• 12 signs indicating that magic and spells are being used against you

    12 signs indicating that magic and spells are being used against you

    The best way to find out if someone’s using magic and spells against you is to let me diagnose you. My super-accurate magic diagnostics will answer your question that is whether magic real is or is not being used against you. If it is, I will immediately start cleaning your energies, as well as will create a reliable magic shield to protect you. If it turns out no magic spells have been cast on you, you will be able to sigh with relief and stop being too hypochondriac.
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  • Strong magic spells. Questions from the readers of my website

    Strong magic spells. Questions from the readers of my website

    Question: I just don’t believe that strong magiс spells actually exist. For me, it’s easier to believe that when someone orders a strong spell, he just starts to believe in himself and doesn’t notice the obstacles in his way, rather than in magic.
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  •  Arabic magic spells and Islamic talismans

    Arabic magic spells and Islamic talismans

    Perhaps, the main different between Islamic white magic and other kinds of magic is the fact that Islamic white magic is the only magic which has always been going shoulder to shoulder with the main religion of all Arabs that is Islam. As well as the fact that Arab spell casters believe their magic can’t be black or white. In their opinion, everything they do has been ordered by and is under the control of Allah.
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    Traditionally, major world religions’ attitude towards other religious trends is rather hostile. They are attributed to destructive cults or sects. The magic of Wicca is no exception. It is considered a neo-pagan witchcraft religion. However, Wicca has no particular ritual system, sacred texts and authoritative governing body regulating its followers. Besides, it is allowed to address to God or Goddess using different names.
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  • Spell caster Maxim: Questions About Magic

    Spell caster Maxim: Questions About Magic

    The word “magic” makes millions of people tremble. What can you do with the help of magic? Kill, cure, make one give up drinking or smoking… Spell caster Maxim, there is one question left. Can magic make a person live a full life?
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  • Spider Magic

    Spider Magic

    One way or another, spiders are associated with fears and phobias. Well-known esoteric spell caster Maxim disproves these stereotypes. According to Maxim, in the past, spiders were believed to have positive qualities. A spider is an ancient symbol. Spinning a web means creation. A spider symbolized happiness in Ancient Egypt and antique Rome. It was a holder of the threads of life for the
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    Practical magic has been used since primeval times.  People always feared the supernatural and believed in the power of nature and the soul. Many myths people used to believe in have been discredited by science which explained most phenomena scientifically. Yet practical magic is still very popular and many people believe in miracles and go to witches for their magical drinks and spells. Why? Why do people prefer practical magic to medicine, science and psychologists?
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    Fire magic gives us peace, harmony and optimism. But seeing something on fire gives us fear and despair. A lot of rituals and spells are connected with fire. As the legend runs, fire came to people in the form of lightnings or lava streams coming out of the earth. Also, according to this legend, different religions have different stories about the fight between gods and animals and that of people for fire. Fire has always been worshipped. Preserving fire was a sacred duty of all men.
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    All people are subject to water magic. Water has been a long mystery to the humanity and there are still certain questions regarding water and its properties answers to which haven’t been found yet.
    Watching water relieves stress and relaxes people. Why? No scientific research ever discovered substances which could produce such effect.
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    Properties of a multicellular structure change when it’s placed inside a man’s biofield. A regular egg is an example of such structures.
    Eggs and people have similar structure. Illnesses affect the cells of a man’s body – it’s called denaturation of proteins. The egg yolk contains 16% of proteins and 32% of fat and water, while the white contains 90% of water and 10% of proteins.
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    Motherly magic is the strongest and most effective means for neutralization of negative energy. A mother has a lifelong connection with her children, while her image is an important part (emotionally) of each man’s life and fate.
    Mother’s blessing
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    Our physical world consists of natural elements: fire, water, earth and metal. All objects consists of different combinations of these elements. Fire, water, earth and metal cause changes in both the physical and the spiritual world. They give us energy, impact our character and to some extent help us be successful. Energy is associated with magic. If you learn how to control these elements, you will be able to control your powers and the spirits of nature.
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    For many years, menstrual blood and sperm have been used by magicians and sorcerers in various magical rituals (not always black magic ones). Below is what Paul Sedir tells us about peoples’ attitude towards genitals in his Gender Magic.
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  • Indian Magic

    Indian Magic

    There are few peoples in the world which preserved their traditions and have been living according to them for centuries.
    One of the countries where old traditions are venerated is India.
    Astrology and Magic in India
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  • Egyptian magic

    Egyptian magic

    Egyptian magic originated in the pre-dynastic era and laid down the foundations of religion. It existed in two forms. On the one hand, it was used for the benefit of the alive and dead, but on the other hand it was used for arcane rites to do harm to the people it was aimed at.
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    Types and purpose of Latin spells

    Why Latin spells become popular again

    Why to avoid Latin spells with no phonetic transcription

    Authentic or fake Latin spells?

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