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  • Do you need to know astrology to put a love spell?


    According to my astrological chart, I and the girl I like are almost fully compatible. I want to put a love spell on her.

    (votes: 48, rating: 4.56)
  • Love astrology or how different zodiacal signs respond to love spells. Different zodiacal signs respond to love magic differently. Some turn into zombies or get sick, while for others it
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
  • Astrology and black magic. Astrological safety tips. When I, spellcaster Maxim, began learning magic, I was surprised that many treatises and books by the greatest spellcasters advised
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.61)
  • Spell caster Maxim: Astrological Spell

    An astrological spell for women from spell caster Maxim or how to attach a man knowing his zodiacal sign.

    So, below are a few important rules on how to
    (votes: 40, rating: 4.63)
  • Every girl wants to marry a guy who will love and respect her, who will earn a lot, and whose children will be like little angels, beautiful and
    (votes: 41, rating: 4.63)
  • Zodiacal sings and love problems. Almost all people know how painful it is to break up with one’s partner – the person who you loved or, at least, seemed to love. After a while, we usually
    (votes: 39, rating: 4.6)
  • Which zodiacal signs are the easiest to influence with a love spell. We acquire our basic personality traits the moment we are born, along with our ability to develop or suppress them.
    (votes: 38, rating: 4.61)
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