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  • What is a spell?

    How to cast a spell successfully

    Objects which help you concentrate

    Calmness spell
    (votes: 58, rating: 4.42)
  • To begin with, I would like to tell you what I personally think about online spell casting. Well, I think it is a good method and I use it a lot myself. About 90% of those hundreds of spells that I cast every month are online spells.
    (votes: 3, rating: 3.56)
  • The teaching of reiki.
    At some point, people start asking themselves questions like “What is the point of this life?” or “How to achieve harmony, stop making mistakes and just enjoy life?” to later understand that no spiritual or scientific teaching can answer these questions.
    (votes: 36, rating: 4.59)
  • Making a wish come true through visualization. It’s a proven fact that thoughts can materialize. A wish is a thought and a thought is energy. If you learn how to control energy
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.57)
  • Spellcaster Maxim. 10 useful hints how to become a spell caster. Spellcaster Maxim: My recommendations and advice to people who want to embark on the path of magic and help people.
    (votes: 39, rating: 4.56)
  • Can you treat with the help of magic? Test. Some overconfident and ambitious people think they can treat other people and themselves with magic. Belief is a strong energy source which can
    (votes: 41, rating: 4.57)
  • True spells. Today, in the era of computer technology and innovation, people still use the centuries-old experience and knowledge of their ancestors. Thus, black and white magic spells are
    (votes: 37, rating: 4.6)
  • Magic & spells. Up till now, in the era of computer technology and innovation, magic and spells have been helping people cope with difficult situations. The centuries-old know is still
    (votes: 37, rating: 4.6)
  • Magical spell. Our ancestors’ centuries-old experience and knowledge is still used by people. Trying to solve a problem, that can’t solved, by casting ancient magical spells is increasingly
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.57)
  • Witch spells are among the most powerful spells in magic. It’s not only about the specific character of the words and tokens which are used in these spells, but also about who created them
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.57)
  • How to cast a Voodoo spell. Voodoo dolls are widely used in magic. The magiс of Voodoo dolls is very powerful, so people should be very careful using them.
    (votes: 44, rating: 4.52)
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