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Candle Magic

  • Candles have been used in magic for centuries. The first candle rituals were performed at about the same time candles came into general use. Candles have several functions. They protect the magic practitioner against the influence and attacks of evil entities living in astral worlds.
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  • How to cast a white or red candle love spell correctly. Before telling you about the red candle love spell and white candle spell, I would like to stress the fact that not all candles can  
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  • Candle magic implies using new candles. Candles which were lit even once or used as part of the décor for a long time (even without lighting) can’t be used for candle magic spells.
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  • Candle colors for spells


    Physical strength, health, energy. Used in rituals aimed at sex drive and passion, love and marriage. Has a positive effect on fertility, courage, will power.
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  • Use of altars in rituals with candles. You can make an altar of a table where sacred and ritual objects are placed and rituals themselves are held at. You can put your altar anywhere
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  • Candle Fire Interpretation. Every time you light a candle, you can interpret its flame, smoke, and melted wax. Here’s a simple but reliable method: mark the candle’s right side with a “yes”
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  • How to make candles for spells. To make candles for spells, buy cotton threads or ready wicks (in the church). Wax can be bought from people selling honey. You will also need some aroma oils
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  • It is quite difficult for beginning spellcasters to cast a targeted break up candle spell on a couple to break them up. If you want to use this ritual to divorce your wife or husband you no longer love, you might succeed. However, if you want to cast a break up candle spell on another couple, the spell will backfire and hit your relationship or those of your family members.
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  • White candle love spells are traditionally very popular all around the world. White candles represent the purity of intentions, love, dream to be happy, and are also very powerful magic items. They are so powerful that they can reveal the true intentions of the person using them in their rituals. If there is true love, the candle flame is bright and still.
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