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Black magic

Black Magic - Rituals of death, curses, black revenge spells and other negative programs

  • Curse of death as one of the most dangerous black magic rituals - Spell Caster Maxim
    Unexperienced or remorseless spell casters curse someone to death following their clients’ requests without thinking about the future wellbeing of those clients. Any action we take is like a balance with your fate on one scale and the fate of the one who you want to get killed with the help of a magic ritual on the other one
    (votes: 75, rating: 4.63)
  • Using a spell for weight loss to do good and to do evil  - Spell Caster Maxim
    Before telling you about the spell for weight loss, I want to warn all those who want to cast it on their own in order to lose weight. Remember, if something goes wrong, your weight loss spell will turn into a weight loss curse that will cause you a lot of suffering. It’s like having AIDS or anorexia! It will affect your health to a great extent
    (votes: 69, rating: 4.56)
  • Saving your life after being cast a revenge curse on - Spell Caster Maxim
    With today’s accessibility of magic and its rapid development, no one is secured against the revenge curse. And you don’t have be a bad person, do evil and escape punishment for that. Moreover, even if you live a pious life, are friendly, treat people with care and respect, someone can still cast a black revenge hex on you any time, turning your life into hell.

    (votes: 48, rating: 4.68)
  • What is the right way for casting a black magic removal spell? - Spell Caster Maxim
    If you think you need to cast a black magic remove spell and start looking for someone to do this for you on the Internet, you will find hundreds of websites offering services of professional spell casters. As a rule, that’s the only service most of them offer. They specialize in removing black magic, because in their opinion narrow specialization arouses more trust.
    (votes: 49, rating: 4.61)
  • Truth about a black magic death spell from a professional spell caster  - Spell Caster Maxim
    A black magic hex is a perfect crime because it always kills its victims differently. Those who know what black magic revenge is (who have performed such a ritual) are never afraid of being prosecuted. Their victims’ death always looks natural.
    (votes: 68, rating: 4.59)
  • How to make a voodoo doll to practice real voodoo magic - Spell Caster Maxim
    To be honest, even though it’s real voodoo magic, it’s still starting at the beginning.  That’s why let’s not be in a hurry. If you want to master voodoo magic, you should understand that after that you will have to live your life accordingly. Before performing any ritual, make sure you know it well. Once it yields first results, move on to another ritual.
    (votes: 81, rating: 4.55)
  • What can an abortion curse do to you?  - Spell Caster Maxim
    What can an abortion curse do to you?  An abortion curse is used by professional spell casters and black sorcerers to cause a miscarriage. An abortion hex is ordered by men and women
    (votes: 52, rating: 4.67)
  • BLACK MAGIC – LOVE SPELL - Spell Caster Maxim
    Indifference of your beloved one makes you suffer. You start thinking of casting a love spell which is way more effective than your natural charm. While many people never get to do it, some pay their attention to black magic possibilities, namely its love spells.
    (votes: 45, rating: 4.66)
  • HOW TO REMOVE A HUSBAND CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    How to understand that it’s time for you to remove a husband curse. The main sign indicating a husband curse (which means you need to remove a husband curse professionally)
    (votes: 48, rating: 4.61)
  • HOW TO CAST AN OBESITY CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    The obesity curse is popular among both spell casters and their clients. As destructive witchcraft, it can be used for different purposes. Usually, an obesity curse is ordered by women who see it as the only way to make the man they love, their lover or boyfriend be with them forever
    (votes: 56, rating: 4.46)
  • The dead water curse - Spell Caster Maxim
    The dead water curse is, perhaps, one of the most effective curses in black magic. When a death or disease curse is put on a person, a certain destructive program penetrates his aura.
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • The Book of Curses, Part 2 - Spell Caster Maxim
    The Book of Curses. Subconsciously all people, including hypochondriac ones, get anxious when someone is cursing them. There is an explanation to it: negative effect of curses is a fact
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.63)
  • The Book of Curses, Part 1 - Spell Caster Maxim
    A curse can be put by any person by simply expressing that he wants some particular person to have troubles. The power of each curse depends on the state and social position of the one putting it.
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
    Casting a foolishness curse.  What foolishness curses are cast for
    There’s a popular myth that foolishness curses are cast for two reasons: to make fun of someone making him behave like
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • PET CURSE REMOVAL - Spell Caster Maxim
    Pet curse removal. Black magic unpredictability. There are different forms of magical influence. It’s no secret that black spell casters can curse our health and love, destroy our family
    (votes: 44, rating: 4.63)
    Lost brooches, rings, earrings and other small objects can be connected with occultism, so it’s better to keep away from them to avoid influence of black magic programs.
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
  • MARRIAGE CURSE CASTING - Spell Caster Maxim
    Marriage curses are used to revenge oneself upon the person who made you suffer or betrayed you. My magic can destroy any marriage, including the strongest ones, making the spouses hate each other
    (votes: 56, rating: 4.56)
    A magic circle is a barrier that protects the spell caster from black magic beings. One has to stay inside the circle to avoid the influence of the demons called up while a black magic
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • INSANITY CURSE REMOVAL - Spell Caster Maxim
    The insanity curse removal. Priests working in mental hospitals have noted that the majority of the patients become what they are not as a result of a physical or emotional trauma or because
    (votes: 44, rating: 4.63)
    If that’s the case, medicine can’t help you. The only option for you to become a happy mother or father is professional infertility curse removal. You can order it from me.
    (votes: 41, rating: 4.63)
  • HOW TO REMOVE A NO-LOVE CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    No-love curse signs

    A no-love curse doesn’t destroy relationships or families as its name may suggest. Cast on a person, it prevents other people from falling in love with him.  Similar to a celibacy wreath, it acts differently making its victim uninteresting to the opposite sex spiritually, emotionally and sexually.
    (votes: 58, rating: 4.58)
  • HOW TO REMOVE A FATIGUE CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    Why people use fatigue curses

    It is believed (and it is wrong) that the fatigue curse is cast only on business rivals or annoying coworkers. Yes, the fatigue curse is perfect for that. However, statistically, only one out of ten people comes to spell casters with such a request. As for the rest, they pursue completely different objectives.

    (votes: 44, rating: 4.62)
  • HOW TO REMOVE A BEAUTY CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    How to find out if you have been cast a beauty curse on
    We all grow old and lose our beauty. However, aging doesn’t happen in the same way to all people and the reasons for it differ, too. Some people age slowly, barely notice it, and it causes no emotional or psychological traumas. Others wake up one morning, come up to the mirror and can’t understand who they’re looking at. Their beauty vanishes within one night. It seems that someone’s stolen 10 or even 25 years of their life!
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
    There are thousands of women who cried their eyes out helplessly after being dumped by their husbands or boyfriends who they trusted and loved so much. There are thousands of men betrayed by their women who they loved more than their life. Aware of the fact that their beloved preferred someone else to them, they swallow their pride. There’re so many ruined lives and so much pain and suffering caused by the fact that people understand that nothing can be done about it!
    (votes: 48, rating: 4.56)
  • HOW TO CAST A WIFE CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    Usually, a wife curse is used when a woman wants to be with a man but she can’t because this man is married. This is when this woman consults a spell caster and orders a wife curse.
    (votes: 49, rating: 4.56)
    To order a miscarriage curse, contact me. You will find out how the ritual is performed and what to do to prepare for it. After that, you will have to follow all my instructions
    (votes: 58, rating: 4.55)
  • HOW TO CAST A HOME CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    There are many signs of a home curse. It depends on the rituals used, the purpose pursued, and the people living in this home.  Well, let’s get back to the signs indicating a home curse.
    (votes: 46, rating: 4.61)
    As a powerful spell caster with a huge experience, I assure you that a hatred curse ruins the life of the cursed person completely. Do you not believe me? Let me explain:
    (votes: 50, rating: 4.59)
    What you never knew about depression
    To understand why so many people ask spell casters to cast a depression curse, we should admit first that we don’t know much about depression. Many of those who have it right now are unable to diagnose it. The thing is for our subconscious mind depression is a natural state.
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
    A hex is a very popular black magic ritual. It is used by many peoples. Bonn claims that there are 60 methods of how to put a hex on a person. One of them is bundling up different ribbons and hiding them near the place this person lives.
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
    What our guardian angels actually are
    There’s a popular belief that each person receives his guarding angel at birth. Once we’re born, a guarding angel is assigned to us. His duty is to take care of us, protect us, warn us of danger and guide us. Although certain light spirits or relatively light energy beings exist near us, we can hardly call them “guardian angels.”
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
    Who and why can cast a friendship curse on you?
    Reading the name of this article, you may think that this curse is farfetched and it doesn’t threaten you. “Come on!” you will say. “Let’s assume I fall out with my friends and don’t make new ones. Given my age and my position…
    (votes: 45, rating: 4.64)
  • FORNICATION CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    Fornication curse signs
    Among all magical rituals which can affect our life and fate, the fornication curses is one of the easiest to diagnose. Its symptoms are evident and individual, so it’s hard to confuse this curse with something else.
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
    Science regards the “evil eye curse” as a form of “magical thinking” or superstition. A lot is written by those sticking to the materialistic opinion on the human nature. Such interpretations can be found in different encyclopedias, from specialized ones to Wikipedia.
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
  • Evil Eye and Hex Protection - Spell Caster Maxim
    Today, in the era of industry and atheism, people completely forgot about such mystical and magical things as the evil eye and hex. But if we don’t believe in something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Sometimes we have to deal with things that terrify us, make our blood creep, and can’t be explained.  Some people are haunted by bad luck. Some have all male members of their family die under suspicious circumstances.
    (votes: 41, rating: 4.63)
  • EVERYDAY HEXES - Spell Caster Maxim
    Everyday hexes or evil eye curses are one of the means of negative programming. Often, they are put accidentally.

    To understand what an everyday hex is, remember common situations or phases which concern either yourself or other people:
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • ESSENCE OF THE CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    The curse is an energy formation, a bundle of negative energies. It’s located in the man’s subtle bodies and penetrates his physical energy. Some claim curses can be found only in two lower subtle bodies of a man. Since subtle bodies can be left or right,
    (votes: 43, rating: 4.65)
  • EASY CURSE REMOVAL - Spell Caster Maxim
    Curse removal is, perhaps, the most important element of energy purification. Without it, the person’s energy frequency drops which will prevent his further development. Energy jams curses prevent the person’s spiritual purification and almost completely block the love energy. There’s only one thing that can help you fight curses. It’s the highest energies where right actions guarantee success.
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.64)
  • CHILDREN CURSE REMOVAL - Spell Caster Maxim
    Why children curses are cast
    Any professional spell caster will tell you that half of his clients are children. Why? Who might wish ill to children, those little innocent creatures? Statistically, half of the rituals performed (including the rituals performed by me) are children curse removal.
    (votes: 42, rating: 4.56)
  • CASTING A DISEASE CURSE - Spell Caster Maxim
    Is it possible to cast a disease curse?
    Today’s spell casters practising alternative medicine can be divided in three groups depending on the methods of treatment they use. Psychics and people with extrasensory perception from the first group enhance the patient’s energy making his chakras work more efficiently.
    (votes: 44, rating: 4.65)
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