a one-armed bandit in some Las Vegas casinos, you should remember about one important rule:

Let your charm pick the right slot machine for you to play on.

You cannot win big money by playing on one slot machine making hundreds of bets. Slot machines do not work like that. For example, they need to win 3,000 rounds before they let a player win a small amount of money. Many players lose their patience or just run out of money or tokens and leave the casino before they get a chance to win. Sometimes they give up just a few spins before the winning. If you have one of the charms for gambling, it will literally show you the right slot machine and tell you how many tokens you need to win as much as possible.

Players who have experienced it say it is like finding yourself in a city you have never been to before but somehow knowing all its cafes and restaurants and moreover knowing what is going to happen if you enter any of them.

I, spellcaster Maxim, want to repeat that gambling charms do not work like this when you gamble online, so stay away from online slot machines. Also let me remind you that casino guards keep an eye on everyone winning a lot of money, so do not be greedy. When you hit the jackpot, exchange your tokens for money and walk away. Continue playing in another casino and do not come back until a few days later.

Let me tell you a funny story. There was a player in Japan who played only on mechanical grabbers. You put a coin and try to grab a prize. The player used one of the very powerful charms and would win a lot, mostly toys. He sold his toys to a nearby toy store making $7-8,000 monthly.

As you see, charms help people win different things. They can help you win regardless of where you play or gamble, at the casino, fair, or shopping mall. Moreover, if you want, I can create an amulet to help you win at darts or table soccer. Naturally, I also offer charms designed for people who like to bet on sports, horse racing, and bet in general.

Handling your real charms

Rule 1.

Love your charm as if it were alive and treat it accordingly – as if it could think and have feelings.

Rule 2.

Interact with your casino gambling charm or any other artifact that you expect to help you somehow on a daily basis.

Rule 3.

Do not try to interact with your charm unless you are completely calm, friendly and optimistic.

Rule 4.

Never interact with your charm while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Minimize your interaction if you have any physical or mental health issues.

Rule 5.

Be patient because casino gambling good luck charms do not start helping the same day you buy them.

Rule 6.

More effective are items designed to be in constant contact with your skin, such as gambling charm bracelets or pendants.

Rule 7.

Do not tell anyone about your charm and do not let others, including your family and close friends, touch it. No one can know you have it.

Rule 8.

Prevent mechanical damage to your charm. Do not scratch it and do not break it.

Rule 9.

Do not keep it together with any other magic products.

Rule 10.

Do not perform any rituals and do not pray over your charm. Your interaction should be simple. Talk to it as if it were a good friend.

Rule 11.

Always thank your charm when you win, even if you win very little. Thank it even if you have not lost.

Rule 12.

After taking it to a casino, let it rest for a few days. Put it in a safe place and do not touch it for a while.

Rule 13.

Then actively interact with your charm for a few days in a row to put it back in work mode. That way your next game will be very successful.

Rule 14.

The most effective charms which can tell you the charmed lottery numbers are custom made. I can create a charm for you and customize it to fit your energies.

More tips on how to keep winning at casino games and keep your amulets and talismans in good working order can be found in my previous articles available on my website called Spellcaster Maxim.

Lottery charms as a surefire way to win

Speaking of charmed lottery numbers, there are some other rules which should be noted. The most important one is:

Never buy a lottery ticket first and then an amulet or a talisman hoping it will help you win. Do the opposite.

Magic works differently here. At first you should figure out that you are ready to change your life with a big lottery win. It should be your plan on a global scale applying not to your everyday life or living conditions but to your fate. Then you should buy lottery lucky charms, custom made for you. After you get your charm, establish contact with it and then wait until it gives you a sign that it is time to stay playing.

I have helped many people and know many life stories. For example, one of my clients realized his charm wanted him to buy a lottery ticket at the store located 600 miles away. He drove there, bought a ticket and won. Another client kept buying lottery tickets with the same numbers for almost two years before he won. He says he knew it would take him some time but at the same time he knew he had to keep doing it, day by day, because otherwise he would not win.

Lucky lottery charms can give different signs. When you get one, do not miss it and do what your charm wants you to do. Perhaps, you will have to do some weird things, yet you should know it is the only way to win and sometimes to win you should do something completely crazy and illogical.

I would like to let you in on a little secret. I am finishing a book about lottery winnings. I will post the link on my website so anyone who wants to hit the jackpot can learn how to do it after downloading and reading my book. Spoiler alert: almost all winning strategies are based on the use of some magic products. So do not wait and buy an amulet or a talisman for lotteries or any other games of chance offering money as a prize today!

Hundreds of professional and amateur players are already using my gambling charms in countries all over the world and they win. Buy a gambling charm, follow the rules for proper handling of gambling charms, and start winning, too! I can assure you that your winnings will exceed your expectations.

Moreover, there is another important law in magic: THE ONE WHO NEEDS MONEY MORE IS THE FIRST TO WIN. So if you really need money and playing the lottery is the only way you see to get rich, buy one of the gambling charms by spellcaster Maxim and your life will improve dramatically shortly. 

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