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  • Nowadays, love magic is as popular as health and prosperity magic. We all want to be happy, aren’t we? But without a partner in this life who understands us completely, as well as harmonious
    (votes: 85, rating: 4.5)
  • True love spells that work require no haste. Imagine that a woman, who has been dreaming of love for many years but has been single, finally meets a man she wants to be with.
    (votes: 77, rating: 4.51)
  • Spellcaster Maxim’s conversation with his readers about his strong love spell on
    A question from one of the readers of
    “Is it true that a love spell can have
    (votes: 55, rating: 4.59)
  • 09.02.2020
    It is not very difficult and even quite safe to perform voodoo love spell rituals, provided you learn them using my website titled “Spellcaster Maxim”. I cannot guarantee your safety though if you use any other websites, including those run by professional magic practitioners, because different people (and magic practitioners are no exception) have different moral values.
    (votes: 6, rating: 3.83)
  • 08.02.2020
    Let me warn you that many real ancient magic spells look quite exotic, so casting them may be quite challenging for people living in big cities. However, my readers often ask me how to cast an ancient spell for love. This is what I, spellcaster Maxim, will tell you about today.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 27.09.2019
    What you do not know when you order lost love spells
    First and foremost, you do not know that lost love spells can be different depending on who casts them, bringing completely different results. I am not taking about lost love spells cast at home by amateurish magic practitioners.
    (votes: 3, rating: 3.56)
  • 26.09.2019
    To cast this witchcraft spell for love, you need some honey. It is important that it comes from a local farm where it is 100% natural containing the most pure energies of nature. You can buy it at a farmer’s market. You should use a special container for it which needs to be prepared in advance.
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 04.08.2019
    However, easy love spells are such a vast subject that no article can cover it all. First of all, the same love spells work differently for different people. Secondly, there are no love spells which can be used in all situations. Below are some of the most popular love spells
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 30.07.2019
    In case you want to get a quick idea of what these spells are without doing any research and wasting your time, I would like to begin with saying that almost all magic spells are Pagan. The word “Pagan” refers to someone who lived in a certain region before the religion that is currently dominating in that region prevailed.
    (votes: 3, rating: 3.56)
  • 28.07.2019
    People are quite persistent. They never cease searching and never get tired of learning. So people are able to master any skill, including magic. Even though this will not help you become a professional magic practitioner, when you master spells to reunite lovers, you will have a great opportunity to change your fate, specifically to get lost love back and to restore your relationships with the people you really care about.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.68)
  • 28.07.2019
    To begin with, there are two groups of spell casters. The first group includes real spell casters who know how to use magic to get the results they want. The second group is an army of liars who are now everywhere on the Internet.
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 15.07.2019
    The notion of “love spells that are proven to work” is quite questionable, as it depends on where the information about the spell proven to work is taken from. If you find it on some forums, you will rely on the opinion of the people who have already used love spells and are willing to share their experience with others.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.62)
  • 14.07.2019
    I suggest that you read this article to find out about the dangers associated with love spells and obsession love spells which are black magic. Read it to find out if your chosen method of practicing magic or the sorcerer you are going to work with threatens your future happiness.
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 13.07.2019
    today we will move from theory to practice. I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you about the art of powerful love spell casting which you can master as well, as the spells I am going to talk to you about are surprisingly simple and safe.
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 12.07.2019

    If you expect to learn how to cast black magic love spells with photos, I, spellcaster Maxim, have to disappoint you. No professional magic practitioner will ever teach you how to do it. But do not worry. In this article you will still find some good tips about how to master love magic. So be patient and keep reading.

    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 10.07.2019
    My readers ask me a lot of questions about binding spells, such as what binding spells and rituals are, how to cast binding love spells, why some spells are good binding spells and they work while others fail, why people fail to cast love spells at home, what love is if it can be controlled with magic. Today I, spellcaster Maxim, will try to answer these questions and probably more.
    (votes: 3, rating: 3.56)
  • 25.06.2019
    The other day one of the readers of my website Spellcaster Maxim asked me again (probably for a hundredth time this year) how to death curse voodoo someone. I did not reply to him because, as a professional spellcaster, I have too many clients I have to take care of that I do not have time to talk to each reader. Nevertheless, I have to answer this question, because otherwise everyone who tries to use real killing spell voodoo is sure to fail and will probably end up badly in general.
    (votes: 6, rating: 3.7)
  • 16.03.2019
    A same sex love spell is one of the most complex spells to cast because you do to not work with completely different yet perfectly compatible energies like it happens with traditional love spells. Rather, you work with two similar energy systems which, as you know, always repel each other. It is the same thing that happens to magnets.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 12.03.2019
    If you try to find someone offering gay love spells for men, in a couple of hours you will realize that no one is doing this kind of magic. Most sorcerers claim same-sex love is unnatural citing different religions texts to prove their point that gay spells are non-existent. I disagree with it. Magic is strong enough to create same-sex love too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with people falling in love with someone of the same sex.
    (votes: 6, rating: 3.83)
  • 26.02.2019
    All voodoo spells to make someone love you work in a similar manner.  Sometimes they make the person, whom we shall call “the target”, experience some negative emotions, unless you are around. For example, with real African voodoo love spells, the sorcerer can make a person feel sad and empty on the inside – those feelings which are especially strong in young people.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 24.02.2019
    Voodoo spells about revenge are among the most powerful spells available to black magic sorcerers today. Unlike other cures, they do not impact any areas of your life directly. For example, they cannot take away your good luck or health nor do they try to find a weak spot in your energies to slowly destroy them. When a magic practitioner casts, let us say, a revenge spell voodoo using picture, he is asking Hell or some demon spotted in our world for help.
    (votes: 9, rating: 4.01)
  • 17.02.2019
    Unlike any other science or art, magiс can make your dreams come true. Since people have dreams which can make others happy or, on the contrary, unhappy, magic split into two branches, black and white. With death at their core, spells to stop pregnancy are black magic spells. Even though it is the death of a yet unborn baby, it is still a death, and such spells will never be white magic – the kind of magic that nourishes life, love and happiness.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 12.02.2019
    True love spells are quite easy spells and they can be cast at home. At the same time, women are better at casting such spells than men. It does not mean, however, that women at better at practicing magic in general. On the contrary, the world’s most powerful spell casters are mostly men. This has to do with the difference between the male and the female psyche.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 11.02.2019
    Break up spells to do at home are quite easy to cast. But before I tell you about the rituals, let me specify what kind of relationship I am talking about. I am talking about the relationship which does not make you happy anymore, which you are tired of, and which you are too scared to end either because you do not want to upset your partner who still loves you or because you are afraid of ending up feeling lonely.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 21.01.2019
    It is quite easy for people having the power of inner vision to spot a single and lonely person in the crowd. When you can see energies as something you can touch, you see a dark fog around every single person with dark lightning strikes in it. There is nothing unusual in it because most single people feel lonely and are unhappy because of it.
    (votes: 15, rating: 4.25)
  • 19.01.2019
    Biologists claim (we should make it clear before we discuss love spells that work fast) love is an instinct. It is an evolutionary byproduct of the need to reproduce. For this reason, according to biologists, we are attracted not to something widely advertised, but something totally different.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • 17.01.2019
    Tip 1. If you want to have someone put a love spell on a man, try to find a male spellcaster. Energy similarity allows male magic practitioners to achieve greater results....
    (votes: 4, rating: 3.66)
  • 16.11.2018
    Unrequited love is far from the best ways to take revenge, especially if it involves love spell works. Such rituals are fueled by the energy of love. Without love, your love, the ritual will not work. Yet energies do not disappear into nowhere. They need a target and sooner or later they find it, even if it requires transformation of a love spell into a curse landing not on the target but on you.
    (votes: 6, rating: 3.83)
  • 14.11.2018
    I, spellcaster Maxim, chose to title this article “Voodoo marriage spells if it is your last chance” for a reason. If you take a deeper look into the heart of voodoo spells, you will see that voodoo marriage spells are not the best way to get a happy love or family life. Since I have been practicing very powerful and effective love magic for more than a decade, I know voodoo very well and in my professional opinion voodoo spells should be the last to consider.
    (votes: 10, rating: 4.06)
  • 09.10.2018
    Without having complete and verified information, we can feel like outcasts. Do you know why the Internet is more popular than any of the other inventions of the modern era? Because millions of people who always considered themselves to be odd loners who did not fit in with society suddenly realized they were not alone. They learned about thousands of people just like them living all around the world. They realized they were not odd. They were just unlucky to work or live with people who were unable to understand them. This understanding is slowly coming to them thanks to the Internet.
    (votes: 11, rating: 4.06)
  • 17.09.2018
    A question from a reader:
    “My son is handsome young man. He’s quite popular. Any girl would be happy to be his girlfriend. As a mother, I want him to date pretty girls. My son’s had four girls so far and all of them have been… how to say it… less attractive than he is. I don’t think it’s an accident. "
    (votes: 14, rating: 4.22)
  • 17.09.2018
    To begin with, let us find out if you have at least some magic abilities to cast a spell to break up a couple fast by means of one simple test. This test consists of ten questions and all of them are very important allowing one to determine the level of one’s magical abilities. So please be honest and realistic answering them. Believe me, in most cases it is better not to cast voodoo spells at all and I will surely explain to you why. So, let us do this test.
    (votes: 14, rating: 4.18)
  • 12.09.2018
    True love is already magic. It transforms us allowing us to reach the highest possible levels. It changes the world around filling it with joy, light, and kindness. It changes the person we love too, as we share our energy with this person, whether we want it or not. When these energies are uncontrollable, this person is still elated, even though less than we are. But if we cast a simple true love spell, this person falls in love with us. It happens because our love gives us magic powers.
    (votes: 17, rating: 4.23)
  • 12.09.2018
    Never cast love spells if you are angry or disappointed. Negative energy cannot feed love. Jealousy, suspiciousness, dishonesty, infidelity, and lies destroy it. If you want to cast spells for yourself at home, you need to have a special mindset. Without it, you are likely to fail. Thus, a woman with the right mindset can cast a simple spell to reveal your true love on a guy successfully simply by saying the text of the spell.
    (votes: 11, rating: 4.11)
  • 10.09.2018
    Perhaps you are not familiar with the fact that lovemagic varies. We have been taught this attitude to evaluate things only by such characteristics as quality, price and timelines by life. When we need to get a computer repaired, we just want it to work as good as before. When we call a plumber, we ask him to do everything it takes to fix the leaky kitchen valve.
    (votes: 12, rating: 4.15)
  • 09.09.2018
    Many women ask me, spellcaster Maxim, as one of the leading magic practitioners in the world, to cast break up spells that work on their husbands who are cheating on them. Before I agree, I ask them, “Are you sure your husband is cheating on you?” Do you know what most women reply? “I don’t have proof but I can feel that he’s sleeping with another woman.”
    (votes: 12, rating: 4.15)
  • 09.09.2018
    Speaking of voodoo love spells to do at home, the easiest way is to use a photograph of the person you are in love with, as well as a pair of scissors, some glue, a printer, and the Internet. You will need the Internet to find some pictures for a collage. You will need to use your imagination and glue different pictures to a drawing paper sheet representing your happy future the way you see it.
    (votes: 12, rating: 4.15)
  • 09.09.2018
    I, spellcaster Maxim, have been telling you about various love spells for several years now. I have posted dozens of articles and hundreds of rituals and I even wrote a book to help beginning magic practitioners improve their skills faster and in a safe manner. Today I want to post several letters of my readers who cast love spells in full compliance with my guidelines.
    (votes: 15, rating: 4.17)
  • 07.09.2018
    You have a love affair with a married man. He says he loves you and claims he does not love his wife. Or perhaps the woman you love is in a relationship because the guy is rich, but deep inside you know she loves you. Well, it is time to ask yourself, “Do break up spells really work?” They do, allowing you to free your loved one from a relationship that does not make him or her happy. Free your loved one for good. But remember that you cannot use break up spells to influence any person you wish. There is a list of restrictions in magic.
    (votes: 14, rating: 4.22)
  • Today I want to talk to you about love spells that work in 24 hours. To be more precise, I will try to explain to you why this kind of magic almost always fails.
    (votes: 21, rating: 4.3)

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