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  • Relationship Psychology vs Love Spells. Just a hundred years ago a woman or man in one-sided love knew they had two options: put up with the fact that their beloved would never love them
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.58)
  • Magiс Lessons. Do you need psychology in love magic? Neophytes believe that to become a spellcaster, you need to make up a fancy name, put on some weird clothes, and then find some spells
    (votes: 44, rating: 4.56)
  • 7 Steps Towards Your Dream. Psychology of Happiness. So, there are a bunch of potential partners who can make you happy. Right now, some of you may be thinking, “Whoa, I could choose any
    (votes: 37, rating: 4.6)
  • 7 Steps Towards Your Dream. Psychology of Happiness “… She raised her head, looked into his deep blue eyes shining with love, and whispered shyly, ‘Are you really?...’ ‘Hell, yeah! I love
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.61)
  • How to tell a boy about your feelings. Do you have a crash on a boy and want him to know about your feelings? You should tell him about it, but do it the right way.  Otherwise, he may get
    (votes: 37, rating: 4.6)
  • Men break up with their girlfriends. How to get your boyfriend back? Girls are ready to do whatever it takes to get a boyfriend back, including casting a love spell. Desperate, they make
    (votes: 37, rating: 4.6)
  • Psychology and black magic. I believe you already know that I’m quite skeptical about psychologists, especially those trying to remove a hex or curse and claiming this is in fact
    (votes: 39, rating: 4.56)
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