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Learning how to cast an easy voodoo love spell

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How to perform voodoo love spell rituals

voodoo love spell ritualsIt is not very difficult and even quite safe to perform voodoo love spell rituals, provided you learn them using my website titled “Spellcaster Maxim”. I cannot guarantee your safety though if you use any other websites, including those run by professional magic practitioners, because different people (and magic practitioners are no exception) have different moral values. For example, some sorcerers do their best to make sure their readers are safe. This is what I do, for example. Others believe mistakes and pain are essential for becoming a true sorcerer, so they do not mind publishing ritual descriptions which are sure to get people in trouble.

My today’s article is a continuation of our earlier conversation about love voodoo magic. We started it with an article titled “voodoo love magic is the best way to attract love”. 

Speaking of voodoo magic, let me remind you that the easiest voodoo love spell is cast using a special voodoo bag which you may have heard of. There are three ways to cast this love spell using this magic accessory. The first ritual is performed as follows. Put your picture and that of the person you love into the bag and every evening open it up a little and whisper your spell. You can say anything you want, as long as it is about your love, your dream to get back together. You can ask Higher Powers to make the person you are putting your love spell on love you back.

The second ritual is performed without saying any words. You should also use your picture and that of your loved one to cast this voodoo spell to make anyone love you. However, this time not full pictures are needed. Cut the heads out and put them into a gris gris bag. Then put three flowers inside – daisy, forget-me-not, and tulip. Then put two wedding rings into the bag purchased specifically for this ritual. Do not open the bag for two weeks. After that take out the rings, pictures and flowers . Examine the flowers carefully. If they are dry but their color and shape are almost the same, put them back carefully. It is a sign that your love spell is working and the target will fall in love with you. If the flowers are dark, damaged or have some mold on them, burn them along with the pictures, while the rings should be re-melted. Leave the metal on the street with high pedestrian traffic. Hopefully, someone will see it and pick it up. You failed to cast a voodoo spell of love properly, so you should stop and never try to cast spells again.

The third ritual is performed two weeks before your birthday. Put some hairs of your loved one, a piece of one of his or her old items of clothing, and three new coins. To cast this voodoo spell love say the following words over the bag,

“You get coins, I get love. My birthday is soon. I know you’re preparing gifts for me. I’m not asking you for anything though. I’m not waiting for any guests. I want to see only one person, my love (say his name). I want him to bring me just one gift – his love. I don’t need anything else. I’m not asking you for anything else.”

Then wait. The voodoo love spell described above is quite powerful and should start working within a week. If it happens, keep your word and celebrate your birthday with the person you love. If you do it, a very strong sexual and mental connection will be formed between you. To break it, some powerful breakup spell will be needed. If it does not work, do not worry and contact me and I will put an effective love spell on the person you love.

Casting a love spell with voodoo doll

voodoo love spellcastersIf you want to perform a powerful ritual, try this love spell with voodoo doll. Some voodoo rituals which are performed at home can be more effective than those cast by African shamans. It is quite easy to work with a voodoo doll. You make a doll to play the role of one of the energy bodies of the target. You perform some actions which change the way the person’s energy bodies operate, along with this person’s desires, feelings and thoughts. You hide the doll remembering that the spell will keep working for as long as the doll is safe and stays with you.

You may think the following information is not related to the voodoo love spell that works but I, spellcaster Maxim, believe that it is very important so I cannot help sharing it. This doll can be used to influence your ethereal body which is responsible for your looks. If you think you are single because you are overweight or not sexy, make a wax voodoo doll to represent you. Attach some of your hairs to the doll’s head. If you want, cut your face out of a picture and attach it to the doll’s face.

The key is to make a doll that looks like you. While making a doll, do not ignore your flaws and make sure the doll reflects them as well. When the doll is ready, perform the following ritual every evening. If you are overweight, nip off small pieces to lose the weight you think you need to lose, making sure there are no scratches or dents left. Keep doing it until the doll gets the body you want to have. You will lose weight along with the doll and get the body of your dream.

With a voodoo doll, you can also:

- Straighten your bow legs;

- Make your waist smaller;

- Improve your posture;

- Enlarge your breasts;

- Make your hips wider;

- Make your butt rounder.

And so on and so forth. The key is to have enough material. So when you make your voodoo doll, save some wax to use it for building the body of your dream. Your ethereal body will be changing along with the doll causing corresponding changes in your physical body.

You can use a voodoo doll to put a voodoo love spell on a woman. Make a doll, wrap it in a piece of some item of clothing belonging to the woman you love, and attach some of her hairs to the doll’s head. If possible, steal her favorite lipstick and perfume. Apply some lipstick to the doll’s lips and some perfume to the doll’s neck. Now you can put a voodoo love spell on a woman you love but never dated before, or one of the voodoo love spells for ex girlfriend if you have dated the target before.

Take five of your pictures. Attach your hair to the back of one picture, your nails to the back of another picture, apply some sperm to the back of the third picture, some saliva to the back of the fourth picture, and attach a piece of an item of your clothing that is old and warn to the last picture. Now glue the pictures together to make what should look like a house consisting of:

- Floor – one picture;

- Walls – two pictures;

- Roof – two pictures.

Put the house in a safe place and put your voodoo doll representing the woman you love inside the house. Every evening put and light a candle near the house. Do not leave until it burns down. In seven days (provided you have been lighting and burning one candle every day) the woman will find herself being attracted to you. Do not miss this opportunity to start dating her because such voodoo love spells with doll may not be recast. Do your best to win her heart. If she falls in love with you, her feelings for you will stay strong for a year and a half.

Unfortunately, this is the best you can get using voodoo at home. If you need a longer relationship, contact me. I, spellcaster Maxim, will make your wish come true with my voodoo love spells. London, Vancouver, New York… no matter where you live, I will make you happy.

Reviews on voodoo love spells

love spell with voodoo dollQuestion:

“Why are there more negative and angry reviews on voodoo love spells than positive ones?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Because first of all, many of those who call themselves voodoo shamans are con men. Secondly, voodoo spells often have a lot of negative consequences for both, the client and the target of voodoo magic. Those who have been hurt are usually more willing to write reviews which are obviously negative.


“I’ve read many voodoo love spell reviews and many girls and women claim their relationships lack romance and caring. Does it have to do with the quality of the magic services provided or the type of magic used?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Voodoo love magic is rather peculiar in terms of the results it brings. People do not feel love as it is. Voodoo turns people into robots acting according to a specific program. This love mode implies extreme neediness and faithfulness. At the same time, the people will hardly be gentle or romantic. Real and pure love is possible only with white magic love spells which I, in case you forgot, am very good at. White love magic is my specialty.


“In my voodoo love spell experience, such spells don’t work. What do you think?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Of course you are right. But you are right about the fact that the spells cast by you do not work, for you do not have enough powers, skills and knowledge to cast them. Your lack of these things is what is causing your failures. Any other person who tries to cast the love spell described in this article will succeed and you will not. Luckily, you can always contact a professional magic practitioner to see it for yourself that magic works and it works wonders.


“Why isn’t it allowed to cast a voodoo magic love spell in a foreign language?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Because you do not know what messages are contained in foreign spells. What if it says the spell caster is willing to sell his soul or a part of his energy to the devil? What if it contains your consent to give your happiness, health, wealth, or ability to have children in exchange for love? Make sure you understand every sentence of the spell you are going to cast. Do not compromise when it is about your happiness, your life and your future.


“Do you know any quick voodoo love spells?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

The fastest voodoo spells are voodoo doll spells. If you do everything right, you can expect first results as soon as in just one day. But do not rush into casting such spells. They are also the most dangerous. It is quite difficult to predict their results, karma and other effects.


“Can I cast voodoo love spells with photo which was taken a few years ago?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Some sorcerers believe it does not matter when the photograph was taken. In fact, rituals with more recent pictures are statistically more effective. A photo shows the person the moment this person was when the photo was taken. As time goes by, people change and so do their energies, while the energies in the picture remain unchanged. This is why it is more difficult to get good results with older pictures than with newer ones.


“Should love voodoo spells, just like all black magic spells, be cast when there’s a waning moon?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

For many rituals the time is irrelevant. However, knowing that a waxing moon enhances the power of love magic, it is better to follow the lunar calendar and follow an old rule that all love spells should be cast on a waxing moon and rarely on a full moon.


“How to cast a voodoo love witchcraft spell on a handkerchief?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Please watch the following video describing this handkerchief ritual in detail. On my YouTube channel you can also find many other rituals which can be useful to you. Do not forget to subscribe to and bookmark my website called Spellcaster Maxim.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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