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Order lost love spells to be happy

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What you do not know when you order lost love spells

First and foremost, you do not know that lost love spells can be different depending on who casts them, bringing completely different results. I am not taking about lost love spells cast at home by amateurish magic practitioners. I, spellcaster Maxim, am talking about spell-casting techniques used by modern professional magic practitioners. Despite their great variety, basically there are only two major categories of love spells:

- White magic return lost love spells;

- Black magic lost love spells.

lost love spellsLet us talk about how white magic love spells work. When a sorcerer or a witch casts one, they initiate changes in the chakras causing energy changes in the people involved. For example, you want to be loved by someone who is looking for a partner who is easy-going, funny, sexy, loyal and kind. Let us assume you believe you are kind enough and a loyal person too. Your magic practitioner examines you and confirms you are right. But in terms of everything else, you are not right for this person. In this case a spell for love to return is cast, implementing the necessary changes in your chakras boosting your sex appeal, sense of humor, and your ability to communicate and interact with others.

As a result, you become a perfect match for your loved one and he comes back loving you even more than before. I should note that white magic love spells do not force people into loving anyone. They just make sure people focus on the right aspects and make the right choices and decisions.

Knowing how to bring back lost lover in black magic, it is safe to say that they work in a different way. There are several types of black magic love spells. Some spells put people in a state of slight insanity making them “obsessed with her”. This is also similar to being possessed by a demon and causes irreparable damage to the victims’ mental health. Other black magic love spells block the target’s chakras so their only chance to replenish their energies to stay alive is to take them from the person they think they love. This is pretty tough for both the partners. On the one hand, the target is constantly sick or depressed for lacking vital energy. On the other hand, the other partner, the energy donor, feels exhausted too for having to share their energy with the partner.

There is another type of black magic spells for lost love to return. Such spells cause a demonic possession. Some demon or a spirit serving the black spellcaster casting the spell takes possession of the target’s body turning them into a puppet doing everything the puppeteer wants. Your partner feels bad but he keeps coming back to you. He is not happy but he makes love to you over and over again. He does not love you but says he does.

When I tell you about things like that I, spellcaster Maxim, always ask the same question, “Now that you know all that, which love spell would you prefer, a black magic or a white magic one?” Surprisingly, the answers are always different. People familiar with energies who worry about their karma always choose white magic love spells for lost love, while selfish, arrogant, ego-driven people who can feel no empathy for other people’s needs and pain choose black magic love spells to get lost love back.

Different methods to cast a get lost love back spell

lost love spells

People have different ideas as to what a get lost love back spell is and when they need to be used. I have come across three types of people who asked me for such a spell. Many people miss their ex-partners and the relationship they had. It is quite difficult to work with them because both the partners need to be given a new reason to love each other. 

When this happens, simple lost love spells are critical. To make two people fall in love with each other again, first of all, the magic practitioner needs to understand what partner each one is looking for. Secondly, he needs to transform both into that perfect partner. Otherwise, mutual love is impossible.

The second type of clients is people who were in love before but their love faded and they want to feel it again. For example, a wife who lives with her husband who really loves her and she used to love him too, so she feels very bad and sorry for not loving her husband anymore. In this case a love spell for lost lover is needed. The so called blind love spell can be put as well, but such spells create low-quality relationships. It is much better to make a person fall in love with the partner over again. To make it happen, the spellcaster makes the partner a better person, while untying the energy knots in the other partner and removing all the emotional and mental waste accumulated over the years which, by the way, all of us have.

A third group of client are those selfish people. They have never loved. The reason why they are unhappy is that the person who once loved them no longer wants to take care of them and support them, both emotionally and financially. Such people are those who usually prefer a black magic love spell for lost love. However, usually I offer them another option. Here is what I say to them:

- You were once loved;

- You did not bother to make the person who loved you happy in return;

- That is why this person stopped loving you;

- But you can get this person back;

- I can make you fall in love with this person;

- Your love will make your ex-partner want to come back to you;

- Of course, loving someone is hard…

- But this is what can ultimately make you happy.

Everything you see above is not just a speech divided in sentences. It is the best algorithm to get love back. Always start with yourself. The best love spells are those impacting not the person you love but you. I have already told you about it in my article titled “Bring back lost love spell

But since different people have different opinions about relationships and are willing to undertake different levels of responsibility, I have to cast completely different love spells to achieve the same goal of getting lost love back. As a professional spellcaster, I am equally good at both, white magic return of lost love spells and black magic love spells.

On the one hand, it helps me fulfill the requests of all my clients. On the other hand, it allows me to offer each client a number of spells to choose from. Luckily, their choice is never blind. I am honest with my clients regarding the effects of each spell, including their possible circumstances, even though I can prevent them from happening while also protecting the client with one of my powerful amulets or talismans.

How to get back lost love

ritual to get back lost loveQuestion:

“how to get back lost love using some spells at home?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There are two ways to get back lost love. The first one is to understand what you did wrong, when you stopped keeping up with your partner – mentally, physically or spiritually – that he fell in love with another woman. When you know it, change yourself accordingly to become the person he is attracted to. The other option is for you to become the person you were when he fell in love with you. It can be quite difficult to do though. If you are 40 now and your ex-husband fell in love with you when you were 19, professional magic help is needed for sure.


“How do lost love spells work when put on a clothing item forgotten by the ex-partner?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There is another good ancient love spell. When your loved one forgot something while leaving you, you can use it to put a love spell on him. Sleep with this thing for three nights in a row. Besides, you should sleep naked. On the fourth day sew your clothing item with red or white threads or tie it to it (if it is some personal hygiene product or jewelry). Hide it and wait, remembering that this love spell starts working as soon as 12 hours after casting.


“How to cast a love spell to get lost love back using some melted wax?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There is no such lost lover love spell. At least I do not know any spells with this name. As a rule, melted wax is used either to seal something (such as a box with pictures or an envelope with some magic text) or for very accurate fortune-telling. To tell fortunes with melted wax, take a yellow candle, put it in a metal bowl and melt it. Take the fuse out and pour the wax into cold water. The wax is then studied for interpretation. Below are some of the most common predictions:

- Drops – mean tears;

- Flat circles – money;

- Lumps – everything is going to be okay;

- Long and thin stripes – your wish will not come true any time soon;

- Circles – long awaited pregnancy.

And so on and so forth.


“I missed the young moon by accident but want to cast a retrieve lost love spell. Now the moon’s waning. Can I cast my spell as an exception?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Such exceptions must not be made in magic. Every more or less experienced spellcaster knows it. The day the ritual is performed is very important for all spells. All textbooks about magic suggest beginning spellcasters learn patience in the first place. Sometimes you have to wait for months for the right day to cast a spell. On rare occasions, it can extend to years. As for you, you only need to wait until the end on the lunar month. I believe you can wait, as otherwise getting your partner back is almost impossible.

Lost love spells that work


“According to many mystical texts, people have a free will. If that is so, how come people can influence other people using lost love spells that work? How come a sorcerer can control people with spells making them do what they don’t want to do?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If we talk about white magic lost love spells that work, nobody will make you do anything. The magic will transform the client into a perfect match for you, but you will still have a choice to fall in love with this person and be together or not. As for the black magic lost love spell, it is different. In this case you are forced into loving someone and you cannot do anything about it. The worst thing is that you cannot fight it because you do not want to.

As you might now, not all people can be influenced with black magic. Thus, black magic practitioners can put their spells successfully only on:

- Those who have given up and are going with the flow;

- Those who are used to follow other people’s orders and please others;

- Those who prefer dreaming over actually doing something to get what they want;

- Those who have done enough evil to deserve to be punished for it by falling victim to black magic.

Live your life according to the Universal laws and the rules of the Earth, bear responsibility for your life, do not let other people control you and never give up, stay pure mentally, emotionally and physically, and black magic will not be able to harm you. Otherwise, chances are high you will yield to it. In this case, however, do not think it is a punishment but take it as a lesson to learn to never be the person you were before.


“As far as I understand, it’s better to put black magic spells on people radiating darker energies and white magic spells on people with light energy. Am I right?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Exactly. However, you should always remember that a white magic practitioner will use bring lost love back spells also to try to make the person radiating dark energy better, while a black magic sorcerer can literally attack the one radiating light energy and test this person using his black spells.


“Which spell lasts longer, black or white?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Of course it is the white spell. When love spells return lost lover, you can feed them with the energy of your love and caring, while the black spell wears out as soon as it runs out of the powers put into it.


“What causes those unpleasant consequences following spells to get lost love back by black magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Imagine you catch someone and put this person on a rubber hose. Even if this person is completely under your control, he will still subconsciously try to break free. As a result, this person will be getting more and more distant. The hose will keep stretching until it breaks one day hitting you. This is how black magic consequences are triggered.


“Do you have some good recipes of lost love magic spells by white magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Please watch the video available on this page.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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