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Esoteric Services Terms and Conditions

1 To use my esoteric services, you are required to be 21 years old or older. 

2 To order a spell or buy magic items from my online store, you can contact me via email or Skype (in English). I provide consultation via Skype or phone only in Russian.

3 I provide esoteric and magic services in two ways. If you want, you can be present during the ritual or I can perform the required ritual remotely. If that’s the case, I may ask you to provide your photos, a photo of your body part, or some karmic information (name and date of birth).

You should take into consideration the fact that we live in a unified information space. That’s why for better results, you need to have magic keys that are magic pentagrams or pentacles or amulets. I personally select and cast spells over the keys, your requirements taken into consideration. If needed, I can send your keys by mail. Magiс keys and their delivery are included in the price. Normally, I use Russian Post, but at your request I can use another postal service, provided you pay for the price difference.

Also, you can order my amulets, talismans, pentacles, pentagrams and other artifacts without ordering my esoteric services.

Magic items which are offered at the “Occult Store” section of my website.

* Note, that certain magic items and artifacts can’t be sent by mail. They must be picked up personally by the owner. For example, I can’t declare dead water which has been used to wash a dead man’s body (it’s used for casting curses, hexes and other negative programs). Moreover, in some countries mailing dead water is prohibited.

4 I choose a spell to cast on each magic item, amulet, talisman, pentagram and pentacle individually, based on each particular client. Casting a spell may take me 1 to 

7 days. That’s what makes my amulets so valuable and effective. Or, as an option, you can use this money to buy a bunch of useless accessories and plastic “money frogs.”

5 The price of my services depends on the energy, time and efforts I apply. Usually, I require a 100% prepayment. However, on some occasions, when a curse to be cast is very complicated, such as a death curse, I require a 50% prepayment.

6 The total price for my services includes the price of the materials (30-50%) and my fee (50-70%) for taking the risk of, for instance, falling ill since negative energies can cause illnesses, or being punished, because if the curse I cast is removed, instead of your enemy I will be the one to be punished; for my time and efforts applied.

7 A properly cast spell can’t cost less than $200. That is my minimum price.

8 An order is considered executed after a photo report is sent to the client’s email. Also, you can order a video report of the ritual (for an extra payment; discussed individually).

9 You have to understand that sometimes I have to refuse to provide my services. It happens when your energies don’t quite fit or you are younger than 21 years old or you ask me to cast a spell which is unrealizable: I can’t turn you into a mermaid, make you invisible, change your sex or call up a dragon. You have to be able to distinguish the reality from myths and fairy tales. 

10 Your religion, race, sexual orientation and location are not important when it comes to magic.

11 My clients often ask me when to expect the results of a spell. Natural cycles play a very important role in magic and spell casting. You can’t give birth to a baby within 2 months, if it takes 9 months. That’s why I can’t promise you that a spell will yield results the following day after its casting if I know it won’t. So, choosing a spell caster, pay attention to what he promises you. Besides, different people have different auras and chakras, that’s why everything is very individual. A spell caster is just unable to give you a firm date. The same spell makes the wish of one person come true within a week, but another – within months. It is what it is. Those who promise too much are mere liars. Well, usually I advice people to stick to the moon cycle (about 28 days).

 12 Some people have super-powers they don’t know of, and a very powerful energy. So if you want to practice magic on your own, you can try to cast some of the spells posted in the “Book of Spells” section. Those spells are rather easy to cast. Just make sure you follow the basic laws of magic and nature.

13 I don’t teach magic and I don’t reply to the emails sent by novices. However, they may find some of the articles posted on my website pretty helpful.

14 To cast a spell successfully, make sure you observe the following laws and egregores:

a) The law of thoughts

A spell caster is a transmitter of thoughts. You have to have only positive thoughts about your spell caster and his work. You have to forget your fears and phobias. It’s not you, but the spell caster who takes all the risks.

b) The law of belief

You will be given your due for your belief. You have to believe in the power of the spell cast by a spell caster. Your belief can make it stronger. The thoughts and actions of the spell caster and his client have to be aimed at achieving the goal.

c) The law of the materialization of thoughts

Your positive attitude is a guarantee of success. Your doubts may prevent your dream from coming true. Thoughts can materialize. That’s why it is important to think about your situation as if you have already achieved what you want or are about to achieve it.

d) The law of the energy balance

Money is a powerful energy mover. Paying for a spell is one of the things which prove your intentions to change your life or solve a certain problem. If you don’t pay with money, you will be forced to pay with your health or luck.

e) The law of secrecy

You can’t tell other people (including your friends, parents, co-workers) about the spell ordered until your goal is achieved. Secrecy is one of the rules of the “magic pyramid.” I would advise you to not tell others about using magic at all, except when you use magic to remove a curse, hex or another negative program from yourself.

15 I guarantee:

Full confidentiality of your story, your name and other relevant information.

Professional execution of all orders.

Your family’s and friends’ perfect safety.

Quick dispatch of all the items you purchase from my occult store. 

16 The spell caster has to have a pure soul and light karma regardless of the type of magic he practices, black or white. Aside from the laws of magic, I observe the laws of the society and judicial laws. I sincerely believe in magic, the power of my spells and Higher Powers. However, following the law, I have to tell you that my website has been created for fun and all magic items offered at my occult store are sold because of their aesthetic features.