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Top-of-the-line money good luck charms

Top-of-the-line money good luck charms

Top-of-the-line money good luck charms - Spell Caster Maxim

$ 1250

Money good luck charms – What are they?

What is a money charm? Money charms and talismans have been used for centuries. In ancient times those who were not born into a rich family used money magic charms as their only chance to get rich. After breaking their natural bonds with true magic, people have stopped using magic talismans and are now relying on popular enrichment methods and psychology.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of courses and life couches promising to teach people how to get rich, the number of rich people has not changed. Without magic, it is quite difficult to change your subtle bodies and your conscious mind to be able to control money energy, attracting and transforming it properly.

We apply quite primitive methods even to our physical body. To become faster and grow muscle mass, we use performance-enhancing drugs which often lead to an early death. To sleep less and work more, we drink tons of coffee or use other stimulants paying for it with our heart and blood vessel health. To see better, we wear glasses; to calculate faster, we use PCs. Without these means, our body is helpless.

When it comes to improving our energy bodies, we do not even know where to start. Our energies are still a mystery, even though magic practitioners have already found the answers to the following questions:

- How to get smarter;

- How to get prettier;

- How to get more talented;

- How to get healthier;

- How to get popular;

- How to become successful;


Magic practitioners (only the most talented and powerful of them) create powerful money charms which literally attract wealth to their masters. They create rare but real money charms which can introduce you to the world of luxury and help you earn enough to provide for your spouse, children and grandchildren.

I, spellcaster Maxim, am one of such magic practitioners and you can place your order for my money spells and charms to get rich. Your dream to spend thousands of dollars on fun and your hobbies will soon come true. Magic – I will never get tired of saying it – can work amazing wonders which are beyond logic and understanding.

I help all people, so anyone can buy one of my best money charms and start earning more money or become a very rich person. Nothing is keeping you from it. If something is, I will take care of it using my spells.

Charms for money – Types of money charms

Money bag charms work better for people who are better at saving money than earning it. Such charms help you get rich by spending as little as possible. In fact, you can save money without using any charms at all. However, a good luck charm will help you feel safer and not give up.

Just remember that this enrichment method has some flaws. Thus, every time you spend money on something other than what you actually need to meet your daily needs (such as on fun, a new car, clothes, etc.), there is a break in saving. It is like your charm loses its power and then restores it and starts helping you again. Therefore, I would suggest not spending anything as long as possible. The effects of a money charm bag can be described with the following geometric progression: the longer you save without spending anything, the more often you get a chance to save more.

A money charm bracelet – It is a designed for people who deal with a lot of money on a regular basis, such as store owners or salespersons. Every time you touch bills or coins, you activate the magic which sends a signal to money energies and connects you to these energies. As you know, the money energies you attract eventually transform into real money.

Since magic was created to influence real things and objects, such as bills and coins, such bracelets barely detect bank card transactions and ATMs. So if you work with virtual money, a cash money charm is unlikely to help you.

Instant money charms – They are designed to solve money problems fast. Such charms help attract money for urgent purchases and repay one’s debts. They are also very good if you need money to pay your medical bills.

Despite being very effective and easy to use, they are not good for people who want to get very rich. Instant money charms are used for additional support. When used together with a powerful amulet, they take care of your insignificant daily needs which do not require a lot of money, allowing the amulet to focus on the bigger picture.

A Wiccan money charm – The most useless of all products created with the use of magic. Well, I, spellcaster Maxim, just realized I had made a mistake. Wicca is not magic and it will never be magic. If you want to get rich, Wiccan charms should be your last choice. The only people who can make money from them are those selling them.

A money tree lucky charm – Such charms are quite rare. They are perfect for people who understand that they cannot get rich fast or people who have just started getting rich. Money trees come in different sizes and shapes but they all work in the same way. As you take care of your tree and it develops its magical abilities, the bonds between you and money energies get stronger. Having chosen this charm, always remember that you should follow all the instructions for its proper handling which you will find out about from the seller. Otherwise, your money tree will be unhelpful.

Simple money charms – It is pretty clear from their name that such charms are not specifically very effective. They offer very little help and it happens quite rarely. Usually their help comes as some pleasant surprise. For example, you can find some money in one of the pockets of your very old jeans, or on the street, or your bank may offer you some bonuses for being one of their best and most loyal clients. I cannot say such charms are useless. Yet they are not powerful enough for people who want bigger changes in life, even though the frequency of nice surprises will grow along with the power of your simple money charm.

Black magic money charms – They are very powerful but dangerous magic products because they need dark energy to work. So to get rich with such charms, you should hurt and create problems for other people, like stock market speculators willing to drive entire companies to bankruptcy if it is going to benefit them or companies producing counterfeit drug products.

Such charms are also risky because they can make you or your family members suffer. I have met many people who had to give their physical and mental health in exchange for money or lost their families for an opportunity to get rich.

When you use the most powerful money charms created with black magic, the so called fatal ending is possible. For example, you spend many years making money and when you finally think you have achieved your goal and you are rich, you suddenly lose everything: you learn that you have cancer, you get in a fatal car accident, or fall for a scam and end up being broke. So such charms should be used only by people who can control them and manage their effects.

Voodoo money charms – They are great for people with the heart of a warrior. Such artifacts are great if you are dealing with aggressive competition or are trying to enter a market which is already crowded with competitors. With such charms, you should not be afraid of anyone. They will absorb the pure energy of their strength, process it, and use it to your advantage.

A money frog charm – It is one the most ancient money amulets in the world. It is also known as the Chinese flog which makes sense because it originated in China. Today there are hundreds of thousands of money frogs in the world which is actually very bad. Since too many people are now trying to get the ergeror which is in control of all charms for money to help them, the egregor is torn between them and it is impossible to make everyone rich. However, the egregor can make sure that at least you do not live in poverty. Those who have been poor for a very long time can find this help sufficient to feel much happier.

Other Chinese money charms – Unfortunately, they are not very effective. They were designed for people who were hoping to overcome poverty and become middle class. If that is your dream, go ahead and buy one of such charms. But if you want more, consider some more powerful money amulets and talismans.

Voodoo money bag charms – These are charms which are supposed to be filled with money and objects of power. You are not allowed to buy anything with the the bills you put in your bag charm. If you take out even one bill, the charm will lose its magical properties. So along with actual bills, fill it with pictures of the things you want to buy but cannot afford at the moment. For example, use a picture of some fancy car you are dreaming of inside your charm and after a while you will have enough money to buy this car.

Money charms – How do they work?

The effects of money good luck charms vary but their ultimate goal is always to make their master rich.

They can enhance your energies – it happens when your current energy is not enough for you to achieve success;

They destroy energy knots – which is the case when you cannot get rich because you have some insecurities;

They improve karma – it works great for people who cannot get rich due to some karma limitations;

They cut off your old ties – some people cannot get rich because one of their relatives is destined to be poor;

They cure energy diseases – these are the diseases caused by, for example, poverty curses;

They strengthen your mental body – in which case the master transforms into a financial genius;

They improve your social skills – great for people whose work demands being in close contact with people (coworkers, employees, customers, fans);

They improve your appearance – works for public figures and ordinary people;

They call your guardian angel for help – when you cannot handle your problems by yourself, your guardian angel can help you with it;

They attract good luck – it is perfect for gamblers or people whose success depends on just a single meeting.

Not very skilled magic practitioners make money lucky charms which possess only one of the above listed qualities. I, spellcaster Maxim, work in a different way. I know that people tend to change and the kind of help they will need in a few years is different from the kind of help they need now. Besides, you cannot describe a person’s life with just one rule. So to get rich, you need a talisman which can help you in different ways depending on the circumstances.

This does not exclude the fact that your charm for money needs to be customized. Amulet customization is not mandatory. However, it leads to a significant improvement in the final results.

I would like to add something which I never forget to mention in my money charm articles:

Magical money artifacts work only for people who are willing to work too,

For people who keep moving forward towards their goal of getting a lot of money.

If you are a carrier who did not go to college and you are not going to and you are not trying to grow your own business after work, it is highly unlikely that you will become a millionaire in a few years. You cannot expect to start making millions without doing anything for it. Well, magic can work wonders and you can marry a millionaire or win the lottery, but the chances are so small that they can be ignored.

To make your money luck charms to work, you need to:

1. Figure out how you can get rich and pursue this path;

2. Believe in yourself;

3. Believe in success;

4. Determine your goal;

5. Keep moving forward;

6. Interact with your money talisman on a daily basis.

Note that if you want to get rich not through hard work, out-of-the-box thinking and talents, you should choose a different kind of magic products, specifically amulets to inherit a fortune, poker and casino amulets, amulets to marry a rich person, etc. Money charms spells work only for those who are willing to work hard. So buy such an amulet only if you count only on yourself and do not expect anyone else’s help.

Money lucky charms – Handling instructions

No money lucky charm starts working immediately. Consider it a natural gift, a talent to make money. Is it clear now why you cannot rush it? Any talent needs to be developed. No matter what talent you have, you should love it, take care of it, and feed it with your energy. When you are only beginning to work with your money attracting charms, you should supply it with four types of energy:

- The energy of your hard work – you take action pursuing your goal;

- The energy of communication – you interact with your charm by talking to it and thinking about it;

- The energy of your faith – you believe your charm will lead you to success;

- The energy of your joy – celebrate any minor improvement in your financial situation.

These energies will make your money ritual charm stronger. It will attract more and more money energy and eventually start transforming it into real money. As a result, your savings will grow day by day.

Interestingly, there are no limits in terms of the amount of money you can get. When my clients want charm money and I give them my money charm, I will never say anything like, “It’ll help you make $100,000” or “It’ll bring you half a million dollars”. I will never specify any amounts which are believed to be enough for a person to be happy. The law of magic dictates a different reality. Thus, it gives you exactly as much as you want. But you are not getting it for nothing. You get it in return for your energy of hard work which is eventually transformed in cash. Since the conversion is managed by money charms that work, the following rates apply:

Within the first days – 1 part of the energy of your hard work to 0.5 part of money energy;

In a few months – 1:1;

In a few more months – 1:10.

And so on. This is why money charms work wonders in the long run – you do the same amount of work as others but make hundreds or thousands times as much. Yet it does not happen immediately. To grow a tree from a seed, you need to take good care of it and water it. You put effort and spend a lot of your time to raise your child to be a good person. The same approach should be applied to develop the magical abilities of your magic talisman or amulet. Do not rush it. Do not expect more from it than it can give you at the moment. Be patient and wait to not ruin your prospects of becoming a wealthy person. This is how you can get very rich at some point, like all those customers before you who bought one of my money charms.

Money bag charms – Questions and answers


“Should I learn how to do money charms and make as many charms as I want instead of buying ready-made ones?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Great idea! You should go for it after you learn how to assemble a PC, a cell phone, a car, and new furniture for your apartment. Of course, I am being sarcastic. But as a professional spellcaster, I have a right to be sarcastic about things like that. It is very funny when people think it is easy to do magic. For your information, it took me more than 20 years to learn how to produce high-quality magic charms, amulets and talismans.

Joking aside, it is very dangerous to learn how to charm money spiritually. You can turn the reality away from your goal and instead of moving towards it, you will end up getting further and further away from it losing everything you have.


“There are so many different amulets and talismans that I’m lost. I don’t know which one to choose. Would you help me pick a good one?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You made the right choice when you wrote to me and asked me to help you with choosing a good amulet. I will examine you to determine the condition of your energies, karma and your future to offer you a money charm meeting your specific needs.

“I don’t believe a money tree charm or any other charm can make me rich. What’s the catch?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I have been working as a professional spellcaster for dozens of years and none of my clients has ever complained that my products and services had some catch. As for the first part of your question, let me say that: No, you will not get rich so easily. The charm will need to change your energies first transforming them into those of a millionaire. It will need to change your life path too because not all roads lead to big money. Besides (see above), you will need to establish good contact with your charm. This is all time and energy-consuming. But if you stay strong and do not give up, eventually you will be rewarded.

Note: You must have been not very attentive while reading this article. Otherwise, you would know that one cannot attract a lot of money with just a money tree.


“Should I wait for a while before making a purchase after I’ve made up my mind to get a money attraction charm?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Why? If you have made up your mind, contact me as soon as possible. Note that I need some time too in order to examine your fate and your energies. It will also take some time before I produce and customize your charm. So the sooner you reach out to me, the sooner you will get your charm and start making more money. So do not waste any more time and take action now for your dreams to start coming true as soon as possible.

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