• Life After Death

    Life After Death

    Life after death –  is there life after death? We ask ourselves this question every time someone we know dies. Current scientific researches no longer reject unfairly many metaphysical propositions which came to us from different religions and centuries of observation. We come across many publications proving groundlessness of materialistic conceptions of the past. As medicine develops and more people come back to life after being clinically dead, there are more testimony confirming the existence of the underworld, life after death or, if you like, life after life.
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  • Where “Flying Dutchmen” Come From

    Where “Flying Dutchmen” Come From

    Old marine stories have references to ships in the open sea which crew and passengers are either all dead (died instantly) or missing. Usually it looks like they were running away from the ship in panic (urgent launch of lifeboats and unfinished loading of necessary provisions).
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  • Higher Powers

    Higher Powers

    Today nobody gets surprised hearing about Higher Powers. Almost everybody believes in their existence. Higher Powers tend to appear when you least expect it, and help in a way you can’t predict. They bring both good and bad news. Higher Powers emerge in our life due to religions, magicians and shamans who try to interact with them. They try to be an intermediary between Higher Powers and people.
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  • Work on Karma

    Work on Karma

    The word “Karma” originated from Sanskrit and means action. The notion of karma is closely connected with our life. It can be found in philosophy, esotericism and popular magic. Nowadays, many people are ashamed of speaking about it as they deny influence of Higher Powers.
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  • Mysticism. What Is It?

    Mysticism. What Is It?

    You all know what this word means, so I want to share with you my thoughts about the unknown.
    What is mysticism, a plus or a minus? If it’s a plus, then how should one use it?
    These questions aroused a while ago, maybe in a different form, but the answer came in a mystical way – it just crossed my mind.
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  • Reality-Changing DREAMS (the story of a letter)

    Reality-Changing DREAMS (the story of a letter)

    What is a dream and why do some of them break into our reality, changing it and disturbing its calmness? They say that a dream is a little death for the one sleeping. The person falls asleep in one reality and wakes up in another, with new information waiting for him. The only “but” is that we are not always ready for the changes in life and moreover death the dream is foreshadowing…
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  • Mermaid (ch. 1)

    Mermaid (ch. 1)

    There are different spells which can turn you into a mermaid and endow you with her abilities. How real are those spells? Is there really a way to become a mermaid?
    Mermaids are real magicians. They rule the water and air elements and are able to breathe underwater. As some legends state, they can even turn into other beings.
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  • Mermaid (ch. 2)

    Mermaid (ch. 2)

    The Middle Ages
    Actually, in those areas, people had encounters with mermaids quite often.  This is what British Navy Captain Richard Whitbourne wrote in his book, “Now also I will not omit to relate something of a strange creature which I first saw here in the year 1610. In the morning early, as I was standing by the river side in the harbour of St. John’s, in Newfoundland, a surprising creature came very swiftly swimming towards me, looking cheerfully in my face; it was like a woman by the face, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, neck and forehead;
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