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Articles about magic - black and white magic rituals and spells, amulets, talismans

  • Amulets for good luck in your life - Spell Caster Maxim 11.11.2017
    Talismans and amulets are magic items that have power to protect you from evil and bring happiness and luck to your life. Some thousands centuries before people found out that a person needs not only physical, but also help of Gods and spirits. It was then, in immemorial time, powerful symbols were created, helping to keep in touch with the world of the gods.
    (votes: 25, rating: 4.24)
  • Money amulets - For dreamers, lazy and other people - Spell Caster Maxim 16.10.2017
    I bet if I tell you about one boy from England who made his first million pounds at age nine, you will be amazed and tell your friends about it. But if I tell you about someone who earned his first 10 billion pounds at age 45, you will forget about this story before I even finish it.
    (votes: 31, rating: 4.45)
  • How to cast a white or red candle love spell correctly - Spell Caster Maxim 01.06.2015
    How to cast a white or red candle love spell correctly. Before telling you about the red candle love spell and white candle spell, I would like to stress the fact that not all candles can  
    (votes: 60, rating: 4.48)
  • 21-century magic in the best magical store! - Spell Caster Maxim 01.06.2015
    Our magical store doesn’t pursue super-profits, that’s why all our real magic items are exclusive. Their production begins when we start to choose and study old sacral recipes. After that, we choose materials – rare and sometimes priceless. All real magic items are manufactured on specific days and with the use of specific rituals
    (votes: 51, rating: 4.68)

    What is a spell?

    How to cast a spell successfully

    Objects which help you concentrate

    Calmness spell
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.51)
  • How to make love black magic easily - Spell Caster Maxim
    It can be making also as black magic for love back, and as first spell – so that bewitched person will fall in love in you for the first time.
    (votes: 61, rating: 4.44)
  • Do you need to know astrology to put a love spell? - Spell Caster Maxim

    Do you need to know astrology to put a love spell?


    According to my astrological chart, I and the girl I like are almost fully compatible. I want to put a love spell on her.

    (votes: 46, rating: 4.59)
  • Relationship Psychology vs Love Spells - Spell Caster Maxim
    Relationship Psychology vs Love Spells. Just a hundred years ago a woman or man in one-sided love knew they had two options: put up with the fact that their beloved would never love them
    (votes: 40, rating: 4.61)
  • Herbs in black magic - Spell Caster Maxim
    Black magic involves the use of herbs. Herbs are needed to make potions, mixtures and infusions. They are used to charge amulets and talismans, send people into a trance, perform astral
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.56)
  • Magiс Lessons. Do you need psychology in love magic? - Spell Caster Maxim
    Magiс Lessons. Do you need psychology in love magic? Neophytes believe that to become a spellcaster, you need to make up a fancy name, put on some weird clothes, and then find some spells
    (votes: 40, rating: 4.59)
  • Herbs and plants which may help you arouse and keep love - Spell Caster Maxim

    Herbs and plants which may help you arouse and keep love

    Today we’ll talk about herbs and plants used in love magic. And in my next article, I, spellcaster Maxim, will tell you

    (votes: 40, rating: 4.63)
  • Herbs in love magic - Spell Caster Maxim
    Herbs in love magic


    I’m studying love magic and I’ve noticed many rituals require herbs. However, in my opinion, you don’t have to have herbs and can replace them with
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.59)
  • Stones in black love magic - Spell Caster Maxim


    Can any stone be used as an amulet in black magic rituals? Or should I look for some specific stones?
    (votes: 40, rating: 4.55)
  • Stones in white love magic - Spell Caster Maxim
    Stones in white love magic. Precious and semiprecious stones have always been known to possess magic properties and are often used in love magic. Today I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you
    (votes: 39, rating: 4.6)
  • Love astrology or how different zodiacal signs respond to love spells - Spell Caster Maxim
    Love astrology or how different zodiacal signs respond to love spells. Different zodiacal signs respond to love magic differently. Some turn into zombies or get sick, while for others it
    (votes: 41, rating: 4.63)
  • Astrology and black magic. Astrological safety tips - Spell Caster Maxim
    Astrology and black magic. Astrological safety tips. When I, spellcaster Maxim, began learning magic, I was surprised that many treatises and books by the greatest spellcasters advised
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.62)
  • GYPSY LOVE SPELL - Spell Caster Maxim

    About the Gypsy love spell

    Why people cast gypsy love spells

    Even though the casting technique of the Gypsies is doubtful, the Gypsy love spell is the most powerful spell in love magic.

    (votes: 45, rating: 4.57)
  • Getting rich using lottery spells - Spell Caster Maxim
    It’s hard to meet a person who’s never dreamed of winning the lottery. Many people buy lottery tickets, but their dream never comes true. Perhaps, they just don’t know a certain system, are unlucky, or choose the wrong numbers… We can think of many different explanations for it, but just one of them is true – those who can’t win have never used services of a professional spell caster and ordered lottery spells.
    (votes: 144, rating: 4.35)
  • With a magic spell for success, you can make your life better!  - Spell Caster Maxim
    With a magic spell for success, you can make your life better. Some of you can’t make your life better despite working hard. On the other hand, almost all of you have enough energy
    (votes: 62, rating: 4.56)
  • Truth and myths about lotto spells - Spell Caster Maxim
    Truth and myths about lotto spells. Myth #1. There is no such thing as lotto spells. That’s what people who tried to use spells to win lotto but failed claim. Actually, their failure is
    (votes: 52, rating: 4.63)
  • Curse of death as one of the most dangerous black magic rituals - Spell Caster Maxim
    Unexperienced or remorseless spell casters curse someone to death following their clients’ requests without thinking about the future wellbeing of those clients. Any action we take is like a balance with your fate on one scale and the fate of the one who you want to get killed with the help of a magic ritual on the other one
    (votes: 75, rating: 4.63)
  • Effects of a professional spell for luck - Spell Caster Maxim
    Effects of a professional spell for luck. All kinds of people, from peasants to the world’s greatest minds, have been and are still attempting to find some algorithms to attract good luck
    (votes: 48, rating: 4.66)
  • How to prepare for casting spells magic on your own - Spell Caster Maxim
    Preparation for any ritual requires at least a couple of weeks. You need this time to understand how our reality works, how energies interact within it, why magic sometimes produces a desired effect and sometimes not, turning into a magic kickback.
    (votes: 53, rating: 4.61)
  • How to order the best magic spells online and choose the best magical shop  - Spell Caster Maxim
    Many people want to know what will happen if they order magic spells online, and wonder if maybe it’s better to work with the spell caster in person. The answer to this question is simple: you can order magic spells online just like you buy amulets and talisman from the online magical shop that you like.
    (votes: 45, rating: 4.66)
  • Using a spell for weight loss to do good and to do evil  - Spell Caster Maxim
    Before telling you about the spell for weight loss, I want to warn all those who want to cast it on their own in order to lose weight. Remember, if something goes wrong, your weight loss spell will turn into a weight loss curse that will cause you a lot of suffering. It’s like having AIDS or anorexia! It will affect your health to a great extent
    (votes: 69, rating: 4.56)
  • Why a real magic spell may fail to help you  - Spell Caster Maxim
    Today, I’m going to tell you why a real magic spell may fail to help you, even if it’s cast by a real spell caster with a broad experience. Hopefully, having read this article, you will no longer ask yourself why a real spell has failed to help you and what needs to be done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
    (votes: 45, rating: 4.66)
  • Why people are afraid of real white magic  - Spell Caster Maxim
    You would be surprised to learn how many people are afraid of using real white magic. My experience shows that this fear is so great that many people prefer black magic rituals, even though they know how dangerous black magic kickbacks are for their health, psyche and karma, and they are deaf to my persuasion and articles that I publish on my website
    (votes: 49, rating: 4.63)
  • White magic protection against any magic or witchcraft trouble!  - Spell Caster Maxim
    The protection provided by black magic rituals differs from white magic protection greatly. Yes, black magic rituals can protect you, but this protection is possible due to some evil being that gets into your subtle bodies. When someone tries to cast a spell on you, this creature devours the energies attacking you, without you noticing it
    (votes: 55, rating: 4.59)
  • Which spell binding is the best for you? - Spell Caster Maxim
    The simplest binding spell is cast when you truly love the one who you want to cast a love spell on, while this person likes you too, but is afraid of starting a romantic relationship with you. Influencing this person, the spell caster removes his (her) self-consciousness and fears, giving him (her) the confidence he (she) needs to take the first step towards the one who really loves him (her). 
    (votes: 84, rating: 4.68)
  • A professional magic test for anyone who wants to cast the most powerful spell - Spell Caster Maxim
    The test I’m offering you here will let you understand if you have a gift for magic that will allow you to cast the most powerful spell on your own, as well as find out whether your actions will or will not trigger magic kickback that will harm you and the people around you, turning your powerful magic spell into a curse.
    (votes: 47, rating: 4.6)
  • 12 signs indicating that magic and spells are being used against you - Spell Caster Maxim
    12 signs indicating that magic and spells are being used against you. The best way to find out if someone’s using magic and spells against you is to let me diagnose you. My super-accurate
    (votes: 95, rating: 4.5)
  • Strong magic spells. Questions from the readers of my website - Spell Caster Maxim
    Strong magic spells. Questions from the readers of my website. Question: I just don’t believe that strong magiс spells actually exist. For me, it’s easier to believe that when someone orders
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • All professional secrets of white magic  - Spell Caster Maxim
    As an experienced spell caster, I can offer you a range of white magic spells to influence any aspect of your life and bring positive changes into it, except white magic curses which, as you already know, don’t even exist. If you need money, I will find some white magic spells to make you rich.
    (votes: 49, rating: 4.68)
  • Do you want to get rich? Order a spell for prosperity from a professional spell caster!!! - Spell Caster Maxim
    There are a lot of reviews on the Internet, posted by people who ordered a spell for prosperity but nothing good came out of it. All these people make the same mistake
    (votes: 47, rating: 4.65)
  • Saving your life after being cast a revenge curse on - Spell Caster Maxim
    With today’s accessibility of magic and its rapid development, no one is secured against the revenge curse. And you don’t have be a bad person, do evil and escape punishment for that. Moreover, even if you live a pious life, are friendly, treat people with care and respect, someone can still cast a black revenge hex on you any time, turning your life into hell.

    (votes: 48, rating: 4.68)
  • Where to find a good spellcaster and avoid fraud? - Spell Caster Maxim
    Every time I look through websites and forums posting spell caster reviews, I understand how little people know about where to find a good spellcaster today. For some reason, everyone’s very careful and cautious while selecting a dentist or a housekeeper, but when it comes to looking for the best spell caster, people get as naïve as kids and let frauds of all kinds make a fool of themselves.
    (votes: 59, rating: 4.6)
  • What is the right way for casting a black magic removal spell? - Spell Caster Maxim
    If you think you need to cast a black magic remove spell and start looking for someone to do this for you on the Internet, you will find hundreds of websites offering services of professional spell casters. As a rule, that’s the only service most of them offer. They specialize in removing black magic, because in their opinion narrow specialization arouses more trust.
    (votes: 49, rating: 4.61)
  • Truth about a black magic death spell from a professional spell caster  - Spell Caster Maxim
    A black magic hex is a perfect crime because it always kills its victims differently. Those who know what black magic revenge is (who have performed such a ritual) are never afraid of being prosecuted. Their victims’ death always looks natural.
    (votes: 68, rating: 4.59)
  • Everything you need to know about a break up a relationship spell - Spell Caster Maxim
    Often I receive questions from people who would like to use a break up a relationship spell but for some reason are afraid to order it from me. Since it happens rather often, I post this article where I have collected most popular fears connected with a breakup couple spell. 
    (votes: 96, rating: 4.57)
  • How to make a voodoo doll to practice real voodoo magic - Spell Caster Maxim
    To be honest, even though it’s real voodoo magic, it’s still starting at the beginning.  That’s why let’s not be in a hurry. If you want to master voodoo magic, you should understand that after that you will have to live your life accordingly. Before performing any ritual, make sure you know it well. Once it yields first results, move on to another ritual.
    (votes: 81, rating: 4.55)
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