White magic

  • How to prepare for casting spells magic on your own
    Preparation for any ritual requires at least a couple of weeks. You need this time to understand how our reality works, how energies interact within it, why magic sometimes produces a desired effect and sometimes not, turning into a magic kickback.
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  • Why people are afraid of real white magic
    You would be surprised to learn how many people are afraid of using real white magic. My experience shows that this fear is so great that many people prefer black magic rituals, even though they know how dangerous black magic kickbacks are for their health, psyche and karma, and they are deaf to my persuasion and articles that I publish on my website
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  • White magic protection against any magic or witchcraft trouble!
    The protection provided by black magic rituals differs from white magic protection greatly. Yes, black magic rituals can protect you, but this protection is possible due to some evil being that gets into your subtle bodies. When someone tries to cast a spell on you, this creature devours the energies attacking you, without you noticing it
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  • All professional secrets of white magic
    As an experienced spell caster, I can offer you a range of white magic spells to influence any aspect of your life and bring positive changes into it, except white magic curses which, as you already know, don’t even exist. If you need money, I will find some white magic spells to make you rich.
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    That’s what I myself started studying magic with. But before you do anything, take a sheet of paper and for one week write down why you want to study magic on one side, while on the other side write down why you think you shouldn’t study magic. A week later, read what you’ve written. 
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    Also, white and black magic spells address different forces, while their rituals require different tools. In addition, white and black magic have a different influence on people. Thus, casting a white magic spell, the spell caster addresses God and saints, while black magic spells address directly demons.
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    People have many dreams. Some of us dream of going to the seaside, buying an apartment or a car. Others want to have a good job or a promotion. However, wishes don’t come true unless you work hard or are in luck’s way. Is there a way for you to make your wish come true sooner?
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