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Casting a witchcraft spell for love at home

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Casting a witchcraft spell for love on sweets

To cast this witchcraft spell for love, you need some honey. It is important that it comes from a local farm where it is 100% natural containing the most pure energies of nature. You can buy it at a farmer’s market. You should use a special container for it which needs to be prepared in advance.

Buy a leak-proof container and wash it thrice. Then fill it with some pure water and put a silver object or some silver jewelry without any gems into it and leave it there for three days. This is how you make a container you can use for witchcraft for love. But this is not all. After that, wipe the container thoroughly, put your picture into it, and close it. Do not take the picture out for one day. In one day take the picture out and buy some honey.

Casting a witchcraft spell for loveWhen you buy the honey, go home, open the container, and submerge your picture into the honey. Make sure the honey covers all of it and the picture is not wrinkled or rolled up. Note that this spell of love witchcraft should not be put on people with diabetes. Use reasonable caution or you will harm yourself and the person you love.

Close the container and bring it outside (put it on the windowsill or somewhere in the backyard). Keep it in the sun until a white crust is formed. It is what you will need to use in your spell. Take a piece with a silver spoon and make a drink using the following ingredients:

- 200 milliliters of water;

- 1 teaspoon of honey;

- 3 aniseeds;

- 3 clove seeds;

- 1 tablespoon of whiskey or cognac;

- 1 pinch of salt.

Mix it up and allow it to steep for 14 hours. Then filter it using a clean butter cloth. If you want this love witchcraft spell to also be a sex spell, filter the beverage using your underwear. When it is ready (it is ready right after filtering), let the man drink it. It will make him fall in love with you. His feelings for you will depend on how much you love and want him. If you do not love him at all, he may want to be sexually attracted to you but never have any real feelings for you.

Witchcraft love spells really work even if you are not in love with the target only if cast by a professional magic practitioner like I am. As a rule, such love spells engage black magic which is very dangerous and should not be used by sorcerers and witches lacking skills and experience.

The above love spell can be cast 24 times. If it still does not work, throw the remaining honey out, along with everything else you used in your ritual, such as:

- The mugs and glasses you served your love potion in;

- The spoons you used to scoop the honey;

- The material you used for filtering the drink.

After that (I, spellcaster Maxim, am telling you what to do if your witchcraft love spells for beginners fail to work) wait for two weeks. Then contact a professional magic practitioner who, unlike you, will achieve much better results with this or any other spell.

Modern witchcraft love spells

Modern witchcraft love spellsNothing is standing still in this world. Magic, like any other area of activity, is evolving too. This is how modern witchcraft love spells appeared which I want to tell you about in this part of my article.

All rituals involving photographs are modern ones. However, some of them are 60 to 100 years old, so maybe modern does not really fit in here. Modern witchcraft love spells are surely love spells cast with the use of a tablet or a cellphone. Such love spells can be used only if you have never cheated on your loved one. Cheating is considered anything sexual you had with a third party after you fell in love with the person you want to put your love spell on. Obviously, it also includes any sexual intercourses you had during a temporary separation (for example, after a fight).

If you have cheated (making out is cheating too!), do not try to cast witchcraft spells to make someone love you. The problem is you have created a very tight and strong karmic knot which can be untied only by a powerful spellcaster. If you try to do it by yourself, it will only make it worse. As you understand, this will not end well and your loved one will become even more distant.

Love spells of witchcraft are cast with a tablet as follows. Wait until you are home alone. Light a candle, take it in your hand and walk around the apartment turning the light off in every room. If you are afraid of the dark, this spell is not for you and you should look into other rituals which are performed with the light on or during the day. Some of such rituals are described on my website called Spellcaster Maxim.

When the light is off, come up to a table, drip some wax onto it and install the candle, making sure it will not tilt or fall, as well as that its flame is bright and steady. Take your tablet and open the folder with the pictures of your loved one (create it in advance if you do not have one). Below are some photo requirements:

1. They were taken not more than 7 months ago;

2. They have not been edited or filtered;

3. Your loved one looks natural in the photos;

4. There are no other people in the photos;

5. There are no pets in the photos;

6. They were taken during the day;

7. No flashlight was used;

8. These can be the pictures taken by you or copied by you from social media.

Open the folder with the pictures and start scrolling through them. Put your other hand on your chest where your heart is. If you know a prayer about love, say it slowly. If you do not, learn it before casting these witchcraft love spells that work. I, spellcaster Maxim, will not teach you any prayers because they are different in different religions. So find one by yourself. Finding a love prayer is easy. Just try to say it and listen to your heart. It if seems to make your heart warm, it is right for you, so go ahead and use it in your ritual.

When your hand that is pressed against your heart feels warm or filled with light (different people feel it differently), touch the photo of your loved one with it. Then close this photo and open another one. Your folder should contain at least 12 pictures of your loved one and every single one should be warmed with your hand.

When the ritual is finished, do not turn your tablet off but open your messenger and write to your loved one. These witch love spells really work if the message sent is very sincere. If you want, you can even tell this person about your feelings. If you are putting your love spell on someone you have dated before, apologize and ask him to come back.

The target should respond in about 12 hours. He may call you or text you or even pay a visit to you. It does not matter what he replies. The key is to get his response, whatever it is. It means the spell is working and you need to cast it two more times to get the best results possible. This is how witch love spells really work.

Witchcraft love spells candles are used in

Witchcraft love spells candlesSpeaking about the most powerful witchcraft love spells, candles are generally mandatory. These are not regular candles but special ones. I will not tell you about any specific love spell because you can use any spell described on my website. So instead I want to tell you about how candles are prepared for love spells.

If you want to cast easy witchcraft love spells to make your loved one sexually attracted to you, take a shower and then brush your bikini area with a new hair brush. Remove the hairs left on the brush and put them on the table. Now you need:

- A white candle (if you have not been married);

- A red candle (if you are currently married);

- A blue candle (if you are divorced);

- A purple candle (if you are a widow);

- A yellow candle (if you are putting this love spell on your lover).

Put the candle out in the sun to make it softer without losing its shape. When it is soft enough, start rolling it on the table over the hairs. All of the hairs need to stick to the candle. Then let the candle harden. Now it can be used for sex spells.

To make a spell of witchcraft of love stronger, take three candles and warm them up. If you use magic candles, they are made of natural wax which becomes soft when warmed up. Squeeze these three candles at the bottom and start twisting them together to make one thick spiral-like candle. With this candle every simple spell can turn out very powerful.

To create a candle to cast spells of love magic witchcraft to get married, buy two wedding rings – one should be a men’s wedding ring and the other should be a women’s wedding ring. Pass a red ribbon through them and attach it to the candle making sure the rings do not touch the table when the candle is in a vertical position. Now perform the ritual. You should hurry or the fire will damage the ribbon. If it happens, the spell will be broken and you will miss your chance to get married to the man of your dream.

Before using the candles, read my article about 12 rules for casting a witchcraft spell to make someone love you

to cast your spells at the best of your ability.

Questions about black witchcraft love spells and other questions to spellcater Maxim


“Why are there no articles about black witchcraft love spells which can be cast by your readers?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Because I believe such rituals should never be cast by beginning magic practitioners. I strongly believe black magic should only be used by professional spellcasters and I know for sure many sorcerers and witches agree with me. Magic experts are aware about the dangers associated with black magic love spells and they will never teach you anything that can ultimately hurt you.


“What witchcraft spells for true love are the best?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

They are spells which you believe can help you. If you find a spell, read about it, and if know for sure it is what you need, this spell will be the best for you. Just listen to your heart and follow your intuition, a compass pointing you towards your happiness and unhappiness, as they never lie.


“I believe I’m in love with three men at the same time. Don’t think I’m crazy… I’m just confused because I don’t know which one to choose. But I know I have to make this choice. Do you have any advice for me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

There is one old and proven fortune-telling method I would like to tell you about. Take three pictures of the men you think you love and attach them to the edges of a big bowl using some melted wax. Pour some melted water into the bowl. To this end, go to a lake or a river, get some ice, bring it home, and let it melt. Then put a nut shell on the water and then put a needle into the nutshell. It should be like a boat for you to watch which way it goes. When it stops, see which of the men the needle is pointing to. This man will make you the happiest.

This is how witches used to choose whom to cast their witchcraft strong love spells on.


“Do you have a witchcraft powerful love spell that can be put on single men?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

I do. They are described on my website. If you have not seen them for some reason, please watch the following video that is just about one of such spells.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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